Kudo and High Five To Ben & Jerry's For Standing With Black Lives Matter!

Reader, Ben and Jerry's has joined the Black Lives Matter movement and I love it.  The ice cream company posted a statement signed by the founders Friday on its website. The company's tweet was retweeted nearly 40,000 times and liked more than 53,000 times. "They matter because they are children, brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers," the statement opens. "They matter because the injustices they face steal from all of us -- white people and people of color alike. They steal our very humanity."  Why Black Lives Matter is the headliner on their website! This is not the first time Ben & Jerry's stands for social justice issues and it sure won't be the last!

 Personal, I love that they are not fazed by customers turning their backs. I am very happy to see a company as big as Ben & Jerry’s making an attempt to plead for compassion for and understanding of a group of people that faces injustices most in our society never will.  What do you think about corporations publicly speaking out on hot-button matters? Should they or shouldn’t they? Sound off in the comments section below!

Thank You Ben & Jerry!


  1. I support you and thank you Ben & Jerry for ending white silence!

  2. Ms. Ann I knew I liked these guys (and their ice cream is pretty darn good, too). Privately owned companies have a right to make political statements, and consumers have a right to buy or not to buy their products. I'll be one of the many continuing to support Ben & Jerry's. Class act. Thank you guys.

  3. I salute Ben & Jerry,systemic and institutionalized racism are very real. I invite any naysayers to sit in a criminal court for a few weeks and try to reach a different conclusion. I think it impossible.

  4. Maybe they will come out with a new flavor, for instance Chocolate with Chocolate chips..in support of Black Lives Matter.

  5. All it takes is for some rick white folks to makes sentimental and rhetorical statement to get some black folks moved. That's exactly what the wolves do to the innocent sheep, that’ll lead the sheep to their own demise. When billionaires Ben and Jerry reveal the truth of their records, the hiring of Black folks in high positions in their company, then I may believe they really feel “Black Lives Matters”. These folks are lily white, and have their stores in tourists suburban lily white towns, where most of the workers at these stores are lily white, the supervisors are lily white, the managers and general managers are lily white folks. When Ben and Jerry show how they’ve used their millions and billions to help Black folks around the world, i.e. to the building up of Haiti as these black folks who have suffered and and suffering due to natural disasters over the past few years, then I may take their words seriously. When Ben and Jerry mention their assistance to our under-priviledged Black kids, struggling and striving to better themselves through these ridiculously high costs educational institutions, how much of their money are they putting where their mouths are, to give out scholarships and aid, then I may believe it’s more than just rhetoric with them. Black Lives Matters. Not to mention Africans all over the world, the suffering they have endured, not just for years, but for centuries. Let's see your record here Ben and Jerry, what you give to what you take in? NEXT!!!

    1. It sounds like you are probably never satisfied with anything. Everyone's giving has to start somewhere. Why can't it be as simple as that? Why critical of someone else's seed? I just don't get the negativity but perhaps it's just a habit that is hard to break...always looking out for the worst in every situation and in every individual?

      I wonder what you are doing as it relates to giving. Frankly, anyone with a heart for it can start a scholarship fund. So tell me, have you started a fund to help less fortunate children or people of all races and ethnicities?

      Do you even meet the measure you set for others or do you count on our God to be the author and finisher of your faith, allowing him to perform his work in you until the day of Jesus Christ?

    2. When the rich *BLACK* men like Al Sharptongue and Messy Jackson help the black folks, then they have the right to look for help from the white Christian community!

      And WHY O WHY don't Ben & Jerry's have ice cream shops in DA HOOD?! Because in da hood, those ice cream shops are more likely to get Robbed or Vandalized!

      Haiti??! You have some nerve mentioning Haiti. Millions of dollars was sent to Haiti..but what did the BLACK government of Haiti do? They kept the money for themselves! When I can walk down the streets of South Chicago without worrying if I'll get shot THEN you Black folks can preach to us White folks!! Hmmf!

    3. Thanks Ben & Jerry!

    4. Look…I could care less about Sharpton and Jackson, but you definitely need a reality check. I don’t think either of these men has mentioned anything along the line, LOOKING for help from the white community. You are so blind that you think Black folks need YOU. To suggest these men only have the right to seek help from the white community, is if they do something for Black folks, prove you are just as much the same type Christians as they, if you are a Christian at all. And you continue in a stupor when making such a foolish statement about DA HOOD, You are showing your TRUE racist colors to say Ben & Jerry's doesn’t want ice cream shops in DA HOOD, as if all Black Communities are in DA HOOD. Go back to you cave! And to rant to say the Haitian government keeping all the money is AN OUTRIGHT LIE. The former president of Haiti said Hilary tried to bribe him. Many Black folks from Algeria donated monies to the Clinton Foundation and have raised many concerns the monies were not used as intended. I’m not sure you last statement about the streets of South Chicago and black folks preaching to you white folks even deserve a response. You really don't care about those folks. Again Go back to your cave. It’s obvious you need some Black person, maybe from the streets of South Chicago (as there are many upstanding and Christian individuals there) to preach to you because you appear to be LOST IN YOUR SINS.

