Special Healing Prayer For Bishop I.V.Hilliard!

Reader prayers are still going up for Bishop I.V. Hilliard, senior pastor of New Light Christian Center Church, Houston, Texas, who was hospitalized early in the week.

Prayer Agenda:  Speaking the Word of God releases faith into the situation and triggers divine assistance.


  1. These so-called preachers who teach over the pulpit for years, the instruction to believe by faith for healing, never truly address scripturally the inevitable that one day each and every one in their congregation will experience sickness and death. It's a sad case where folks are commanded to speak Gods release given the enviable, every man they may face physical challenges, sicknesses and death in their lifetime. What a shame his current illness has to be treated this way. I mean... even Jesus died of asphyxiation some say. Only a few die from natural causes. None have been ruptured like Enoch. How sad there ministers, who witness sickness and death everyday, teach such absurdities. They blind themselves to these everyday occurrences. They blind themselves to the WORD OF GOD. CHRIST died so that all may live. Not forever here, but place in His presence forever. Somehow these type want to omitted the inevitable, to stay here, remaining in their pride while doing so....GET OUTTA HERE!!!

    1. What do u expect from false, prideful, money grubbing, carnal preachers as Hilliard? It's all about the money, his jets, etc. Seems like ALOT of these false teachers are getting terribly sick lately.

    2. Ms. Ann, Prophet Carn said in a Clarion Call scope last night that two high profile preachers were going to die before the end of 2016.....I don't know if he was talking about Bishop I.V Hilliard are not.

    3. Anisha...nobody does. Neither does that liar Carn himself. Have you even been reading about this guy stealing other preachers sermons. Why do you seem to want to consider these false liars as people who are credible? You really need to spend more time in the word. Something about you is really not right...GET OUTTA HERE!

    4. I'll say this. It's kinda out of order to be prophelying, woops prophesying someone's death. Especially those in ministry. Now to be safe, all he needs to do is quote the Word of "the wages of sin is death." That's a no-brainer. But this Brian Carn guy, eh... I'm on and off with him.

    5. Annisha Sapp, I watch that scope also,I didn't have a clue as to whom he could have been talking about.
      Timezone, I'm on the fence when it comes to Prophet Carn. Anyhow, He did a scope last week addressing the repo rumor of his jet. He did the scope with his plot and jet in the back ground and saying that the person who was reporting that lie was going to Hell. Prophet Carn love to put folks in Hell.

    6. He sure does. Wouldn't be surprised if he bust he'll wide open...

    7. Annisha, Brian needs to pay the fees on that airplane he's leasing that was repossessed.

    8. E...ba...boe... shun...da!!!

      I predict a major Christian blog will be shut down in the next 12 month.

      Th3 Lord is showing me COGIC will have a major scandal next year.

      Major earthquakes will destroy several places.

      Hurricanes wiLl do lots of damage to the east coast. This hurricane will have the name of a male.


      The Lord wI'll sustain many here who supports the blog...


    9. Which line do I get in for that ugh..ABC news report $100, 500 or 1,000 line. Watch out Rev Ike

    10. Ummmm....the Spirit is upon me now ANONYMOUS...if you just purchase my annointed prayer cloth, the Lord is is speakino to me, healing in your family...shun...da...low..
      Just be obedient and sow a seed of $50 MONTH for the rest of your life, the LORD WILL bring forth healing...eee...ta..ma..

  2. Ah......if there is a supernatural healing forthcoming, then why is he in the hospital???


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