Kirk Franklin Bout To STOMP Somebody In Jesus Name!!

Reader, in the wake of Donald Trump’s travel ban on certain Muslim-majority nations, a slew of celebrities have come forth to not only condemn the order but to also provide a few words of hope and encouragement. On Saturday night, gospel singer Kirk Franklin joined the conversation with a tweet that promoted unity and acceptance. This, of course, upset a few people; however, there was one particular troll who wasn’t ready for Franklin’s clap back. 

Check out the exchange below:


  1. I am a black woman and I am a Christian. And I don't have a problem with what President Donald J.Trump sign the executive order. The terrorist are sitting back and are laughing . I wonder if all these folks would be out protesting of the folks were from some of the following countries Kenya, Ivory Coast,Senegal,Cape Town,Haiti,Columbia,Brazil,Honduras,Nicaragua. These countries have had some serious problems also and the USA didn't do anything to help these folks out. What about our Veterans that have served this country that are homeless,can't get healthcare. But these refugees come over here and get free housing, good stamps,medical,clothing with no problems. So it's time out for helping other folks it's time to make. Just President Donald J.Trump said Make America Great Again. Help our own people's first . I don't care what the protesters nor these so called gospel artists nor politicians say or think. Obama didn't do enough to help his own people's. I am not talking about blacks. I am talking about the USA as a whole.SMH

    1. Amen... many are more concerned about other countries then they are about the citizens of the US. Priorities?

    2. Anonymous & Rev. Kareem,

      Those are valid discussions.

      But my issue is that we as believers should not be carried about by the politics of the day (Ephesians 4:14). Our leaders are acting in flesh and NOT from a point of living according to the precepts of God. So when we stand for or against them in a moment of time, it would seem that we are for or against them yet we should be neither.

      We should instead continue in living according to God's commandments, not forgetting helping those in need, feeding the hungry... Other than tweeting back and forth.

      Frankly Franklin is not the best example of a man after God's own heart.

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  2. What Donald Trump did with banning these evil muslims should be celebrated!


    1. Not the REAL "GET OUTTA HERE"!!!
      This is an imposter.
      I never do drive bys and one liners.

      COME ON WITH IT!!!

      The REAL "GET OUTTA HERE"!!!

    2. Why are people trying to take my signatures on here? Y'all need Jesus!


    3. Nice Try...

      You don't have the flavor.

      "Ya'll need Jesus?


      Gotta make sure you include the three dots...

      And maybe some Bible...


    4. Ah come on...don't blame it on your battery. Tell the DON'T KNOW HOW TO CUT AND PASTE!!!

      COME ON WIT IT...



  3. Internet Pastor:Monday, 30 January, 2017

    The only people who continually bring up a woman and her husband who are no longer RELEVANT to politics are those who are DEFENDING the current White Supremacist President of the United States of AmeriKKKa.

    Clinton is not relevant anymore nor is Obama. Dissing them might make you all feel better about the HORROR SHOW known as Trump but it is really psychological ... it tells those who THINK where your loyalty lies.

    In white racist groups I am in where we fight everyday, they DIS Clinton nonstop because they have nothing GOOD to say about Trump that can be validated. So they DEFLECT to Clinton, and Obama, and even Sanders when they can.

    Donald Trump is President. He was helped by WHITE SUPREMACIST hate groups who robocalled for him. He has a child with a mail-order Russian catalog ILLEGAL who is brain damaged because old man sperm does not make healthy babies (at least that is what science says). His other children from other Russian catalog ILLEGAL brides look like Children of the Corn or from the PURGE movies. He bans IMMIGRANTS even though his MOTHER was an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT. He discriminated against blacks in his housing and was caught by the FEDS and SETTLED OUT OF COURT (guilt). He wants to build a wall Mexico is not going to pay for, so get ready for higher taxes. He cried and cried about Obama's birth certificate but REFUSES to show his tax returns. He bans Muslims from countries who have NEVER committed a terror act on our soil, yet lets citizens of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and others who have ACTUALLY COMMITTED acts of terror on our soil FREE to come and go as they please. What the heck is wrong with this picture?

