FL Pastor Flees Scene Naked After Man Who Attends His Church Finds Him Having Sex With His Wife in Their Daughter’s Bed!!!

Reader when will it stop? The wife here alleged pressed charges against her husband because she was caught knocking boots with the pastor. I swear I can't make this stuff up. Rev. O. Jermaine Simmons a FL pastor flees the scene naked after man who attends his church finds him having sex with his wife in their daughter’s bed. 

The other day a CRAZY story came out of Tallahassee Florida – surrounding a Pastor named Rev. Orinthius Jermaine Simmons, Sr. and his church the Jacob Chapel Church. Earlier this week a church member was arrested – and charged with threatening to SHOOT the pastor. According to the police report below – the Pastor was allegedly caught having sexual relations with the mans wife. On Pastor Simmons website it states, “Rev. O. Jermaine Simmons, Sr. is the proud husband of Mrs. Elise A. Simmons, and father of one son, Orinthius Jermaine Simmons, Jr. In lieu of the many accomplishments and awards that Pastor Simmons has received through the years, it will always be undergirded by his love for the Lord and for his family.”



  1. And I guarantee you his followers will refuse to believe he's guilty and condemn anyone who speaks out against the matter.

    As far as the man's wife goes, If I were him, come the next business day I'd be filing for divorce.

  2. How is the wife having sex with THE PASTOR in her OWN DAUGHTERS BED pressing charges???

    She should be thanking the good Lord that she is still alive and that the "PASTOR" escaped by the SKIN OF HIS BUTT.

    1. Haha Cop, you are so right. I tell you, If you read some of the comments on Facebook under the article you would be banging your head. Check out this one in particular:

      Ok, since we got that out the way, let me share something with you...it saddens me about what occurred and I'm not supporting, judging, stoning, or making a mock, I'M SIMPLY PRAYING!!! There are so many people that are hurt in this situation; the spouses, the children and the congregation...just because our leaders make mistakes and fall short, it does not put us in position to judge....they need our prayers even the more...God exposed, allow him to judge them according...come on people of God, we have to do better....this is why people don't come to church, they don't share the things that occur in their personal life, and they don't reach out for help because we as Christians are the first to JUDGE!!! Yes it was wrong, but pray...I don't know if I have any friends on my page that are members of Jacob Chapel...just know, I'm praying for you all....allow God to lead you and this too shall pass....

  3. Lady Brock and Cop, When will yes when will all this UNGODLY UNHOLY ADULTERY STOP. Among so called Christians. Yes I said it so called. Anyone that have sex outside of marriage is a WHORE and a ADULTERESS and ADULTERER. She better be glad that her and the pastor aren't DEAD. Or beat down so bad that she or he can't see out of there eyes or paralyzed. The low down dirty foolishness that they done cause for a can of WHOOPASS to be open. It's a disgrace before GOD that folks that say they are living a lifestyle that totally against what they are preaching about. And your daughter's bed it's that supposed to make it any better since it wasn't the bed she shared with her husband. No it's more discussing she has no respect for herself, for her child, and definitely not for her husband. And the so called pastor he had no respect for her either he couldn't take her to a hotel motel Holiday Inn in the next county they had to have sex. In the home that she shared with her family. That's just totally discussing and disrespectful to her Husband and Family. She is nothing more than a common TRAMP. People's that aren't saved are just laughing at this situation and saying I told you so. This situation could cause someone to backslide or cause someone not to come to the LORD. These folks are playing church. The pastor needs to resign,get saved,apologize to the congregation. Then he needs to ask that woman's husband and family to forgive him. GOD is tired of all these lying twofaced folks that say they are christians. Saying one thing and living another lifestyle. So she cares more about another women's husband than she does her own to go to the courthouse to help the pastor file his complaint against her husband. Yeap she is truly a Silly Stupid Woman. Black Folks are so gullible and stupid that they will stay there and support this man and all of his foolishness. Instead of reading the BIBLE for themselves and having a Spirit of Discernment. Leave and go somewhere else. Cause truly this man is UNFIT to be a pastor. He needs to counseling for his sexual addiction, adultery, unsaved ways. The Blind Leading The Blind.

  4. The husband just needs to get him a good Jewish Divorce Attorney. The Pastor needs to Repent,Resisgn,Get Saved,. The wife needs to Repent,Ask her husband to forgive her and her children, then get herself another place of resident.

  5. Ms. Ann, I went to there website. The pastor has a beautiful wife. What is it maybe you or Mr.Cop can explain to me. What is it about preacher's that even if they look like Manilla the Gorilla women go crazy over these men's. They do anything for these men's but not for their husbands or family. This is just embarrassing to God and to Christians .

  6. Miss Ann,

    After reading the story of how this married pastor and the married woman got caught, it is evident that this was not the first time these two were getting down like that. They just happened to be caught at the nth time. Mr. Simmons is NO pastor AT ALL. Paul talked to Timothy about his kind: “For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,” (2 Timothy 3:6). Paul encourages us to avoid them: “…from such turn away” (2 Timothy 3:5).

    We as believers need to grow up and mature and cease to use these “men of God” as crutches. We are responsible for our own salvation (Philippians 2:12) and not them. These people have time and again showed us that they serve the law of sin and not the law of God (Romans 7:25). Their fruit is not good fruit and we should not cling to such (Matthew 7:16-20).

    CALLING ON ALL BELIEVERS: Cease to look at mortal man, turn to the Bishop and Shepherd of your souls (1 Peter 2:25). He is the Good Shepherd who lay down his life for your salvation (John 10:11-18). And his name is Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God (Matthew 16:16)!

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  7. This is sad on so many levels... So many lives will destroyed over this alleged mess... The police report is something that can't be denied.

  8. He is just like his Daddy. He did the same thing to his Mother. And yes she stayed with him. The Apple don't call from the tree. He had his Pastoral Anniversary on last Sunday. They acted like nothing happened. He is so arrogant.

  9. He is just like his Daddy. He did the same thing to his Mother. And yes she stayed with him. The Apple don't call from the tree. He had his Pastoral Anniversary on last Sunday. They acted like nothing happened. He is so arrogant.


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