      And to the Anonymous who wonders what I’m doing, I’m not going to address any of your suspicious questions directed me for the Bible is against me doing such. I said what I say about Ben and Jerry and black folks accepting rhetoric and I stand by what I said. Maybe you can share what the have done besides saying “they support BLACK LIVES MATTERS”. I’m all ears. I will say though your judgment passed to say I seem like I’m never satisfied, I AM SO SATISFIED, God GAVE His Son as propitiation for my sin, as He satisfied Himself in doing so for me. This is the ULTIMATE SATISFACTION, that all here can know. If you don’t know all God did for you in His death, the Scriptures are clear, He REDEEMED Us, RECONCILED US to His Father, ATONED for all our sins, and BLESSED US that one day we will spend eternity with Him. All you have to do is believe that and THOU SHALT BE SAVED. BY the way there is a hymn called “SATISFIED” I suggest you listen to and learn. Lyrics are (unlike songs by Hez, Mary Mary, Kirk):

      1 All my life long I had panted
      For a draught from some cool spring,
      That I hoped would quench the burning
      Of the thirst I felt within.
      Hallelujah! I have found Him
      Whom my soul so long has craved!
      Jesus satisfies my longings;
      Through His life I now am saved.
      2 Feeding on the husks around me,
      Till my strength was almost gone,
      Longed my soul for something better,
      Only still to hunger on.
      3 Poor I was, and sought for riches,
      Something that would satisfy,
      But the dust I gathered round me
      Only mocked my soul’s sad cry.
      4 Well of water, ever springing,
      Bread of life, so rich and free,
      Untold wealth that never faileth,
      My Redeemer is to me.

    5. Thanks Anonymous for putting that troll in check, I started to remove the comment but changed my mind, I'm glad I did thanks.

    6. No problem Ms. Ann

      Let him come back so I can tell him about the fear many Black folks have when driving through rural Mississippi. Not only there, but to even their own homes in white suburbia. GET OUTTA HERE!!!

  6. A troll said "When Ben and Jerry show how they’ve used their millions and billions to help Black folks around the world...!"

    SO! It looks like you are looking for White folks to bail you out! Ben & Jerry's parents immigrated to America and they are Jews!! (gasp!) So technically they are obligated to use their millions to help poor Jews around the world!

    Tell me about the fear that Black folks have when driving through BLACK neighborhoods. Oh you forgot about 'black on black' crime?? Turn on the news and see who does most of the robbing, raping, car-jackings, and home invasions. Black men! That's not a racist statement, that's a fact. For every ONE white person that does a school shooting, there are HUNDREDS of blacks killed by other Blacks! Obviously you need a reality check.

    Stop blaming "Whitey" and look in the mirror, troll.

    @Blog lady, I am surprised that you labeled my comment as coming from a troll?! And this same "anonymous" black man is always looking to stir up trouble or post a negative comment towards others.

    Troll...since you love to say "GET OUTTA HERE" you should take your own advice.

    1. Funny how you didn’t complete my whole thought when you quoted what I said. Again I repeat, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, nor I ever mentioned anything about getting help from white folks. It’s not that you can’t free yourself from your stupor, you choose to remain in it.

      I never said anything about black folks getting bailed out by Ben and Jerry. Frankly white folks can’t bail out Black folks anyways. I SAID… BEN AND JERRY were not serious about their statement “BLACK LIVES MATTERS” as I expressed my opinion. I used the word rhetoric a time or two, but maybe rhetoric was too deep of a term for you , so I’ll simplify to say if they talk the talk, they should walk the walk.

      Interesting you mentioned Ben and Jerry and their parents are Jews. This fact makes it even clearer, they don’t care about Black people, and if you are smart you’d really know they really don’t care about white folks either. See… these Zionists were responsible for many of the travesties of the many wars in history. They were the masters behind the slave trade. You can talk all you want... about the black on black crime as the Jewish owned media wants to portray blacks as criminals, but truth of the matter is, if you want to talk about crime, those Jewish slave masters murdered millions of Africans during slavery and the slave trade. So you won’t think I’m just talking just past history, even today, Zionists are still murdering innocent Palestinians (women and children) since they stole the land from these folks land in 1948. You can easily research on you tube the history of Zionists Jews and their Belief in the Talmud. They teach all Gentiles (you included) are nothing but goyims, living ultimately to serve them.

      Back to Ben and Jerry and their statement Black Lives Matter, obviously they believe SAME SEX couples matters too. They protested to voice their political stance in support of the Homosexual Agenda, to promote homosexuality and degrade the God given order of sex between man and women within the confinement of a man and a woman, to procreate and bear children. I’m not sure if there is a connection between their statement (which I don’t give any credence to at all), Black Lives Matter, as it is known the BLM movement was founded by two lesbians African American women, and their chief spoke person, DeRay Mckesson is a homosexual, and their strong protest in support of SAME SEX MARRIAGE. Ben and Jerry do not come across as genuine to me, definitely not Christ-like in their principles, but rather, like the Zionist Jews of the Talmud, tends to stir in evil. Some say the whole Black Lives Matter movement is there to create civil unrest. It’s a fact that the movement got lots of its funding from another Zionist Jew billionaire, George Soros. Soros funded to pay people to protest in Ferguson Mo. when Michael Brown was shot and killed. So get off your “STOP Blaming Whitey” TRAIN. You are not that important.

      No need to seek sympathy from Ms Ann. You definitely come across as a “troll”, stuck in you stupor. I could care less if you call my comments negative. Last time I looked, there are two sides to a battery (positive and negative), and if the battery is to operate, it needs both forces. And Remember Jesus said a lot of negative things, and those Zionist Jews murdered Him. GET OUTTA HERE!!!


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