Megachurches In America Spend Half Their Budget On Salaries Kept Mostly Secret, Study Finds!

Reader, how do you feel about transparency and accountability in your church? Word on the street this morning is that 50 percent of large church budgets go to staff salaries without the congregants even knowing. Do you agree, that every church has the right to operate how they like? And they have the right to choose how they will spend their money? Should you the pew sitter,  know how, when and why funds are used?



  1. Miss Ann,

    Well, since I am not a pew sitter and neither a pastor, I will pass.

    But I do believe on the name of the LORD Jesus for it is he who saves. And I do live according to God's WORD.

    I left the church system when I realized that I was running round in circles. Trying to get financial help for my father's medical care from close church prayer group members, thinking they would understand my situation more than my pastor. But no. None came to visit and none really cared. So I turned to God, who turned me to His WORD.

    One thing I know now, most mega churches have leaders who are out to get paid and have luxurious holidays while the members struggle with the day to day.

    God did help me. He gives me wisdom, knowledge and understanding for each day. I did manage to get by with the medical bills til my father passed. And I'm thankful, that much as I struggled every week to make ends meet. My God provided in ways I could never imagine. An example, there was increased government funding for dialysis treatment thus cutting back expenditure by 24%. Then my dad being a former government employee he was given a concession of about half of that.

    Not because the pastor or the bishop prayed, but because I chose to trust God.

    Ascribe greatness to our God, he is the Rock. He WORD is perfect and all his ways are just. (That is a verse from the song of Moses in Deuteronomy).

    Every church can operate as they like. My God is a sure foundation, the Rock of my salvation!

    1. Anonymous thanks for the wonderful comment....please believe me when I say I understand where you are coming from, when you say you turn to the church for help and they were nowhere to be found....I've experience that first hand....I think I've learned a lot being in the church and about the church.

  2. Amen...I left that system also. When I give it's to the Union Mission and the area Food Bank. When the members of your club (church) are living in public housing and riding the bus. The leaders whose only job is to preach and entertain has no business riding in a Bentley and living in a Mansion and get this behind steal gates with security and barbed wires...smh

    1. I would love to see the church do more for hurting people.

  3. I think tithe paying members should definitely have a say or some sort of vote on how the church spends it proceeds. I'm not a member of any church or denomination either, because I don't agree with many things that go on in those four walls. I refuse to be brainwashed and let group influence cloud my discernment and dictate my salvation.

  4. Luke you said "word on the street"...that means nothing to me...NEXT!!

    1. If the "streets been talking", then you know something's up.

      And we know these churches anyway. Coz we've been members.

      One Sunday, I went to church. It had been a rather tough week. Being broke, I was hoping that there would be a word for me from the pastor. Oooh but no. The 1st thing on the agenda, the senior pastor and his lovely wife had gone on a cruise around the Mediterranean to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

      I stopped tithing.


  5. If you give to a church that HIDES the pastors (and staff) salaries, can you truly say YOUR A GOOD STEWART???

    You can look up to find how the Red Cross & habitat for humanity spend their money almost down to the penny.
    I can even find that information for my favorite football team down to every player (Go Redskins)

    BUT for some Reason MEGA CHURCHES are the ones HIDING SALARIES.

    When half the church money goes to paying secret salaries, its not a church, it's a business.

  6. As sad as this sounds its not just mega churches. Today the majority of these places are nothing but a business. These leaders have discovered the people are programmed to believe that when you go to these places you have to have money. Some will even use sayings like coming before the Lord empty handed and don"t forget the being worthy of double honor thing. These are all catch phrases that these wolves in sheep clothing are using. BUT...I always say even though a wolf may be in sheep clothing. that wool will eventually get hot and that wolf will have to come out. People keep your eyes open and watch as well as pray you will eventually see the wolf in all his/her evilness

  7. As a tax attorney and a Christian, I would like to see more scrutiny from the IRS of some of these ministries and churches. Inurement to insiders (ie pastors, family members, etc) through unreasonable compensation or benefits can potentially jeopardize the church's tax exempt status. I'm sick of these church leaders taking financial advantage of people like this.


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