My 11 Most Viewed Story For 2016!

Reader I'm sharing the posts that received the most page views this year. Here's
the list of the ten posts people spent the most time reading on this blog this year.

1). Shame On Pastor Paula White For Endorsing Donald Trump, While Leading A Predominantly Black Congregation.
2). Pastor Uebert Angel Takes Tithe Money To Buy Wife A Lamborghini For Valentine. 
3).Y'all Are Really Mad About Tasha Cobb Having A 20K Honorarium For A 60 Minute Concert? 
4).Prophet Brian Carn Go Forth!
5).Is Pastor Bryant Facing A New Baby Scandal?
6).What Is Going On With Twinkie Clark?
7).Lord Have Mercy Lisa McClendon Expose Husband and Pastor Maurice Brailsford On Periscope.
8).Loving Wife And Sidechick Place Dueling Obituaries After N.J. Man's Death.
9).The Attack Against Apostle Dr. Matthew Stevenson lll
10).Lord Have Mercy Local Gay Rights Organizations Has Come For Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant!
11).How Come Women Are Told To Wait On The Lord For A Godly Man, While Men Are Praised For Doing The Opposite?


  1. "HeadScratch," I'm kinda surprised Eddie Long and B-Slade (aka-Tonex) didn't make this list... oh well...

    1. Haha,Timezone stop scratching your head. You are right, the B-slade article and anything that was posted about Apostle Eddie Long have gotten a lot of views. But I had to narrow the list down. The one on the list that really surprise me was number 11. Folks were really upset with Israel Houghton. Happy New Year!

    2. Happy New Year to you to Mrs. Ann!


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