Pastor Paula White Will Represent The Black Church At Donald Trump Inauguration!

Reader at Donald Trump upcoming inauguration Pastor Paula White is on the list to participate in the swearing-in!!I'm still trying to figure out how a "white woman" with a 90% African American church could endorse, vote for, now participate in the inauguration of a racist bigoted president. I guess it's another case of wolves in sheeps clothing. You can't preach the word of God and endorse hatred and racism. It doesn't work that way.

Donald Trump Inauguration: Pastor Paula White On List To Participate In Swearing-in!!


  1. Miss Ann,

    Miss White is all about the $$$. She uses the WORD of God as her income generating project. So no surprises there.

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  2. What did we think those wolves stalking outside of her church was a just a coincidence ? Or was it more like a sign . Yes the Lord does work in mysterious ways !

  3. What did we think those wolves stalking outside of her church was a just a coincidence ? Or was it more like a sign . Yes the Lord does work in mysterious ways !

  4. All the puications and news media outlets are talking about not only get but Bishop Jackson, Franklin Graham, The Rabbi, The Cardinal . But especially White and Jackson because they consider them " PROSPERITY PREACHERS" not REAL GOSPEL MINISTERS. They are CROOKS. So its shouldn't be no surprised. But the MORONS that continue to sit under this TRAMP that calls herself a pastor are the ones that are FOOLS. GOD has open there eyes they just wish to partake in foolishness. She has proven herself over and over again to be a False Prophet and folks continue to follow her. You can't be a CHRISTIAN and support someone who support Hatred, Rape,Bigotry, Racism, Torture, KKK. She is about the DOLLARS and FAME. She belongs in Hollywood not in a Pulbit. She married an Unsaved Man. He is the Minister of Music. Black Folks yes I said it have to STOP being so GULLIBLE. If the folks in that church make a stand and did these things. Stop paying tithes, stop paying love offerings, stop paying her salary, change the locks on everything, the Board of Directors get some backbone and get her Poor White Trash Self out of that Ministry. So she can go on her merry way. And stop poluting the House of God. God is going to hold everyone accountable for there actions co concerning the Ministry of God. No one is exempt. And by the way. This is the first time in the History of the Presidential Inaugural that they would have a PROSPERITY PREACHER. And Paula White doesn't represent the. BLACK CHURCH. Please Don't Say That. She's Poor White Trash that has gotten RICH off POOR FOLKS. In HELL she will lift her eyes. Burn Paula Burn

    1. Whoever you are--- you sure do like to put folks in Hell. Every one of your comments is about somebody "LIFTING THERE EYES IN HELL! " And you saying Burn Paula Burn--is like it's a joke to you.

      Make SURE YOU don't end up there!

  5. Are you upset at the TRUTH �� trust me I won't .Folks get upset when you talk about there idols sad sad sad

  6. Paula white?!?!
    The queen of first fruits tithing.

    Franklin Graham.
    Who stands up to homosexuality by picking on Girl Scouts.

    Wayne T Jackson
    Ain't no humping around, except during bishop consecration.

    That's quite an interesting squad of Christians he has assembled.


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