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Trump says he’s fulfilled his promises to Christians, but he really means white evangelicals

Reader according to The Washington Post, it sounds like 45 will be fulfilling no more campaign promises made to white conservative evangelicals. I repeat, in "my opinion", white conservative evangelical Christians are among the very worst people this country has every produced. Given half a chance, they would re-institute slavery, stone women to death in the streets for adultery (but never the men), legalize rape, execute homosexuals en masse, cart Jews off to the gas chambers, and set the world on fire all in the name of their god. We know this because they tell us that's what they want to do. They're proud of their hate until you call them monsters. Then you're attacking their faith and they're being "persecuted." 


Watermark Church Dismissed Me For Being Gay???

Reader, if being gay is a sin, and that is Watermark's argument for denying this man's admittance to their church, then how are any of us sinners allowed through those doors? It seems everyone online has been holding this church in such high regard because their members were perceived to be wealthy and known, but not all.

People online are reacting to the letter shared by former church member Jason Thomas in which church elders inform him that he is “no longer a member of the body at Watermark.” Their reason? His “participation in a same-sex relationship with another man,” which the leadership calls a “destructive pattern.”

Megachurch letter disfellowshipping gay member creates online controversy.


  1. Some say if they would write a letter to rid the gay blade, why not write a letter to rid all of the liars, the cheaters, the thrives, the porn addicts. Others may say if the church would allow the homo to continue on his so to come, why not the child molester, the murderer, the pimp, the prostitutes, eto? This church seemed to have use kindness and wisdom. The homo dude seemed not to have a spirit of repentance. He had to go.

    1. Hello, I really want to preface this comment with love and thoughtful prayer. While I attended WaterMark for a couple of years, I met some great people that are doing so many good things in Dallas. Please hear me when I say this. When you send letters like that to a member, no matter how you spin it, it is hurtful and immediately makes them feel NOTHING but rejection. I know the church feel that they are doing the right thing, but please hear me. I worship a God of love, patience, and grace. I would encourage you to never give up on a member. Please know I really say this with pure intentions. I do agree that churches should have order, but you are telling people it is a sin to be gay. This population has such a high suicide rate, mostly because they feel completely rejected. You cannot love God and turn your back on your brother. I know you think you didn't turn your back, but you did. If this truly is your process, then EVERYONE should get this harsh letter. We ALL fall short of God's grace.

  2. The church did the right thing biblically as the scriptures addresses what to do when someone willfully chooses to continue in their sin. Too many churchges are scared to call out sinners for unrepentant behavior. Glad this one did!

    1. Anonymous I agree,plus they didn't say that person could not be a part of their church. Being a member of something has meaning. If you are a member of a sorority in college you meet membership requirements. If you fail to meet those requirements ex gpa, missed meetings etc you lose your membership. It's not that hard of a concept to grasp. Even American Express has membership requirements. The person wasn't thrown out in the street and stoned. When you stop asking people to support-condone something you choose to believe, you are going to find a little bit more peace. However, when you find Jesus and let him be your source of peace - you will find rest.

    2. Come on Drive By, this is disgraceful. The letter was bad enough....now they are telling his business on social media? Completely inappropriate. This is why so many turn away from Jesus...the legalistic and judgemental actions of churches. I believe Jesus is weeping over the way this church have treated His child.

    3. Read I Corinthians the 5th chapter. Paul suggested that the one who had his father's wife be removed from their fellowship. The 11th verse plainly states that Christians are not to keep company with any man that is called a brother who practices fornication. Then in II Corinthians the second chapter he urges them to reaffirm their love for him by forgiving him, and implying that he be restored to the fellowship. In essence, if the brother in question had a genuine born again experience, he won't continue to practice the gay lifestyle.

  3. Ms. Ann, I'm hesitant to comment on this, but this is something I feel strongly about. Studies show that 30-40% of LGBTQ youth have attempted suicide, and I'd wager that much of the discrimination they receive is coming from the church.This church is on the wrong side of this one, and in my opinion, have blood on your hands by teaching LGBTQ members that something is wrong with them.

    1. Miss Sapp,

      The WORD of God is for our life, preservation, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

      The reason why the group of youth you've mentioned is suicidal is not because of discrimination, it is because their lifestyle leads to death. John 10:10 "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy..." They have rejected the precepts of God by blatantly sinning and expecting acceptance. The wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23).

