Get Out Of Here:Steve Harvey Is ‘Hurt’ And Didn’t Realise His Trump Meeting Backlash Would Be So ‘Fierce’!

Reader, this what happens when I'd out--of-touch with regular folks. I don't get it.... if you are worth millions, why would you need a man such as DT to do anything, especially something to benefit your people? You have built years of influence among high profile people. 

I supported him meeting with Trump and that's his right. But from what I heard on the radio Monday, I am a little disappointed. I'm still going to wait and see what happens but hopefully Steve won't try to push us into believing Trump is going to make America great again. Everyone knows DT does not give a darn about African Americans or minorities period.


  1. This is only tabloid news for the goyims. THIS to divide and conquer.

    Another side show. THAT'S ALL!

    Steve Harvey has NO influence. TRUMP is going to do as he is told to do by those zionist fake jews neocons.

    These neocons will continue to serve to get rid of God, continue to crucify Christ, and murder God's people.

    Trump is not going to get rid of the FEDERAL RESERVES. Bankers will continue to cause and fund wars. There will be no peace in the middle east. Our young men will continue to lose their lives fighting the senseless war on terrorism. (O BY THE WAY, didn't OBAMA promised to bring our soldiers home?)

    The situation for Black people, as bad as many claim, is not going to get any worse under TRUMP. All the hysteria is complete hogwash.

    According to some BUSH was a racist, especially his no handling Katrina. Many were snowed not to call Clinton a racist, even though he prescribed laws to incarcerate many African American, and enacted the 3 strike laws. Reagan was a racist. HE got rid of Afgirmation Action and many social programs. So was Daddy Bush a racist.

    Its even said about OBAMA, THOUGH not white, HE DID NOTHING FOR BLACK people. Ask the people in Chicago, all the Black on Black murder, Obama scarcely addtessed.

    So why the Trump hysteria? What are his concrete plans to destroy Black people?

    THE economy is already screwed. The national debt is a joke. The job market is horrible. The court system with with its neocon judges is unfair against Blacks poor people.

    So why all this focus on one man TRUMP stating over and over again, HE IS A racist? Like he is the first racist president this country ever knew. Will it be now that Trump is in office, the entire climate of racism will reach its highest peak? Really? Your believe that? Is that why many are angry and fear and tremble? REALLY?


    1. @Get Outta Here... you're talking right... these divide and conquer tactics must be called for what they are. Don't believe the hype spewed by mainstream media. If anything, Trump and Wikileaks exposed them for their racist agenda. There was a article put out some time ago about politics and how to run for public office. In that article it said, "If you're losing, the sure way to recover your loses is to paint your opponent as racist."... This is what The Clinton campaign did with the help the Democratic Party (Remember, they tried to paint Bernie Sanders as racist as well.)

      We must understand the difference between prejudice vs. racism.

  2. OHHHHHH brother.. now ya talking good stuff Anonymous (Get Outta here)... Satan loves what's going on major and folks are more angry than ever. Obama brought in social sins (following his orders) and now Trump is bringing in anger and strife amongst everyone. It's gonna get even more bumpy so that's why to focus on Trump, gov't and not the Word, is a major mistake.

    1. Timezone my friend, the devil always tempts on the surface so to get many to focus on the thing at hand in front of them.

      All anyone has to do is see how he tempted Christ, first with stones to make bread, Christ knowing all along, and Satan too, the Lord is the bread of life.

      Second, Satan's attempt to get Christ to worship him, knowing all along Christ is God who ONLY RECEIVES worship.

      Third, offering the kingdoms of the world to Christ, he and Christ knowing it was Christ who CREATED, not just these Kingdoms, BUT THE WORLD AND ALL IN IT.

      That's why I pose to know more whats on the surface TRUMP AND STEVE HARVEY. WHAT is the deeper outcome of all this RACIST GETTING TOGETHER with this so called sellout?

      SOMETIMES I Just think Satan wants us to focus so much on these such incidentals, to block us from the real truth it's THE LORD WHO REALLY RULES AND reigns.


    2. Right on "Get Outta Here!!!"

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  3. It doesn't matter who's in the White House we just needs to know who is in our house and in our ❤. God is in control no matter what it looks likes. We have to accept what God allows. I truly believe in my ❤that nothing happens that God doesn't let happened. Trump is the President case closed. Did I vote for him no. Am I a Republican yes. But first and for most I am A Christian and God is the Head of my life. My trust in Jesus Christ and not in Trump nor Clinton and it surely wasn't in Obama. God's words says He has never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread. I am not hungry ,I am not outdoors, I have lights and water,I have transportation. If Trump being President is what it going to take for the USA to get back to the GODLY PRINCIPLES that it should be at. Then so be it. America has become a very wicked place turned it's back on God. Obama and Clinton with all there Liberal Democrats Politics. Same Sex Marriage , LGBTQ Rights, No ask don't tell, Abortions, etc just to name a few. GOD is not pleased with all this UnGodly Foolishness and Behavior. Trump is only going to be able to go far. The folks that are really in control. The JEWS. You would pay attention. Trump has certain JEWD around him. His son in law, Daniel Sunder ( Owner of Washington Redskins) Steve Wynn ( Casino Mogul). Just to name a few. So Steve Harvey was just another Flunky Niggas to Trump. Trump if you watch and listen to him. The only Black Folks that he seems to relate to are Comedian's, Athletes, Rapper's, Thug's, False Prophets Preacher's. He can't relate to a real educated African American Person. Oh I know you gonna say Ben Carson. Oh no he is a moron with education. Any man that would let Trump openly belittle them in front of folks and don't say anything is a punk,fool,moron. Not even a man. Satan uses everything and everyone and we all know that Trump is Bipolar and borderline Schizophrenia. He is a walking TIME BOMB. That's why they got. Mike Pence. Steve Harvey getting just what he deserves he trying to be slick Willie o and now it has backfired on him. Folks aren't stupid. He only cares about himself and his brand. IJS

    1. And 0bama has Rahm Emanuel, George Soros and Dianne Feinstein! All of them are JEWS (oh my!!) Obama has JEWS in HIS circle and no Black person said a word!

      BUT...As soon as Don Trump gets a few Jews, then Black folks start yelling "Jew Jew Jew" as if Jews are a plague on society.

      JESUS was born a JEW. Think about it Black people. And Jesus is a PRIEST in Heaven. The only culture that still has PRIESTS is the Jewish culture. Lil Wayne and gangsta rappers have done more damage to the black community than Jews.

  4. That's what he gets trying to be so cool and slick. Nobody cares about his tears. They aren't real. With all the money he has, all the people's he knows. He didn't need to meet with Trump to get any ides . Just do something for the people's give back. He is so high and mighty he has forgot from where he came from. He is so ignorant. That's why I don't lime Family Feud no more moron. So dry up those false tears we the Black people's ain't buying it. Liar Liar Liar

    1. Steve Harvey has done more for the Black community than you ever will. When YOU start a mentoring camp for young Black boys who don't have a dad...THEN you can talk. When you open up a homeless shelter in the Black community...THEN you can talk. The ratings for Family Feud won't go down because you and your ilk stop watching. There's plenty of black people like me who watch.

      Steve Harvey has donated thousands to charities and helps young black boys. What are YOU doing to help the Black community??????

    2. How you know what I have done? You don't know me.

    3. I know that if you WERE running around helping the poor, you wouldn't be clapping back at a man who doesn't know you from Adam's housecat. Don't try to act all innocent now.


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