Should Churches Lose Their Tax-Exempt Status For Not Helping The Needy?

Reader, is it the church job to help all homeless people? Is it the church job to help the fatherless and the widow? And should more churches be joining with local agencies to attack homelessness and the poverty stricken in the community?

Pope Francis have taken the lead in calling for ending tax-exempt status of churches that don’t help the needy. Pope Francis says churches that don't help the needy and make a profit should lose their tax-exempt status.

I agree, a lot of the church dollars are currently in the dark, and churches should not be afforded the benefits of nonprofit status while being exempt from the responsibilities. Most of all this exemption harms the church's congregation, who have a right to know how their donations are being spent.

Unlike all other nonprofits, churches are not required to reveal how they spend their money.


  1. This Pope fellow needs a reality check. AS IF He DOESN'T HAVE enough problems within his own Catholic Church. HE must have forgotten that Martin Luther pulled the shades off their crooked Ways during the Reformation. HE needs to sit back, and realize he is not the religious leader over Gods church, nor is he the religiois leader over this government.

    Religious organizations are not the only organization that receive 501c exemptions. Why he is singling out the church, to hold them accountable to 501c, is beyond me. There are many other organizations that are 501c exemptions, and if he is that concerned, he should address to hold them accountable as well.

    All these outside influences who would SEEK to put a stronghold on these churches is RIDICULOUS! THERE are people who donate by their own choices to contribute their tithes and offerings to their Churches. They are many who bestow gifts, again their own choosing, to other 501c institutions as well.

    These outsiders need to back up, and take heed, that one day they will have to face the judgment of a hand much stronger than theirs. Every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is LORD. The Pope included...


  2. YES YES YES . Why ??? Because you have so many Churches that don't do nothing to HELP nobody except the Pastor and his family. They get all the perks of the 501 (3c). They need to be held more accountable for all the monies they get in the name of GOD.

  3. Miss Ann,

    The pope should be the last person to talk about this. He leads Babylon and his church is one that is known to take advantage of the poor and the weak. An example is the wicked lady most people knew by the names of Mother Theresa (one of her critics, Christopher Hitchens, did a documentary titled "Hell's Angel" and it is available on YouTube). That lady made so much money for the Catholic church but none went to the charity she was heading. Poor people of Calcutta continued to die of simple ailments and she used their images to rake in millions from the wicked rich of the world for the church. She pretended to be poor but she was one of the most jetset nuns of her time. Her charity still runs, but the money doesn't help the helpless still.

    Personally I think we shouldn't wait for the church to do anything for the poor and disadvantaged in our communities. We as individuals who have believed on the Name of Jesus should instead reach out to those in our own communities and family (we surely know somebody in need). The church has become big business and we are contributing to the leaders' excesses. We can instead use the seed/offering/tithe to lend a helping hand to those in we know need it the most.

    The churches may or may not lose their exemption but our God will require of us as individually why we never reached out to the poor and not the church as a whole (Matthew 25).

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

    1. WOW!!!

      Amazing you brought up this documentary. Although I am not a Christopher Hitchens (athiest who got mopped in a debate by William Lane Craig, and personally I like his brother way better), Chris Hitchens exposed this woman was no saint, just as you claimed. I'm not surprised because lots of these Catholics possess the "real" spirit of the Pharisee Jesus talked about in Scriptures, unlike the way these numb skulls here uses the term "Pharisee". And like you strongly indicated, God will judge each of us, as all will individually stand before Him. Amen Sister. "May the works I've done speak for me." God Bless. You are a breathe of fresh air.



    God bless you too.

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  5. The government issues tax-exempt status. So are we now letting the government tell churches what the threshold is for helping people in need? Does the government have the vision to judge in others what it cannot accomplish itself? No are we extending this judgement to the infallible Pope Francis? There is a better way


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