Dr. Juanita Bynum Church Family Once Abandoned Her Because Of Her Support For Bishop Eddie Long!!

Reader yall know I like Juanita Bynum but as a Christian, we have to speak about sin. This is not the Juanita Bynum I once knew. I don't understand how not saying anything or speaking out against sin by letting others think it's okay. 
 In the video, posted below, beginning at the 44:16 mark Dr. Bynum tells how half her church walked out because of her support for Bishop Eddie Long.  Dr. Juanita Bynum said, "Speak on what you know and testify on what you have seen, not on what somebody told you....only if you were an eyewitness."


  1. Honey, Get on your knee's and ask GOD to SAVE your SOUL. She is truly Mentally Unbalanced. She is Bipolar. Borderline personality. She has more personalities then Sybil. Her church should have walked out. They used common sense. All these folks trying to put Eddie Long in heaven. I don't know where his spirit is going. I pray for his sake that he did repent and asked God for forgiveness. He should have asked those young men that were juveniles that he molested over and over to forgive him. But he didn't. Eddie was still the same old Eddie. Arrogant, Evil,Mean,Wicked and Nasty,Lieing,Cheating, Money Laundering. It's time out from all this foolishness from Juanita, Detrick,and all the rest who is trying to manipulate folks with all these commentaries trying to make Eddie a SAINT. Well guess what he wasn't no SAINT. He ruined not only those young men lies,what about the folks whose money he stole from the money laundering schemes, ponzi schemes. He didn't work. Salvation is a Lifestyle not a Career. If he wanted a Career. He should have stayed on a professional job. But no no preaching is the best job for all these. Liars,Cheater's, Thieves, Crooks,Closted Homosexuals. Being a preacher gives you easy access to everything that you want and need. So Eddie knew what he was doing. So does Juanita she is a liar,thief,and crook. She admitted that she was bisexual. She needs to take a seat. She is a drama queen. She just go from church to church. From one denominations to another. She unstable. She needs to ask God to regulate her mind. Liars,Thieves, Crooks,Money Lauder's, Whores,they all stick together like flies on honey. So uy should be no surprise that Juanita, Derrick or that Jakes would preach Eddie's funeral cause they all stick together. Don't surprise who will be at Eddie's funeral or who will be on the program. All the real Low Down Dirty Crooked Preacher's, Bishop's, Prophets, Evangelists trying to put Eddie in heaven. Yet none ever said anything about all the SIN he did by being a Child Molester, Whoremonger,Liar,Thief,Money Lauder, False Prophet.

    1. So do you speak for God you folish self center woman how many personalities do you have .You are all over the pages in everyones bussiness no you do not speak for God the devil is your daddy...God bless you.

    2. So do you speak for God you folish self center woman how many personalities do you have .You are all over the pages in everyones bussiness no you do not speak for God the devil is your daddy...God bless you.

    3. I believe that it's a shame that all these "people" have judged others and feel as though they have a heaven or a hell to put folks in. Christian folks especially seem to forget that Jesus Himself walked around with and stuck close to liars, theives, murders, and prostitutes yet not only forgiving them but also ordaining them. Making them fishers of men, disciples. But you didn't hear that from me and apparently you didn't pay attention to hearing it from Him either.

    4. First the word of God says with the measure you judge another it will be measured unto you. King David,even after God took the kingdom from king Saul had a chance to kill king saul but David said how could I touch God's anointed. Be careful of what you say about God's anointed even when they fall from Grace. Have mercy and compassion and let's stand in the gap for all are spiritual leaders. Also just to go a little further, we must expose all of what Jesus Christ has delivered us from so the Body of Christ can cover it in prayer that we don't fall into the enemies trap. Amen God bless you all.

  2. JB spoke what she's always said: speak what you know and not what you've heard. I've heard her say that for years.

    1. Ms. Ann sounds like she wanted Kim to stay quite, a lot of these preachers are preaching for their own financial benefits and not the kingdom!

    2. I was never a fan of Juanita Bynum, but in this video she speaks the truth. I haven't heard her speak for many years. I see growth. I really enjoyed this - thank you for posting!

