Should Pastors Be Defined As A "Brand Image" Or Trademark Their Names and Logos?

Reader what's in a name? Nothing if the world doesn't even know you exist.   Sometimes all we have is our good name. Me personally love how Bishop Joseph Walker has rebranded his name and image among fellow sisters and brothers in the Christian community. So when I read the below comment on one of my social media friends page, I was surprise.


JESUS has become a brand with a Trademark. He has become a commercial entity that anyone who chooses to affiliate with his name in trade has an assurance of profit. We do not really care about His Spiritual personality anymore, rather, many would prefer to affiliate with his commercial TM. Just as ANY individual may decide to volunteer himself to be used for advertising any brand of product in order to get the financial reward, so also do we have 'commercial advertisers' of the so-called brand named Jesus.

 We as the Church should never allow ourselves to be defined as a "Brand Image." The Kingdom of GOD is not subject to "TRADEMARK" restrictions like Nike or Microsoft. I belong to CHRIST! I want to be like HIM, not like some brand name above the Church door. Pastors'.... you don't have a right to brand people to your "TRADEMARK" FYI...GOD'S people belong to GOD!!!!


  1. Miss Ann,

    For a pastor to have a brand and image is a no-no!. Exodus 20:4 "You shall not make for yourself an image..." This borders on sin. John the Baptist when told that Jesus was also baptizing, he stated "He [Jesus] must increase, but I [John] must decrease."

    Unfortunately this sinful world has taken on brand management and image creation that our LORD and Saviour has been touted as a product.

    Repent! For the Kingdom of God is nigh!

    1. Dude...who are you? You are on fire!!!

    2. Incidentally, I am not a dude. Lol! I am a lady.

      God bless!

    3. Sorry lady...still on fire though..not used to hearing the females putting it down like that.

  2. I'm not sure why you were surprised by the comment. It's folks like Jakes and Osteen who say such foolishness like "Jesus is a product". And these are definitely profiting of the product they sell. This is nothing new. Many only followed Jesus for His miracles. And like today, they are not interested in the Master, only what's on the Master's table.

  3. Been saying that very same thing for a good while now. Just like the 5000+ He(Jesus) fed...they came after Him Not to hear what He was saying...But to see if He had anymore bread and meat.

    1. So sad. Many people are missing the real meaning of an abundant life of daily prayer and repentance and serving others and stewardship and walking upright and bible reading and all the Lord commands. Instead they substitute this for works of their own flesh, works of the world, and works of the devil believing others and not studying to show themselves approved.

  4. Yes ma'am, thank you for the truth of the WORD......TOTAL TRUTH!! Thank God for those who stand for the TRUE Word Of God even with these devilish racial and political issues. HE (the devil) IS ALWAYS A LIAR. In Christ Alone, RLR

  5. I know Bishop Walker personally. What I can say he always try and meet the need of his community. He is not big on 'claim it and grab it'. Or my favorite 'stand in line for this blessing by sowing this amount'. He want people to work for the Kingdom and not idol worship him. He has the heart for the people, especially the younger generation. I saw over 500 hundred college students give their lives to Christ. And half was contemplating suicide.


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