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Once Again How to Live Under A Morally Unqualified President!

Reader what a good timing for a re-post. Pastor John Piper posted this article on January 20, 2017 and got a lot of backlash....but it's even more comforting today. Let us continue to pray for love to reign in our country - the love of God and our neighbor, not the love of power, pride, money or anything else. They will know we are Christians by our love.

“Donald Trump treats language — the medium of truth — as a wax nose to be bent and molded to create a desired outcome, whether it corresponds to the truth or not.”

Another General In The Body of Christ Has Transitioned To Glory.

Reader I would like for everyone reading this to send up their prayers and condolences to the White Family. According to my timeline Bishop Frank O. White, COGIC general board member transition from life unto everlasting rest today was a great man of God, and one who loved God's people. Sending condolences to the White family and the Zion Cathedral Church. 



  1. Bishop White was a very humble and sweet man. He never let the position go to his head. He loved the people's and the people's loved him. He will be missed. I admired him for his honesty by telling the people's the TRUTH about his illness and by stepping down from the General Board not getting caught up in the position and the title. My prayers and support go out to the family. Another soldier gone home to be with the Lord. RIP

    1. I listened to sermons of this guy and noted his messages are typical COGIC PREACHING. His sermons ave very trite and had little to.no depth at all. In one of his sermons he added to the text, where Peter was miraculously released from jail, saying RHODA spoke in tongues when she say Peter. No.matter his high position and his title in the GRAND Ole COGIC, His sermons are typical, where he speaks to move people emotionally. He preaches to the cadence of the organ to stir his messages.

      And Ms. ANN, no need to worry about this being spam this time.
      I will not, as I have never replied back to myself in contrary...


  2. Ms. Ann, What happened to my initial comment regarding my listen to this Bishop's sermon and giving my thoughts about his messages? My initial response was not to attack anyone here, only a response to your post. Another Anonymous individual replied telling me to shut up. To which another anonymous agreed my comment was true. It's hard to follow your rules for "removing" comments.


    1. Anonymous, since all the comments that was posted had the same tagline "GET OUTTA HERE" I determined that they were spam and removed them. Why would anyone go back and forth with himself.

  3. Understood.
    I know I could be a little crazy at times, but not enough to reply in contrary to myself. LOL. I think the Anonymous who told me to shut up, added GET OUTTA HERE at the end in sacrasm.


  4. Bishop Frank Anthone White preached an 'AWESOME WORD' at the local celebration of life, for the Bishop Frank Otha White!

  5. I'm sorry but this isn't the time to focus on Bishop White's preaching. What does his preaching style have to do with his passing? He's gone from this earth and will never preach another sermon. Out of respect for his family and those who were blessed by him in some way we need to follow the adage of if you don't have anything positive to say...


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