COGIC Bishop Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A Female Member For 20 Years And 'Grooming' Her Six-year-old Daughter In $12.2 Million Lawsuit!!!

Reader a bishop at one of the largest African-American Christian churches in the United States has been accused of grooming and sexually assaulting a female member of the denomination for more than 20 years. Kimberly Pollard, who is now 37, filed a $12.2-million lawsuit against the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) and Bishop James L'Keith Jones, accusing the church of allowing her to be sexually assaulted by the high-ranking bishop for 20 years, according to court papers obtained exclusively by Pollard claims that Jones not only groomed her into what became a 20-year sexual relationship and extra-marital affair, but also tried to groom her six-year-old daughter, telling her she looked 'sexy' and that he would wait until she was 18 to date her. The mother-of-one from Lubbock, Texas, says that the relationship between her and Jones turned sexual in or around 1995 when she was still a minor.


  1. Elder Carter said it was so...

  2. I'm sorry but if he was a broke pastor with a store front church would she be suing for money or trying to have him locked up ... since when does suing people change what they did to you I'd rather have them locked up instead of being able to hurt people while you are looking like a money hungry person ... just my thoughts.

  3. My prayers are for this woman and all the women that are alleged victims of pastoral abuse.

    My only concern: why stay sexually involved with the bishop for 20 years? Something isn't adding up... especially with her having a daughter that's not the bishops.

    1. But come on preacher...EARL CARTER preached about this. Your don't think Bishop "sex tape" is capable of abusing his pastoral authority to manipulate this young girl into womanhood? The man was already exposed on video Rev.

    2. I didn't say he's not guilty... I just question 20 years...

    3. Stockholm syndrome, my brother
      U just dont snap back or fully recover from sexual abuse or assault just because of a length of time or just because you told on them
      And most victims recover differently and in some cases NEVER EVER recover
      Especially if it was done to them as a child
      That is where a lot of forced homosexuality, (not all of the time, but most of the time) and promiscuious behavior come from

  4. My heart goes out to anyone that's a victim of sexual abuse. But she needs to stopped the drama. Why didn't she report it to her parents ? Why didn't she tell someone else ? Why did she keep sleeping with this man once she got grown ? And her child is a precious angel why in the HELL would she put her in danger ������. If she truly was molested and wanted justice for herself she would have done something before now. She would have told someone and his ass would have been in jail a long time ago. These women want prestige's and honor of being church whores. They get bad when they don't get there way then they start telling lies and putting there business out. COGIC is not the blame for what he did. He if he did anything is responsible for his behavior. Where was her parents ��


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