    3. Ms.Ann you and your readers should read the book First Lady by Centino Kemp. Amazon.com I believe Juanita Bynum is speaking Bible However this is the only way to Heal the land. After reading the book I understand why the Gay man sits right front and center of the church. I never thought how when I was at my very own church and there was a Openly Gay man that SAT right in the front row. And it just opens your eyes. I also pray and read my word daily. Restoration is needed but RESPECT for God must go forward first. Repent because the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

    4. Sorry Anonymous, but I am not interesting in reading anything by Mr. Kemp.

  3. Now notice how Juanita (the "FAKE" Doctor) Bynum made Eddie Long's death about her.

    Can you say narcissistic personality disorder???

    This woman has
    Married herself,
    Was Arrest for not rendering services,
    TYPED in tongues on Facebook,
    And has peddled a pathetic PHOTO of Jesus around the country.

    And her people sat through all of that foolishness, but thought supporting EDDIE LONG was the only thing worthy of walking out?!?!?!

    I will say it again until it happens,
    This woman ain't right, and hasn't been for quite some time. If she was in any other type of life she would be in some type of mandatory therapy, counseling program and/or jail.

    Her foolishness is starting to become legendary and her die hard followers some how interpret her odd behavior as being holy.

    If the people close to her truly cared, they would have Gotten her some much needed help that she has been crying out for through her foolish actions.

    I will continue to pray for her salvation, her followers and her mental health.

    1. Cop, I thought that there can be no restoration without repentance? We all know that there was never an admittance of sin but a denial of sin, by Bishopp Long. So how can I restore my brother when my brother refuses to admit he was overtaken in a fault?

  4. There are many things about Dr. Bynum that I don't necessarily agree with, but what she said wasn't wrong at all. Only speak and testify about what you absolutely know. That's why so much goes wrong in the church. People said he had aids and not stomach cancer. AIDS doesn't eat away at your body like that cancer does. And the type of cancer he had, you don't know about it until it's virtually too late. As a young man, I've watched and greatly admired Bishop Long's ministry and preaching: the scholarships he gave, the cars, and homes he paid to the underprivileged, and jobs he made sure people received making that community better. And when the scandal hit, I prayed. For everyone. Nothing was ever proven that he did wrong, and I was taught by many mentors that you handle issues outside of court IF POSSIBLE to keep the ministry from crumbling. Which he did. Settling doesn't mean guilty. But the way we bash our own for our missteps is sad and disheartening. You can't say the church restores and the church forgives etc as well as call yourself a Christian and place someone in hell. That is not our place. Yes sin is sin and we are to recognize such. But the way we judge is wrong because we inject our own malice into it. Bishop even sat himself down to get himself and his family together and even repented to his church and presumably God. That being said it comes down to a family, a church, and a fellowship has lost their father, husband, pastor, and bishop. Whether or not you believed in him is not the point. He was their undershepard and loved one and they are mourning. Stop assuming what you don't know because of social media and persuasive news articles and pray for them and allow them to grieve.

    1. JUANITA (fake doctor) Bynum is a Hippocrate in her statement "Only speak and testify about what you absolutely know"

      Well, she ABSOLUTELY knows she never came close to finishing college, yet she calls herself doctor.

      And true, no wrong doing was proven by Eddie, but the faulty of settlements is that they never prove any innocence either. Guilty or innocent, he and the church tried to hide something that was worth a few million dollars.

      And settling with his accusers has more to do with protecting his own butt then saving the church from crumbling.

      I don't know of any happily married men that wouldn't spend every last dime to hire a lawyer and every attorney to defend their honor, reputation and marriage against another man accusing him of having sex together.

      Instead he And/or his church decided the best course of action was to write a check to the accusers. Which is the equivalent of riding the fence (he isn't guilty or innocent but here is a check so no one will find out)

      In the end, this is a tragic story of a pastor with plenty of unopened scandals that have died with him, and will be judged by God himself.

      We can only judge his actions and words that were left behind and unfortunately they don't exactly clear up his legacy.

