White Evangelical Are Rallying Strongly In Favor Of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump!

Reader a very special community event will be held to inform, teach and encouraging folks to pray, fast & vote Trump.  I tell you these right-wing folks are doing everything in their power to get that racist elected.  Pat Robertson, Robert Jeffress, Joyce Meyer, and more will lead "In God We Trust" campaign encouraging Christians to pray and fast before voting in November....in hope that racist Trump will win.  On this special night, the crew will present a special video presentation by Joyce Meyer, Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pat Robertson, Perry Stone and more who will join the movement to Pray, Fast, and Vote. We will have handouts to help you focus your prayer and fasting for the next 21 days before the election. 


  1. And Hilary is racist also. A white woman has never had the interest of black people. Always lied on black men, made black women feel inferior, etc...but some how we are supposed to believe Hilary is different because she says she is. Ok...

    1. She comes closer to being connected to our struggle than Trump.

    2. Oh really? Tell us how. Show us a side by side comparison Hilary vs Trump (btw, I'm for neither) how she is "more connected" to our struggle.

  2. Let's see now Bill and Hilary step up to the plate through their "Clinton Foundation", another chance to help those black people suffering from another natural disaster hurricane Matthew. Bill and Hilary, though appointed to be executives over the foundation, did literallyou nothing to help those black folks when they suffered from the massive eatmrthquakes years ago. She's all about the $, and padding the pockets of her rich billionaire friends. Yet she has a lot of black folks fooled she is soooo compassionate.

    Hey did anyone see the debate? Any idea why the host failed in asking Hilary about Haiti, benghazi, or the security breach with the emails she supposedly deleted off the server she had in her own home?

    We need tof tell the whole truth. Nothing but the truth. So help us God.

    1. I'm sorry but I can clearly recall the Bill Clinton years as president and I remember things being great for many people, including myself and a lot of other people that I know. I'm not sure how or when the Clintons became public enemy number one, but if a Hillary Clinton presidency looks anything like her husbands, I'm ALL FOR IT! We'll never get a 100% clean politician and God knows it's a bit too late for us to try to find one now for this election cycle.

    2. Again...tell that to ther people of Haiti...

      Crooked Clinton's stole from HAITI

  3. The only fasting and praying we are supposed to do is towards our God. We should be repenting for not obeying God's commandments, i.e our sins!

    Obviously these so called pastors know nothing about that. They should read their bible sometime.


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