Lord Have Mercy: Shirley Caesar Files Lawsuit To Stop Violating Her Name With #UNameIt Challenge!

Reader all good things must come to an end and that also pertains to the viral challenges that spread like wildfire across social media platforms. Leading up to Thanksgiving, the hottest Internet challenge was the #UNameItChallenge that featured the music and sermon of Shirley Caesar. Everyone who participated had fun with it and even Caesar herself said that she was flattered that she had been turned into a viral sensation. Well apparently feelings change because she has just filed a lawsuit to stop the challenge in its tracks once and for all.


Hello Family, I just got a call from someone asking me about a lawsuit; please be clear, there has been no lawsuit filed. I asked my attorney to issue a statement and this is all we will say on it at this time:

OFFICIAL STATEMENT ON BEHALF OF DR. SHIRLEY CAESAR Pastor Shirley Caesar has been totally surprised by the response to her old "Hold My Mule" song remixed. She eventually appreciated the fun many had in creating and sharing videos under the #UNameItChallenge with her remixed song. In fact, she has raised money for charity via UnameitShirley.com in support of the viral challenge. In addition, she will be giving out toys and food for thousands of people with our Toys For Tots program after church next Sunday and all are invited to come and support.

Unfortunately, similar to you, we as a team, were laughing and enjoying the video challenge, until we recently discovered that DJ Suede, Empire Records and another party, took the original popular song and phrase and illegally released a different record on I-Tunes without our written permission. They even did a video highlighting alcohol and negative imagery- and sold many downloads. We asked them repeatedly to remove these negative materials as we never saw the video or heard the song prior to them selling it –and, it was not a parody, but the song was created commercially for sale and profits. When they refused to remove the commercial song from the Internet and the video, to protect Pastor's legacy and what Shirley Caesar stands for, we had to take legal action, secure a temporary injunction and order DJ Suede to remove the video, as well as cease and desist sales. We want to make it clear Pastor Caesar does not endorse the imagery or abuse of alcohol endorsed in the video by having her voice everywhere on the track. Please also note, we have not filed any lawsuits or sued anyone even though it is my right. But, it is our hope and prayer that DJ Suede and Empire will do the right thing, and respect Pastor Caesar’s legacy, image and name and follow the Court injunction ordering them to remove this video and the I-Tunes song, a clear violation of copyright and trademark laws.

We look forward to the good work that will come of the #UNameitChallenge and want people to continue enjoying the song for the holidays and years to come. Remember, No Weapon Formed Against You Shall Prosper!!!

Enjoy your Christmas and continue to serve others. God Bless & Thank You All, James L. Walker, Jr., Esq. Counsel For Pastor Shirley Caesar @jameslwalkeresq (404)-574-4308 (Media Inquiries, Etc.)


  1. Lord Have Mercy!!! She stated on the Wendy Williams Show that she was donating the money from the sales to the Danny Thomas Hospital in Memphis Tennessee. And how much she loved the worked they did. Wendy Williams was very disrespectful and Shaking her a-- and Pastor Shirley said nothing but laughed. Pull it up on you tube. She had a chance then to set the record straight. I realize that all that shaking of the a-- is very disrespectful to GOD and the Spiritual Meaning of the song. But once something is put out on the airwaves and YouTube. It's all play in Love and War. She isn't the only artist that this has happened to and won't be the last. Shirley can be something else when it comes to her name, royalties, money. She came to Jacksonville Florida some years back. To Cathedral of Faith COGIC pastored by the late great Bishop C.D. Kinsey . The church was sold out. She didn't realize that the church was that big. She wanted more money . She refused to come out. But she didn't know who she was dealing with. Bishop Kinsey held her to the contract that she had signed and the money that she had already was given. These Saved, Sanctified, Preacher's can be something else. She's all about the dollar.