      But as you said we truly must pray for this church and Eddie's family.

    2. @ Cop,

      That check to them boys had terms and conditions that applied. For example, no mentioning or showing receipts (these could be pictures or messages between Long and his accusers that would prove that he did have some kind of way with them). And this could be why one of them released a tell-all book after Long's death.

    3. Amen I totally agree, these people are so busy accusing and they weren't there, all this negative talk teaching division , if she was bipolar, Pray for her, you shameful sinners, REPENT ,before it's too late

    4. I've witnessed so much good in Eddie Long, and I've heard much repentance, and for you people to claim a relationship with God and you speak such negative, hate, judging,with out being a witness to anything, you have no voice because it is polluted with blindness, by the way he that has no sin cast the first Stone, sorry it's not you..Sister bynum has went through hell and back. It she is allowing God to restore and bless her, it isn't your place to call out people, have you been charged, no again I tell you to sit down repent for your sinful accusations,humble yourself and become a new man, foolish galastions..

    5. I've witnessed so much good in Eddie Long, and I've heard much repentance, and for you people to claim a relationship with God and you speak such negative, hate, judging,with out being a witness to anything, you have no voice because it is polluted with blindness, by the way he that has no sin cast the first Stone, sorry it's not you..Sister bynum has went through hell and back. and she is allowing God to restore and bless her, it isn't your place to call out people, have you been charged, no again I tell you to sit down repent for your sinful accusations,humble yourself and become a new man, foolish galastions..

  5. And here IS ANOTHER EXAMPLE of Bynum's craziness.

    At the 36:45 mark, Bynum tells the story of some men that moved "THE ARK OF THE COVENANT" from New York to Philadelphia?!?! ""THE ARK""

    After a church service, these men that took the ark to Philadelphia just (carelessly) left the church WITHOUT THE ARK!!!
    (THE ARK OF THE COVENANT MIND YOU)?they just forgot or something, she never explains why.

    and the people of the church started weeping because the only people around to carry the ark were homosexual men.

    It sounds like a plot to a straight to DVD movie.

    But Again, this is the world Juanita Bynum lives in.

    She has a photo of Jesus
    A Threshing floor
    And the Ark of the covenant.

    May be god is calling her to be an archaeologist IJS.

    1. Has ANYONE ever seen this photo of Jesus??? Is it like the Shroud of Turin???

    2. She showed it during her performance at Jamal Bryant's church. I think it is a mock version of the Shroud of Turin with some creative editing.

      Here is the link.


    3. Natasshia Roxanne HallSaturday, 21 January, 2017

      Cop, I'm not at all understanding her comments and reference to carrying the Ark of the Covenant. I know what the AOTC is and what it represented in the OT, but why would you make folk feel justified or privileged to carry a "fictitious" AOTC that was part of a sermon/conference/etc? That can become an idol and the one promoting that needs more humility.I don't get it??

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  7. I'm not hiding who I am with all of this anonymous stuff. My name is published...find me! You people that dog Dr. Bynum are miserable, unhappy losers! If you dislike her so much, why do you spend all of your precious time watching her on 3With Me???? Like who does that...oh I forgot, miserable people like you! Straight losers!

    1. @ Devon Robinson
      Thinks for NOT leaving it anonymous, full name isn't necessary but thinks, it makes it easier for a true dialogue.

      It's being responsible to the faith and caring for my fellow Christians, including Bynum.

      (I can't speak for everyone but here is why I always comment about Bynum)

      If a pastor or leader is teaching false doctrines and lies about their personal history to become famous (like Bynum), it would be irresponsible to saying nothing to the people that follow her.

      Would you NOT WARN friends and family if they were following a pastor PRETENDING to be a Christian, or teaching a false gospel, only to use them instead for money, fame and power?

      This is why there are so many pastors caught in all sorts of bizarre if not illegal actions, and how Christians get involved in all kinds of foolishness. many of us Christians turn a blind eye to these behaviors and allow other Christians to be sucked into all kinds of false doctrines and beliefs Not Supported by scripture.

