If There's A Muslim Registry, Then Should There Also Be A Christian Registry?

Reader, "it is frightening to see that anti-Muslim hate crimes are spiking in number, and Trump’s rhetoric is energizing racist and anti-Muslim hate groups across the nation." How quickly folks forget that they put Japanese Americans into concentration camps and took all of their property and possessions all because white folks were afraid. If folks think that this cannot happen again I'll say this to you, how many of you thought that Donald Trump would be President? This is getting real and people of color and Muslims of all ethnicities better be vigilant and be prepared:



  1. Yep. It's been real and it's been real since the very first president from George, Bushes, Clintons, Obama and the future. I can't wait to give my comments on Obama. And it's not even what some of you think it will be, ie: Homosexuality and Abortion.

  2. Miss Ann,

    When some issues that have been at the back in society are brought forward through media (main stream, social, and otherwise), there's always something going on in the back. Racism, religion, immigration, etc are now at the forefront because the powers that be are talking about them and media has caught it and run with it.

    Let's be still and know that He is God. Surely this could be a diversion from real pertinent issues. For example, Who are the appointees in the next government, their specific appointments, what they support, etc... are some of the things we should instead look at.

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  3. Add Christians, Muslims, buddhist, Hinduism, KKK, atheists and any other religious group.

    Either you register ALL GROUPS, or none at all.
    I am not in favor of it at all, but you can't single out a group of people for the actions of a few.

    FYI: If half of all Muslims were Terrorist we would have bombings and mass shooting EVERYDAY.

    Jews are exempt from ANY FORM OF REGISTRY. They know the system and I am pretty sure they won't fall for it again.

  4. Be careful people and Watch. This might become the law 10–15 years from now...FOR CHRISTIANS. If you believe in the pre-tribulation rapture and Jesus doesn't come at that time..

    That registry will be used to round up Christians. In the book of Revelation it talks about the souls of those executed by the antichrist gathered around the Throne! Watch and pray, no man knows the day nor the hour, when the Master will come.

    1. Exactly tooprotected. The beginning stages started 8 years ago. It was tested and the church failed. They didn't say a word concerning the current administration. They use the left vs. right paradigm to keep the masses warring with each other and confused and so far it's working. Only those who are focused on the Word and who controls this system knows what's going on.

    2. So timezone what is it exactly that you notice 8 years ago, that wasn't there lets say 8 years before? The only thing different about this present administration is that this president is a blackman.

    3. Hi Annie Lou. When you look at the current administration, the church was tested with the homosexual agenda. Now abroad, it's almost accepted because no one wants to be looked upon as "hating" gays. Even out of the pulpit it's deemed as "hate speech". They climate was created by the Obama admin. Now we're in the next phase with Trump. Trust me, when Ms. Ann post the final days of Obama, I'll go in depth. I know I'll make some folks seriously mad at me, but that's cool.

    4. @Timezone... Obama is not above reproach or off limits. Some folks can't see any wrong in Obama even though he didn't do anything for African-Americans in the last 8 years.


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