    And yet some of you won't fight this man. Why? Some of you won't dis this man. Why? Some of you will post meme after meme dissing HIllary who is a non-issue right now but will post NOTHING about Trump. Why?

    Let's all take a stand and help OUST the current President.

    1. CUT IT OUT Internet Pastor…No need to over-state your dislike for President Trump by your misapplied non-sense. I mean…it’s plain old idiotic for you to say “Clinton is not relevant any more, nor is Obama”. These two men were president for two terms, and they serve to enact laws that still impact us today. That’s like saying just because your momma is dead, she is not relevant. YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS! Your attempt by trying too hard is causing your brain to cramp.

      Even today Bill Clinton defends his 1994 Crime Bill. This bill, according to some, boosted the prison population, devastating millions of people’s lives and disproportionately impacting black and Latina/o Americans and the poor.

      And we know about all the gay laws passed by Obama. This dude ushered in laws supporting the filthy Sodomite agenda, allowing same-sex marriage, a direct breakdown of the basics element of the FAMILY as GOD INTENDED (one man-one woman, for life).

      These laws have not been repealed. So don’t come across in your tricky little way mix in your leaven.

      Even with George Bush, who sent troops to fight the War on Terrorism in Afghanistan and Irag, throughout the Middle east, our boys are still fighting this useless war.
      I do agree with you however, the countries he chose to ban. Like you said Saudi Arabia and Egypt should have made the list. Personally, I think the countries TRUMP banned had nothing at all to do with terrorism on American soil, especially 911. I believe 911 was an inside job, the Mossad (Jewish) deeply involved.

      All this other garbage you state - TRUMP Russian-made bride, old man sperm, Children of the CORN is silly and unbecoming as an “INTERNET Pastor”, and takes away from a legitimate point you made. YOU don’t have to do that. “

      “But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.” Matthew 5:37

      See…that’s how you do it Ms. Imposter…

      The REAL "GET OUTTA HERE!!!"

    2. Ok now this is just corny. Lol! This is your life huh? You gon sit here and argue with yourself?

      GET A REAL LIFE!!!

    3. Sure...


  4. Hey y'all stop with the back and forth comments.....comment on the subject matter or don't comment at all.

  5. Miss Ann,

    The real reason for the travel ban isn't terrorism. We might find this out much later.

    But for now as believers, we should be very sober (1 Peter 5:8), these times are truly evil.

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  6. People's please read the Consitution of the United States of America. Donald J.Trump is the President of the United States of America.And he hasn't done anything WRONG with what he has done with the executive order. We that are born in the United States of America have Certain Constitutional Rights. Why ??? Cause we are Legal Citizens of the United States of America. These folks have no RIGHTS at all. They weren't born in the United States of America. It is a priveledge to be able to visit the United States of America. So as the President of the United States of America Donald J.Trump sign the executive order to protect us as citizens of the United States of America. It's not against the Consitution of the United States of America what the President has done. He hasn't broken any laws. I am glad he is standing srong and bold and not backing down from his executive order. I can't wait to see who appoints to the Supreme Court Justice a Conservative Justice that will overturned Same Sex Marriage. Roe verses Wade. President Trump is doing just what he said he was going do. At least he is a man of his word.If these folks out there protesting would take that energy and go to neighboring communities and help there communities. What a Wonderful World this would be. When I say communities. Helping out with tutoring programs,food pantries,athletic programs,affordable housing,better healthcare. Oh yeah. When the refugees come they do get all that. But folks that live here can't get nothing. I am glad that President Donald J.Trump sign the executive order to protect us from terrorist. While these folks are out doing all this protesting the terrorists are just laughing and plotting. We need to PRAY for our President instead of belittling him. This isn't about black or white this about our SAFETY.IJS

  7. Wait... yall happy he is BANNING ppl? Whose next?

    -Big Chri$


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