      And I also have some genuine concern for Mrs Bynum's well. Her sometimes bizarre behavior and continuing need for attention (even if it's unflattering) makes me wonder if she were to lose her fame and have to get a actual job, would she be mentally stable enough to carry out a productive and holy life.

      I don't hate Bynum but I am concerned with the people in her inner circle (close friends and family), that don't seem to care enough to tell Bynum some simple truths. Here are some examples:

      "Hey Juanita, you know you don't have a doctorate degree, so stop lying.

      "You can't be typing in tongues on social media, it's typing!!!"

      "GIRL!!! Take that wedding dress off, you are NOT marrying yourself today."

      But apparently know one close to her either has enough effluence, or is to afraid to lose their position with her to let Bynum know these things that make her look outlandish, but for some reason people think her odd behavior is some how prophetic.

      I am just a concerned Christian trying to inform and educate to help further the cause in truth.

    2. Devon Robinson I appreciate you for using your name and not hiding behind anonymous.

    3. Your welcome! I'm not big on anonymous postings. I believe if a person is bold enough to say it, they should have the same boldness to disclose their identity.

    4. She has an Honorary Dr.Degree it was given to her from a Bible College.

    5. Honorary Doctorates do not allow a person to use the title of DR.

      The person didn't do the work to EARN title.

      In fact it's such a empty title that Kermit the frog, Mickey Mouse, and people's dogs have been given Doctorates.

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  9. Okay I am confused....if you hate or dislike a person so much....???😕why do you know ALL their business IJS. If I don't like or deal with a person then I'm not going to know their business....to me what you are is a troll an internet stalker. Whewww some of these so called Christians do the absolute most....worry about yourself.

    1. And you stop worrying about those who stalk Juanita over the Internet. If they want to do that, thats their business.

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  10. I don't worry over small stuff. Because this is small and what I said was true weather ppl like it or not. And probably not because ppl don't like to hear the truth...but "we" as Christian always want to expose, or call out someone else's sin like we have a heaven or a hell to put them in....no no no call out your sin. "We" sit up and talk about people like we know ALL the facts acting like we was just there and know all the business and we wasn't and that is why people don't come to the body of Christ because "christians" talk about everybody instead of praying. People come to Christ to be saved and we condenming them to hell not knowing truth or facts.

    1. Then of its small stop worrying (a sin) about people condemning Juanita. That's betweenot then and God. LET Him handle them. You say it's small stuff, yet you acting like they committing some crime. Don't sit back and talk about these people being condemning. Cause when you do that you become just like them. Pray for them the Lord will save them and deliver them.

  11. Miss Adams,

    There is a reason why Moses, our LORD Jesus Christ, and his apostles warned us about false prophets (Deuteronomy 18:22, Matthew 7:15-20, and 2 Peter 2:1-3 respectively). That we may not be taken advantage of but most of all that we might not be led astray from the one and only true Bishop and Shepherd of our souls (1 Peter 2:25).

    So when "Christians" stand on the watch tower and make a warning, it is for those who will take it and be saved, not for those who don't want to hear (Ezekiel 33).

    These "Christians" don't have to know Miss Bynum or what she's been through, all they see is her fruit and it ain't right Matthew 7:16-20).

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  12. I don't get it why are people coming for Kim Burrell and what she had to say about homosexuality. If we truly believe that the Bible is the word of God given to men as they were moved by the Holy Spirit, then we must accept it as truth plain and simple. We don't get to choose which parts we are going to believe. Christians need to get a backbone and stand up for our beliefs or go somewhere and sit down. We are so concerned about being politically correct that we have made a mockery of God's word and we will be held accountable. We are afraid to stand up and be righteous, not watering down the word of God. So sad, that none of these pastors/teachers with huge platforms were to afraid to come to the defense of K.B. I admire this woman of God (KB) for standing on the truth that she professes to believe in and not being afraid. We will all be held accountable. Christianity is not a popularity contest. Jesus was vilified, ridiculed and nearly stoned for speaking truth. In one place she (JB) states "If we are gonna live by the scripture, then we need to live by all of the scripture" She needs to stand on her own words!! I have no idea what she is trying to say here, it is just a bunch of disjointed rambling. The Bible consistently tells us that homosexual activity is a sin (Genesis 19:1-13; Leviticus 18:22; 20:13; Romans 1:26-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9). Romans 1:26-27 teaches specifically that homosexuality is a result of denying and disobeying God. When people continue in sin and unbelief, God “gives them over” to even more wicked and depraved sin in order to show them the futility and hopelessness of life apart from God. 1 Corinthians 6:9 proclaims that homosexual “offenders” will not inherit the kingdom of God.

