Why Has A Picture Of A Transgender Girl On The Cover Of National Geographic Magazine Sparked Controversy???

Reader, a transgender girl on the cover of National Geographic Magazine has sparked controversy. The National Geographic recently unveiled the cover of the January 2017 issue, which will feature nine-year-old Avery Jackson on the cover. The issue focuses on the “Gender Revolution” and Avery graces the cover because she is a transgender girl. The cover includes a quote from Avery: “The best thing about being a girl is, now I don’t have to pretend to be a boy.”

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It's good to see bigoted people getting upset over an issue that has been so large in public media over the last few years. The article is about transgender people. Not the benign cisgender issues that it has previously covered, hence a trans girl (NOT a boy dressed up as a girl) on the cover instead of some stock photo of a cisgender woman. Nat geographic covers important topical issues and it's no surprise that they want to cover this, much to the dismay of people who hate the topic and the people it's about. They are known to stir controversy and expose people's inherent sexism, racism, and bigotry.


  1. Miss Ann,

    Since National Geographic is a worldly publication, I will press "ignore" on my keyboard.

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

    1. "Dove" and "Secret" are worldly deodorant brands made by unsaved people. But you don't go around smelling MUSTY do you?

      Since they are worldly companies, have you stopped using their products? Nope!
      Let's not get TOO "SUPER-SPIRITUAL and RIDICULOUS people!

      Pizza Hut is a worldly company...do you abstain from pizza...Oh let me stop. I made my point!

    2. @ Anonymous,

      To be on the cover of major publications means that there is an agenda on promotion. And in this case it is the Transgender Lifestyle. As a Christian, I am not surprised since "Nat Geo" magazine has some of the most evil articles/documentaries. That is why I declared to ignore.

      FYI: I use "Fa" as a deodorant, and not because it is heavily advertised, but because it works well with my type of skin. I rarely eat pizza because I throw down in my kitchen.

      In conclusion, you did make your point; but in your own perspective.

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  2. "Error of Man" The world is in "error" and out of order and the power of influence from the gov't, all of society has even taken over the children by this spirit. We must pray over our children daily and fight against the wilds of the devil.

  3. Shoving down our throats as acceptable. Not.

  4. "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts..." -Romans 1:26a

    Normalizing What’s Wrong Doesn’t Make it Right...

    1. @ Rev,


      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  5. These boys that want to be transgender girls can PRETEND they are female all they want, but all it takes is a shot to the groin to remind them that THEY ARE MALE.

    I Always thought that natural women should be insulted by men perpetrating a fraud of being a woman.

    We men know NOTHING ABOUT
    Menstrual cycles,
    Child birth,
    Bra comfort,
    Or having to deal with those (meaning us) foolish men.

    So to have a boy/man trying to imitate a girl/woman is at best a poorly crafted imitation of a REAL WOMAN.

    Being a woman means more than throwing on some heels and a skirt, and prancing around town.

    What women have that makes them woman NO MAN CAN TRULY POSSESS.

  6. In HELL it will lift it's eyes and the parents also. National Geographic Magazine is a Ungodly Magazine. So I don't buy it nor do I read it. But the principal of it is that. Hollywood, Media, is trying to force on folks that Homosexuality, Lesbian, Transgender, Trisexual, Bisexuality is the normal. It's not. God don't make no mistakes this is just foolishness. Folks want to live against the Word of GOD and do whatever they want to do. That don't make it right. They have repobated minds. The devil got them just where he wants them. A man couldn't Handel what . A Real Woman went through from puberty to adulthood. It's more than looking pretty. Burn baby burn. In HELL. God made Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve. And Eve and Yvette. Male and Female. No in between.


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