What In The World Prophet Jonathan Ferguson Is No Longer With Kingdom City Church!!

Reader, let us be honest, while there are some good reasons for leaving a church, there are a lot more bad ones also.  The one that Prophet Carn have given for his friend Prophet Jonathan Ferguson for leaving Kingdom City Church is a bad one, according to social media.   Y'all, remember a couple of months ago I mention in this space the great works that were beginning in Charlotte, NC & Jacksonville, FL with Prophet Brian Carn, Prophet Jonathan Ferguson, & Pastor Frank Ray, III? 

Well, it looks like there was some kind of major conflict that has taken place within the ministry in the last couple of months.  In the video posted below Prophet Carn explains why his friend Prophet Ferguson is no longer with the church, and how he has asked DayStar TV and the Word Network to release him from his contract with them.


  1. Miss Ann,

    Must be the $$$.

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

    1. My question what happen to the 3 fold cord(not easily broken)? Didn't he just stand before the people of God ,just 3 months ago,and declared that God told him to start KCC with Prophet Fergerson and pastor Frank Ray? He said that they all prayed and fasted, so that was a lie. OK God changed his mind AGAIN in only 3 months?(smh)These People better STOP playing with God and His people;for the LOVE of money,fame,and recognition.#SAD

    2. Judges 13:5,scripture reveals Samson would begin to deliver Isreal. To begin something is the same as starting something. We only know in part, if we bite and devour one another, be careful to not consume one another. I speak as a brother.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I agree. And my further commentation is not directed at you, be blessed

  2. Hello. Do you know what happened to the video?

  3. Ms. Ann according to the man of god "he's about to hide in churches for the next year." Do you have any idea of what that means?

    1. I really don't know what is meant by that statement. But if you listen to the clip he's all over the place with his ideas. It's alleged that DayStar and The Word Network has already severed ties and parted ways with the Young Prophet.

    2. Come on Prophet Carn just how in the world do one hide in the church? My husband couldn't hide when the devil was on his back.

  4. All of them needs to be on the ALTAR. Its time out for playing church and gimmicks. SOULS are on the line. They needs to be Saved, Delivered, and Set Free. Money isn't everything. But with these crook's it is. Preaching is there only source of income. So he probably has something better on the horizon.

  5. I just gained a little respect for prophet ferguson for leaving this foolishness.

  6. I think he just likes to hear HIMSELF talk.

  7. This guy is so full of himself. Just in his "prayers" alone, he thanks God for the "annointing" on his life. Then his charge "the mighty annointing" he felt. This guy is the epitome of a false prophet. Sad the folks who follows him. Get outta here!!!

  8. The Blood of Jesus. No one on this page is speaking in spirit or in truth. God forgive you because you know not what you do.
    The Bible says let your ministry be blameless and right now everyone is pointing the blame.
    Which one of you were present during these meetings or decision making? I sincerely doubt it was about money, because a true Prophet knows that's a base level concern when we have power to open the heavens and receive whatever we need. And even if it was, which I highly doubt, death and life are in the power of the tongue, and it's a dangerous thing to speak against God's chosen ones.
    If God or The Holy Ghost didn't give you a word of correction or rebuke, than what are you speaking for? Check your "Yes Lord".
    Prophet Ferguson knows God's voice, I'm a living witness, if He left out of obedience than Who are you to criticize His decision or the ministry He left behind?
    How dare you? And God's word stays the same, but His methods may change.
    He told King Hezekiah (through His Prophet)to get His house in order, because He would soon die.
    After crying out to the Lord, God changed His mind and gave Him 15 more years.
    You ought to be ashamed to even open up your mouth against a man of God, unless it's led by the spirit, in Humility, Authority, and love. I see no evidence of that, and therefore I rebuke all of you, in Jesus mighty name... And I pray you go deeper in Christ Jesus and receive the Truth of His word.
    The Kingdom of God is not by word, but by power. I speak the power of a Mighty God over your minds and hearts and sincerely trust you receive, in Jesus name.
    Lord let the eyes of our hearts continue to be enlightened.

  9. Amen, to J. Scott. I met Jonathan in his early years when he lived in Memphis and he became a friend of mine. I knew him when he would pray for hours and hour , and fast for several days.
    When many of you probably would make
    excuses about praying for 30 mins and a half a
    day. I have witness the Lord working through him myself and witness the power of GOD on his life for myself. SEEK YE FIRST THE LORD PEOPLE
    OF GOD before you judge. If we say we are believers then pray and not judge. The Lord gives us wisdom and understanding if WE SEEK
    YE FIRST. Please pray first and seek GOD .

    1. You can tell the power of God on a person's life, not by the length of time they pray, but they are live filled with the fruit of the Spirit. They exemplify patience when going through trials, they are faithful to do God's commands even when tempted to work through their own flesh, they show self control despite the temptation to sin, they are gentle and full of joy and content. They know the truth and speak it.

      So if you can give us concrete examples pertaining to this way of living, His outward show means nothing. This guy is cut out of the same mold as Carn, selfish, full of pride, misuse of Scriptures, manipulator, false prophet.



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