Did Paula White Give The Church Tithe Money As A Gift To Trump Inauguration???

Reader, according to TV, Radio & Digital Media Personality Jawn Murray:

On the backs of Black people, Paula White raised $40 million for the Trump Campaign and gave a gift of $5 million for the Inauguration. Yall keep following people because they're charismatic and tell you "God said" something if you want to. They will use you to finance their own agenda and then support the people who stand against your very existence. WOW!!


  1. Do you know what $5 mil could have done in poor communities ? Built, repaired homes, helped with STEM training for disadvantaged youth, put a few hs students through college, help pay for someone]s medical expense that doesn't have health insurance or a job. I guarantee you "don the con" surely isn't going to help anyone in the poor community if they didn't vote for him or even those that did.
    Paula's on the podium because she paid to be there. her and all of her white "evangelicals"

    Does she not understand why all of these women and people are marching/protesting across the world AGAINST this vial evil person that had help from the FBI and Russia to get into the White House ?

  2. Poor White Trash that's a Pastor whose congregation is over 97% African American. It's time to wake up out of sleep. She has been very vocal about her support for Trump. She was at a ralley for him in Orlando so this is no surprise at all. Does she still have an apartment in Trump Towers. The best thing those folks can do at that church is to put her out. Take A Stand for themselves cause she is making nothing but FOOLS out of them. That money could have been used to help so many people's and so many good causes.

  3. The spirit that Miss White has about her is foul: divorced, adulterous, etc. And now she is hanging with DT (whose own relationships with fine looking women is evidently suspect).


  4. $40 million dollars???? Is she serious? I guess so. Unbelievably ignorant. I hope her church is planning to change their "Non-profit" status, or it gets revoked.

  5. Black Christian you better flee from these white pastors . They are showing you their true heart
    They just using you to build up their choir .
    It's a mess !

    1. Black Christians are not going to flee from these white pastors, no matter how much you stomp and shake. Bottom line is that many blacks enjoy their preaching and the worship with them to the God they believe in. They are inspired by these preachers attempts to give messaged from the Bible. Many believe in the ideals TRUMP projects (anti abortion, anti homosexuality, and other biblical standards). A lot of these black folks don't mind at all serving in their choirs. They may feel it's their way to praise God with their talent. They don't feel used by these white pastors at all.

  6. Lady Thomad,You better preach. These White pastors and Churches want our style of Praise and Worship,Our Choirs,and last but not least they have hung around certain black preachers to learn there style of preaching. And trying to enslave black folks. They don't care about nobody's SOULS it's only about the MIGHTY DOLLAR. Bishop Blake needs to come clean with COGIC and let them know that he supported Trump. Some of these black ministries are just as bad as the White ones. They just try to be a little slicker.


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