Congratulation Evangelist Jekalyn Carr!!

Reader, Evangelist, entrepreneur, accomplished national gospel recording artist, and a profound public speaker Jekalyn Carr, 19, is experiencing success illuminative of the divine presence of God’s grace in her life. Jekalyn is celebrating her second consecutive week at #1 on Billboard’s Gospel Airplay chart and an overall 3rd non-consecutive week on the chart. Carr checks in this week at #3 on the Gospel Digital Songs chart as well and #14 on Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums chart.  Jekalyn Carr, an independent artist has garnered a #1 Top Gospel Album (The Life Project), #1 Gospel Airplay and #1 Digital Gospel Songs for her song “You’re Bigger”. The song also peaked at #33 on Adult R&B Radio Airplay chart.


  1. Miss Ann,

    This is not to dis Miss Carr (note the titles "evangelist", "entrepreneur", "accomplished national gospel recording artist", "profound public speaker") but she ain't all that. Really!!!

    Watch the phrase "illuminative of the divine"; it sounds very New Age-ish.

    And how does a gospel song feature on Adult R&B? And at #33? (Illuminati accomplished???)

    Philippians 3, Paul had it all, but considered it rubbish for the sake of Christ.

    Believers, let's learn to live in the simplicity that is in Christ our Savior (2 Corinthians 11).

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

    1. I've commented on her in a prior post, and I thought the same thing her music on the R&B chart says a lot. I'm really not surprised her music ended up there, cause when you listen to the musicality of a lot of these black gospel songs, it's no different from R&B. GET OUTTA HERE...

  2. Any idea why she is called an "evangelist"?

    1. In my opinion she is doing the work of an evangelist. She's Proclaiming the Gospel Publicly.

    2. OK…Now…Here we GO...A lot of you here are so naive, it’s not FUNNY!

      I mentioned I commented on this young lady in a prior post. I said about Ms Carr, she'll end up like a lot of Black Gospel Artists. As part of their industry, she'll gravitate towards the secular and use her talent to stir in a mixture of entertainment and emotion when performing. She'll profess in her songs an emphasis on "I" and "me". Her song "My Greater is Coming", has no meaning from a biblical sense. The LORD already promised the ultimate "greater" for His people. He's promised a place where they would spend eternity with Him, no more suffering - no more tears. I don't get that she's talking about "greater" from this perspective. I'm guessing a good life experience of some type of favor, a far cry here on this earth we should arm ourselves to suffer, because Our Lord and Savior died.

      When reviewing the lyrics her other songs she produced and sung, they follow the same pattern "I" and "me". I take special note that hardly ANY OF HER SONGS has the name “JESUS”, and the ones that DID was A JOKE!

      You may not believe it, but here are her mentions of the LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST in her songs:

      In the name of Jesus!
      We will not give in to drugs,
      we will not give in to drinking,
      we will not give in to smoking.

      You're bigger Jesus.
      You're bigger than any marital problem.
      You're bigger than any broken heart.
      You're bigger than life Jesus.
      You're even bigger than negativity.
      Oh, you're bigger. Bigger than HIV.
      Bigger than Cancer Jesus.

      In another one of her banal songs, she did ask Jesus to make her one with Him.

      Yet, this woman has been deceived into believing she's some kind of “EVANGELIST”.

      A true evangelist proclaims the GOSPEL, and THE GOSPEL IS ABOUT JESUS CHRIST!!!

      When you compare Philip the Evangelist in the BOOK of ACTS, you’ll see about Philip remembering the LORD’s words “Ye shall be witnesses unto Me, both in Jerusalem and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost parts of the earth.”. Philip traveled to the Samaria (the Jews considered Samaritans as “dogs’) to preach the Gospel there. He went there on his own, did not wait for Peter and James and John to lay their hands upon his head, because he knew even the dogs Samaria needed and hear the Gospel.

      It is said about those who possess the gift of evangelism, they have a burden for lost souls, and a passion to preach the gospel without any fear being threatened for doing so, or fear of being rejected.

      We are also aware Philip explained to the Ethiopian eunuch, the passage the eunuch didn’t understand as he read in Isaiah. “And the eunuch answered Philip, and said, I pray thee, of whom speaketh the prophet this? of himself, or of some other man? Then Philip opened his mouth, and began at the same scripture, and preached unto him Jesus.” Acts 8: 34,35

      Philip knew the Gospel message. He PROCLAIMED the Gospel. He knew JESUS as GOD, came into the flesh, died for the sins of mankind, and rose the third day. The LORD ascended back into heaven, and now sitteth on the Right Hand of the Father. THAT’s THE GOSPEL!

      This woman doesn’t preach THIS GOSPEL. She NEVER MENTIONS IT IN NONE OF HER SONGS! She spits out all her foolish of a false gospel. She refuse to tell man their sins, and their NEED FOR A SAVIOR…

      She fits on the same platform right nicely with Franklin, Mary Mary, Yolanda, Marvin Sapp, and the others who dab with the lies of darkness. I would not be surprised, if there is any significance to the #33 as observed by "The LORD is my Shepherd".

      And to the charge for us to “rejoice with those who rejoice”… No man. ABSOLUTELY NO MAN, can TRULY REJOICE unless the GOSPEL is PROCLAIMED!!


    3. Well said, Get Outta Here!

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  3. Congratulations to Ms. Carr!

    How about more rejoicing with those that rejoice.

  4. C'mon now, you know good and well that everyone who claims to be doing something for the Lord has got to have a title. (Sarcasm) She will be a bishop soon

    1. And you know must have the gift of prophecy. Brian Carn or Prophet Bernard could not have said it any better...GET OUTTA HERE!!!


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