Good Medicine Entertainment Presents Tirrell McCoy's KEEPING IT CLEAN Christmas Lunch/Dinner Comedy Show!

Reader I'm still on the fence when it comes to Christian comedy within the four walls of the church. For one, I don't consider humor to be a virtue and two being funny doesn’t show up as one of the fruits of the Spirit.  Don't get it twisted, I get the concept here, if you take the whole family to a Christian Comedian show you can count on the kids and grandparents enjoying the show and you don't have to worry that the humor is racy or vulgar or peppered with profanity. Christian funny comedy, takes the things that happen in our daily lives and presents it in a way that gives us all a chance to laugh long and hard at the funny things that happen to all of us every day.


  1. I'm used to the pastor having to be a comedian at times keep people awake. On a serious note, I don't have an issue as long as the comedian is not performing during the main worship services. Sadly I've visited churches in the Dallas area that have had comedians and illusionists during the worship service right before the sermon. Funny how the preached word was like skim milk.

  2. Soldier are you for real? Comedy right before the preach word?

  3. Yes. Lady Brock they will do anything now in the Black Church to get Money. Stuff that the other folks use to do all the time and the Black Church preached against. Is now so familiar in the Black Church. It's no longer Holiness or Hell. It's about the Almighty Dollars. May God Have Mercy. On their souls for leading folks astray. And for those that know better and go along with that foolishness. They deserve to go to Hell. SHALOM


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