    1. Hey Anonymous I been living in the Jacksonville area for over 9 years, thanks for the comment. I know you are telling the truth, I remember back in the day going to one of Shirley's concerts in my home city of Dothan Al.....Ms Shirley showed her butt over the disagreement of the money. She wouldn't come out until the concert promoters cough up more money for her. I decided for that time on not to never ever go to another one of her concerts. She's all about the money.

  2. She's ungrateful. Because of her song, a whole new generation will check her out. She was unknown and irrelevant to the millennials and generational x's but now out of curiosity they will explore what made her put such words in a song. They may explore Christ as well as her other songs. Very ungrateful!

  3. Miss Ann,

    Miss Caesar is too old for this mess/drama.

    When the hashtag started, she rode on that wave for TV airtime. But now she's irritated by the same. Is she for real?

    She should get somewhere and sit down, for good!

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  4. I used to live a few miles away from her church. She preaches like she performs... Gives the same message and asks for more money, every Sunday.

  5. Good for her!! (Did yall even read the response from Pastor Ceasar's legal reps)?? If you did, your comprehension obviously, needs some work!!! People don't have any respect, regard or reverence any more.and as such, she SHOULD disassociate her name from vulgar images, and word changes that turned her aong into something else, for which she receives no profit. Eeerrbody posting here has a lot to say, with little to no understanding about the way entertainment contracts, work. The Bible sayd: "in BUSINESS, be MEN"!! Translation: Conduct your BUSINESS affairs as a BUSINESS man/woman - NOT like a charity!! It ALSO says "a fool and his money are soon parted." Translation: You don't spend YOUR time, YOUR energy, YOUR money to bring your gifts to the "marketplace" (catch that word), and then speak in tongues while others PROFIT from your labors! That's stupid!!!

    The ISSUE here is not so much the UNameIt Challenge, but the fact that DJ Suede, Empire Records anf another party, REMIXED and released the song as if THEY created it!!! That's a whole nother page from where this all started, and Pastor Ceasar's legal team are doing what you would WANT them to do, if you should ever find yourself in HER position!!!

    Reading is fundamental, people. Read up on entertainment contracts...why you think so many of our people have gotten GOT down thru the years, over misread and/or UNread, contracts??!!!

    As true as the arguments over her preaching honorariums or concert fees may be, they have nothing to do with THIS incident!! This is about music "piracy," and if Pastor's legal team goes AFTER these jokas, I'd be willing to wager that the Court would decide in her favor!!!

  6. Yes Anonymous I would say that reading is fundamental. You must have a problem with reading comprehension. Just to think if you would have taken the time to read the update to this post then you would have known that Lady Brock had already clarified the new information.

    1. Cogic "Bishop" you can't get mad when people get called out. It looks like the person didn't notice the update or they still decided to sound off.

      Even though the update is posted, the message STILL needs to be said. Black folks have gotten taken to the cleaners, over misuse or abuse of contracts. And they have been taken advantage of, when OTHER people try to profit from their ministry!

      Caesar clapped back hard. The person above you clapped back. Miss Ann posted an update...and now you're saying that all that clapping wasn't necessary. Oh yes it is!

      As the COGIC folks would say, "if you hit a dog, it will holler!" You and the others misjudged Caesar's motives and got mad when somebody defended her. Then when the truth came out, you trying to backup and saw all that correction isn't necessary!

      Give me a break.

  7. Ok....so what's up with the Heineken commercial?! Google Heineken Special Gift commercial. Dats sho nuff Shirley in the background...lol.😂

    1. @ Rendeezil,

      Right on!

      Miss Ann,

      And I still stand by my statement on Miss Caesar regardless of the update from Miss Ann.

      Most of Miss Caesar’s legacy will be that of greed for money. She must have realized that the young fellows were starting to make more money than her.

      The anonymous who stated, “if you hit a dog, it will holler!” described Miss Caesar as such!

      “But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  8. Ok....so what's up with the Heineken commercial?! Google Heineken Special Gift commercial. Dats sho nuff Shirley in the background...lol.😂

  9. Rendeezil I mention this back in May. When someone mention that copyrights do expire and that she probably no longer own the rights to the song.



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