      They should repent of their wickedness and turn away from their foolishness, accept the LORD Jesus and walk in his ways. Then, and only then will they find life - abundant life.

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want...

  4. Let us looknow at what the Bible say:

    2 Corinthians 5:9-13 (Amplified Bible)
    9 I wrote you in my [previous] letter not to associate with [sexually] immoral people— 10 not meaning the immoral people of this world, or the greedy ones and swindlers, or idolaters, for then you would have to get out of the world and human society altogether! 11 But actually, I have written to you not to associate with any so-called [Christian] brother if he is sexually immoral or greedy, or is an idolater [devoted to anything that takes the place of God], or is a reviler [who insults or slanders or otherwise verbally abuses others], or is a drunkard or a swindler—you must not so much as [e]eat with such a person. 12 For what business is it of mine to judge outsiders (non-believers)? Do you not judge those who are within the church [to protect the church as the situation requires]? 13 God alone sits in judgment on those who are outside [the faith]. Remove the wicked one from among you [expel him from your church].

    1. More scripture:
      Matthew 18:15-17Amplified Bible (AMP)

      Discipline and Prayer
      15 “If your brother sins[a], go and show him his fault in private; if he listens and pays attention to you, you have won back your brother. 16 But if he does not listen, take along with you one or two others, so that every word may be confirmed by the testimony of two or three witnesses. 17 If he pays no attention to them [refusing to listen and obey], tell it to the [b]church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile (unbeliever) and a tax collector.

  5. WHAT??? And some of you all AGREE with this UNGODLY and WICKED lifestyle?? Those of you that do, are you reading your Bible?? I THINK NOT!! No wonder the church is in the state that it's in on this matter. If you believe that God is the author of this particular SIN, you are totally deceived. God created me to BE a man... Nothing In between. Come on Church Folk....read the Word and get CONVERTED in your heart. It is an abomination unto God. So stop trying to lower God's standard to the wickedness of mankind.....YOU WILL LOOSE every time. I say again, God loves HIS creation, BUT, HE WILL NOT advocate UNGODLINESS. Homosexuality IS NOT of God no matter how you try to DRESS it up. HE says REPENT and be CONVERTED!! BTW, I read the letter and the church completely attempted to reason with this individual, yet he refused to submit to biblical/church authority. Can you not see that IF you read the letter??? (SMH). In Christ Alone, RLR.

    1. Great comment Anon - we know God loves us, the following verse is how God's love is displayed: 1 John 4:10Amplified Bible (AMP)

      10 In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation [that is, the atoning sacrifice, and the satisfying offering] for our sins [fulfilling God’s requirement for justice against sin and placating His wrath].

      So Jesus is the image of God's love, not that He accepts sin. The following verses displays that sinful behavior will not enter into the kingdom of God
      1 Corinthians 6:9-10Amplified Bible (AMP)

      9 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit or have any share in the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; [a]neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate [by perversion], nor [b]those who participate in homosexuality, 10 nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers [whose words are used as weapons to abuse, insult, humiliate, intimidate, or slander], nor swindlers will inherit or have any share in the kingdom of God.

  6. Why did Jesus not mention or even give implication of the homosexual or lesbian during his earthly ministry?

    1. DR Gregg, have you been drinking again? Let's just apply some simple logic. Jesus did talk about fornication. Some say this entails all kinds of sexual perversion. I believe they use the Greek word pornia, or something l8ke that. Let's just say fornication means sex before marriage, you know, the simple definition most of us are familiar with. Now, lets move on to a statement Jesus said about marriage, when He said "for this cause A man should leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife:. He defines marriage as it was created from the beginning, A Man and a woman. Homosexuals can't be married. They are having a lot of sex outside the institution they can never be a part of. Soooo...what's the issue you say Jesus never talked about homosexuality? One more thing to note about homosexuality and Jesus sayings. He did reference SODOM and GOMORRAH, and the destruction many true Biblical Scholars know the sin of these cities was homosexuality.

      Question, Jesus never talked about "generational curses". Why did you not pose this such statement in the other post?

      I really think you need to put down the bottle.


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