  13. @Cop

    Part I. I am thankful that Dr. Bynum is against speaking against men and women of the gospel which is supported in the word of God. It is obvious that personal affiliations have existed with Dr. Bynum according to your response. It is not our responsibility to bring open correction to any man or woman of the gospel. If we personally know of an area where a spiritual leader falls short, it is our responsibility to pray. There may be times that God will grant the scepter to be extended to us which grants a close, transparent relationship of exchanging our perceived truths. Also, there may be times when God allows us to see things with directives to pray.

    Dr. Bynum said yesterday “Don’t Lift the Lid” as my eyes have NOT personally witnessed ONE person speaking ill of her without bringing misfortunes unto themselves. Honestly, if she doesn’t mean anything to a soul on this earth, my eyes have given witness to the fact that she is EXTREMELY important to God. I’ve seen people speak against Dr. Bynum that do not know her personally and the flood gates of misfortune have fallen upon them.

    None of this is about the perceived rights, wrongs, inefficiencies, and imperfections of Dr. Bynum. At the end of the day it’s about who she belongs to and God loves her. If we claim to know personal shortcomings of a person, it does NOT give us liberty to spread what we perceive as wrong or things of concern with others. For every (5) perceived bad things anyone can share with me about her, I can give you (30) good qualities I see in her that are almost obsolete among most of us in the body of Christ. Quite honestly, she openly talks about her past and present areas of growth and improvements.

    One thing that is indisputable regardless to how many people feel some kind of way about Dr. Bynum. Countless men and women have changed their life because of what God has put on the inside of her and this is the bottom line. God loves her and He continues to use her to change lives. There is not enough time in the day to share all of the positive impacts that she’s brought into my life, but I’ll state that I’m 16 years celibate from “No More Sheets.” There are times that I would have been homeless if it wasn’t for her assistance. I’ve seen her walk away from hundreds of thousands.

  14. (continued)

    Part 2. When people bad mouth leaders, the question then becomes are you helping or hurting people. People do not take kindly to folks, “talking about they momma” whether it is a biological or spiritual mother. When I get through typing, I’m going into prayer for God to handle everyone on this post who has spoken ill against her without a heart of repentance because I love my momma. I’m going to ask God to get their attention and handle them in the way that He sees fit. Perfect or not, she is my momma. Right or wrong, she is my momma. Good day or a bad day, she is still my momma. Simply put, I do not take it lightly when people talk about my momma.

    If a person feels that she has areas of improvement, then pray for her and leave the rest to God as He knows how to handle the inefficiencies within His leaders. I would like to share a truth about something that will never be found on this side of heaven…A PERFECT LEADER. They do not exist and they never will! If you think you’ve found one, give it some more time and you will find out the one your under isn’t perfect either. While this process is going on, please lay out all of the perfect leaders in the bible that God used mightily to impact His will into the earth realm Moses, Peter, David, Job, Paul, Joseph, etc... they do not exist! Okay, now we are coming closer together in our thought process to understand, the type of leaders that we are looking for do not exist on this side of heaven.

    CAUTION: In the book of Numbers, Miriam did not get in trouble for speaking against Moses because He was a perfect man. Miriam got in trouble for speaking against Moses because he was God’s man. Those who preach the gospel, love God and have with a sincere heart for the work of the kingdom belong to God. It is God’s responsibility to correct what He feels is broken.

