The Celebrities Are Clapping Back At Pastor Kim Burrell!

Reader I don't know what to say or make of this. That moment when a Buddhist had to show you how to be a better Christian. According to blogger B Scott, it ain't over: Yolanda Adams, Chaka Khan and Questlove have spoken out against Pastor Kim Burrell's hateful anti-gay sermon.


  1. The wheat are separating from the chaff...I tried the link and it's not working.

    I'm not a fan of Kim Burrell but she called out the sin that TD Jakes and Joel Osteen avoided. Both men of God were asked point-blank about their views on homosexuality and both of them dodged the question!

    I used to really like Yolanda Adams... It's hard to look at her picture without seeing the "twins" on her chest. Did the Christian women at Corinth and Philadelphia walk around with their cleavage showing? Anybody please post a link.

  2. Miss Ann,

    The celebrities know which side their bread is buttered. And they know who controls the $$$.

    I've watched an update from Miss Burrell and she says she stands by what she preached and she won't back down. Good for her.

    As a believer, there's nothing new that Miss Burrell preached regarding the reprobates (Romans 1:27-29). The WORD of God has already gone out (Isaiah 55:11) and there are those who have chosen to outright rebel against the precepts of God.

    I will be watching how much heat Miss Burrell can take in terms of cancellation of recording contracts from the respective companies, cancellation of performing engagements and shunning from fellow "gospel" artists like Miss Adams who has been one of the first to say something.

    If Miss Burrell is ready to lose all for the sake of the Kingdom of God (Mark 10:29), then will I know that she didn't speak out for the sake of publicity, but she spoke out because she holds the WORD of God above all.

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want....

    1. Let's truly talk about hypocrisy. Kim Burrell's manager is a gay man who is also an actor in plays. The pulpit that she preaches this message about gays being abominable is abominable to the Most High YAHUAH, based on Scripture (Christmas tree, lights, etc.)
      Emotion plays a role in the Christian walk. They preach AT people when angry instead of teaching people the Truth. Women run the Christian faith, that's why there are so many things out of order.
      I pray to YAHUAH that my life on this side of Christianity is not one of judgmental hypocrisy, but of righteous judgment, truth, repentance, humility, self evaluation, and always love.

    2. who in the world is YAHUAH?

  3. These celebritries need to have several seats, especially Yolanda Adams who threw modesty out the door a long time ago and constantly wears low cut tops revealing her breasts, although she is an ordained minister of the gospel. She and others like her are going to be in for a rude awakening. You can't try to pacify and coddle the world and water down God's word. He will not be mocked!
    Kim Burnell spoke the truth. And her manager allegedly being gay has nothing to do with the fact that homosexulaity is a sin and she is against it. Many of us have friends who are gay and in my case my two gay friends know I do not agree with their lifestyle and that God's word says it's a sin, just like my friends/relatives who have sex before marriage and live together in sin without the benefit of marriage. The fact is people tend to respect you more when you don't compromise God's word and in many instances this is what will draw some out of sin because they become unfortable in their sin.
    A lot of these reaction are because people don't want to call sin by its name anymore. They want to ignore the elephant in th eroom while many are marching happily down the wide road to hell.

  4. As long as Pastor Burrell stand her ground and preach the Word of GOD in Season and out of Season. And not back down . She will be OK. As long as she does right by JESUS . JESUS. JESUS will do RIGHT by her. If you don't Stand for Jesus you will fall for anything. She was correct for what she stated. You can't be in the church and playing games and living all kinds of HELLISH LIFESTYLES. You have to Call Out Sin. You can't sugarcoat. Yolanda Adams needs to get SAVED. She sold out her SOUL to the devil for fame years ago. She dresses like a SLUT. Provocative not becoming of holiness. All these folks bashing Pastor Kim needs to go the ALTAR.


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