    I’m not sure, why she needs to lose anything else. She lost $60 Million – all properties, all cars, all friends…EVERYTHING! Many didn’t feel her lost was enough or it should have last longer. Many are extremely upset because God has raised her up again as they claimed she was done a long time ago. Many swore she had seen her better days and that was it for her, BUT God said, “NOT SO!” We do not and we never will have the ability to determine one’s level of importance in the eyes of God. Because we feel a certain way about people, that doesn’t mean that God shares our perspective.

    Special words of advice…”Stop Lifting the Lid.” I’m not able to share with you not to lift the lid because the lid has already been opened wide. It may be wisdom to close the lid, walk away from the lid and pray.


    1. You wrote a lot and I am not to sure if I can address it all.
      But I will try to address the entire issue with this.

      Bynum (and apparently you) believes you shouldn't speak about the short comings of a church leader.
      But the Bible says different.

      ““Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves.”
      ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭7:15‬ ‭

      “Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, EXPOSE THEM.”
      ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭5:11‬
      (There are many other similar verses)

      But let me ask you a more personal question.

      Would you JUST PRAY if you knew a good friend or loved one was going to a church where the leader was lying, sleeping around with people and stealing money from them?

      If you truly cared for that person, your prayers would be accompanied by verbal warnings and an intervention if necessary.

      I know that there are people who's salvation you care about. And as a caring loving Sister in Christ you wouldn't allow the position of a church leader to silence you from saving a soul.

      I try to stick with facts and Bynum's own words when exposing her.

      How do you make peace with Bynum lying about being a DR.

      Does any of her behaviors,
      "typing in tongues,
      arrested for failing to render services
      and marrying herself"
      Give you any kind of pause concerning her mental well being???

      If she were a family member and not a famed preacher would you Open the lid???

      Pastors are not above being examined by their life then anyone else. In fact their lives should be even more looked at than the followers.

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  15. Fold always get mad when you talk about there idols. Stop worshipping man and worship the Almighty God and HIS SON Jesus Christ. Juanita Bynum is Bipolar. She needs some serious mental health counseling. She needs to get on her knees and ask God to save her soul. And stop being so arrogant and full of pride. Case closed

    1. Thank you for closing the case. Now, God will make the final decision.

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  16. @Cop - "If" and I do mean "If" a prophet has perceived shortcomings that does not constitute the definition of a "false prophet." This is not a statement foundated by the word of God. Based on your perception, let's all throw in the towel because none of us should be serving in God's kingdom. David should have been dethroned before being thrown out of the kingdom head first for adultery, betrayal, deception and murder.

    Education...in NO way do I share the belief system that the title of a Dr. must only come from a school. Definition of education: The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university. Second definition is an enlightening experience.

    I've asked God to show you directly whether He is pleased or displeased with your actions within the next seven days.

    As for all of this judgment...My God, people have sure have a lot of time for scrutiny. I spend my time focusing on being a better person so I have no time for making a hobby out of airing the laundry of others whether openly or privately. At this point in being under Dr. Bynum's leadership, I've gotten about 7 employment promotions with substantial increases in pay because I've applied the biblical truths she has taught me from the word of God. When people ask me what school did I go to for the work I do, I am able to say what God has done for me by way of favor. People look confused afterwards because we expect all things to come by way of the same process, but God blesses whom He chooses, in the way He chooses and NOBODY can stop Him.

    Finally, to answer your question and bring this to a close. I don't focus on anyone's shortcomings. If a leader is not outright in speaking against heaven, hell, Jesus as our savior, the importance of relationship with God, prayer, faith, etc... I will not quantify them as false. Therefore, I will not put my mouth on them.

    On a personal level, I've been there and done that with all of this stuff. Christian judgments and pulling their love and denouncing me because I was in fornication, shacked up unmarried, smoking weed, and cigarettes, etc... I am able to say that I have been delivered from shacking, fornication, getting high and smoking cigarettes. This is why we have to be careful with our judgments. We may know where a person has been and what they are doing, but we have no idea where their going! If a great reference is needed ask Apostle Paul...boy oh boy were they surprised when God promoted him.

    I will share this about Dr. Bynum, she knew many of my shortcomings, but she NEVER, NEVER, NEVER stopped loving me through my process.

    Let's hypothetically say that all you shared is true. Let's say you were merciful without "Lifting the Lid" on all you claim to know. At this point, I highly doubt this to be the case, but let's say this is a reality. At the end of it all, I'm going to do unto her as I would desire her to do unto me. Until the day I die, I will give her the same respect that she gave to me, which is unconditional love through the process.

    All of this criticism and dirt slinging I will let y'all have it. When something is disturbing to my spirit I truly take it to the Lord in prayer and I've laid it at His feet for Him to way in on the matter.

    Normally, I give no response to these type conversations, but I believe God has used my words to help someone on this day. If it wasn't but one person, then it wasn't in vain.


  17. Devon Robinson. You needs to ask GOD to regulate your mind. You have reprobated mind. You are OBSESSED with Juanita Bynum. You need professional mental health counseling and then you need to get. Saved, Delivered, and Set Free. Junita is unstable and bipolar borderline sociopath. She needs some professional counseling and to get. Saved, Delivered and Set Free. You needs to stop the drama with everyone on this blog. Getting upset with the TRUTH. Juanita is a False Prophet, Liar,Thief,Bipolar,Borderline Sociopath, Money Launder, Don't want pay taxes on property, Unstable, Disrespectful to leadership, Disrespectful to her Elders. Just to name a few. So if you want to follow her and all of her foolishness. Then may God have mercy on both of your souls. Cause both of you are going to hit ROCK BOTTOM. Some are call ,Some are chosen,Some like Juanita call themselves. Cause they don't want to work. Salvation is a Lifestyle. Not a Career. She needs to get a JOB. And stop playing with GOD. She is an embarrassment to herself and to GOD. And you are also by keep taking up for a False Prophet. Wherever you are going to church at. You needs to talk to your pastor or church mother or someone in leadership. I have a question for you ? Does your pastor let Juanita come to your church ? Don't lie . If they do. Then no wonder you are so delusional and messed up. God touch Devon Robinson mind. Yes Lord !!!

    1. Miss Devon,

      You need to start reading the word of God. It is for your life, preservation, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding (Psalm 119).

      And know this for sure, the whole duty of man is to fear God and keep his commandments (Ecclesiastes 12:13).

      These are truths you will never hear from the mouth of Miss Bynum but from the mouth of our LORD Jesus (John 17:17).

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  18. Replies
    1. Oh…The Holy Ghost is about to speak…

      Look…it’s obvious you are and momma Juanita are NOT CHRISTIANS. All the intimidating tactics about “Lifting the Lid”, doesn’t work with me! Juanita is a false prophet as evident by what she speaks.

      True prophets stand up righteousness and SPEAKS BOLDLY against sin and evil, unlike her mealy mouth statements about Eddie Long. Note the words of John the Baptist - “When said he to the multitude that came forth to be baptized of him, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Bring forth therefore fruits worthy of repentance, and begin not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, That God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham.” John immediately cut any attempt these snakes would cite their religious pride through Abraham. Real prophets don’t suppose and waver. And unlike Juanita, they don’t bambozzle folks into sowing seeds to GET A BLESSING. They never speak outside of God’s commands with sermons of their own experiences like Juanita foolish speech “No More Sheets”.

      Now back to you (and Juanita) as you both are unsaved, and on your way to HELL. I’m 100% sure you never got saved under her ministry. SCRIPTURES plainly states “How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?” Romans 10:14. And that message must be CLEAR for anyone to experience SALVATION. YOUR salvation experience should be where you HEAR THE GOSPEL, ACCEPT IT AS TRUTH and believe it. Like Peter spoke here in ACTS: “Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and signs, which God did by him in the midst of you, as ye yourselves also know: Him, being delivered by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God, ye have taken, and by wicked hands have crucified and slain: Whom God hath raised up, having loosed the pains of death: because it was not possible that he should be holden of it .For David speaketh concerning him, I foresaw the Lord always before my face, for he is on my right hand, that I should not be moved: Therefore did my heart rejoice, and my tongue was glad; moreover also my flesh shall rest in hope: Because thou wilt not leave my soul in hell, neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption. This Jesus hath God raised up, whereof we all are witnesses. Therefore being by the right hand of God exalted, and having received of the Father the promise of the Holy Ghost, he hath shed forth this, which ye now see and hear”.

      Peter preached Christ! He is God, was crucified, and rose again. THE PEOPLE BELIEVED HIS MESSAGE and were SAVED. If you are to be saved, YOU GOT to hear the Gospel and believe it. Paul had His Salvation experience on the Road to Damascus. In his many writing concluded salvation is by GRACE ALONE, THOUGH FAITH ALONE, IN CHRIST ALONE. It is not by works that any man should boast.

      Having been raised Pentecostal, I was never presented with this true Gospel. I was taught, as long as I got the Holy Ghost by tarrying (works), go to church, and didn’t sin (which I ended up doing anyways), I was saved. It was when I heard the message from the Book of Galations preached, I realized I was NOT saved by what I do, but by what CHRIST DID FOR ME! He died so that I can live. Anything I bring before Him is as filthy rags. The GOSPEL message freed me. The Gospel Message SAVED ME. You need to have that experience. Juanita needs to have that experience.

      MAYBE the LORD sent YOU here for a REASON!!!

      GET OUT OF HERE!!!

    2. @Get out of here, you need to look at your own raucous brawlin' manner before you try and call somebody out! You have been embroiled in so many fights here it is embarrassing for somebody your age. AND it is obvious that you hate Juanita. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

    3. The truth hurts doesn't it?

      IT'S obviously you are a

      And.. Look...your little cheap shots don't phase me one bit!

      SO Either you go back and reread my post to accept Peter's message and GET SAVED

      OR (you already know what's coming next)


    4. And what is your sin first we all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. The blood of Jesus is for you and Bishop Long I'm happy you are not God we would all be in Hell.

  19. If God saved Lott and his daughters, what makes man think he didn't forgive Eddie Long. We dig so deep, and hate to love our neighbors as ourselves. We fail to understand love covers multitudes of faults. Jesus took on sin, he never sinned was without spot or wrinkles. Man partakers of sin, all have sinned if we say we haven't we are liars and the fathers of liars is our God (Satan). I agree with Dr. Bynum, yes Dr. Bynum she was given that name by great officers. If Eddie sinned it was against God and not man. If he laid his bed in hell who could save him only Jesus not Mankind. That's the problem with the church folks we act like we God, we forgot about the Mercy Seat who is just. Like David says, he sinned only against God who is just and fair. Just saying, we need to not be so busy bodies in other people affairs. What happened in that court room only lives in the eyes & ears of the judge, the heart of Eddie Long, and the life of the accusers.

    If you all knew the law, because my family said my brother killed my brother. They wasn't there but because of his prior criminal history they found him guilty, negligent homicide. Come guys the same boys robbed his church,blacked mailed him after they stole his iPhone, iPad, and computer. Later they took him to court after he refuse to continue to pay their bills. Our generation is wise and have become wicked than the BELIEVERS. Come on guys, give Dr. Bynum a break

    1. Thanks Talk2Porter for the comment.

    2. Why are you here judging people for talking about Juanita? You are no better than those who you say are critical of Bynum. These folks believe Juanita is a false prophet as the Bible describes her, and that she is not prophetess.

      But you imply about folks who judge righteous judgment per the Bible, they dig deep and hate to love, fail to understand love covers a multitude of faults, act like they are god, and are busy bodies. STOP THE MADNESS!

      Just like you think your judgment of folks criticizing Juanita is right, the folks who judge Juanita think their judgment of her is right. I just happen to think your judgment is WRONG!!!, and their judgment of JUANITA is RIGHT!!!. YOU need to stop being a hypocrite, telling folks not to judge Juanita, and turn around in your deceptive little way to judge THEM!!!

      Sit DOWN and have several seats, okay…



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