The African American Museum Will Open On Sept. 24 Without Any Artifacts From This Civil Rights Icon.

Reader in my opinion these kids are a mess. One of the saddest legacies of the civil rights era is that Dr. King's children have never recovered from the awful day in 1968 when their father was taken from them. They have fought not only with his closest friends and associates, like Harry Belafonte and Andrew Young, but with each other. One can only pray for them to find peace and grace.

 The children have taken each other to court repeatedly. Bernice and Martin III once sued Dexter. Dexter sued them back. Most recently, Martin and Dexter sued Bernice over who has the authority to sell the Nobel Peace Prize and Bible. Former President Jimmy Carter was brought in to help mediate an agreement. Last month, a judge settled it instead, clearing the way for the brothers to sell the Nobel Prize and Bible.

 For years, the siblings have blocked media outlets from using King’s words or image without paying what some have described as exorbitant licensing fees. The nonprofit foundation that built the monument to King on the Mall, finished in 2011, paid $800,000. The estate also has sued when they think they are not being sufficiently compensated.

That included going after King’s close friend Harry Belafonte when the actor and singer wanted to sell letters and other papers given him by King for charity. Belafonte eventually sued the King estate and won the right to bring the items to auction. In 2013, the King estate, as part of a lawsuit, demanded that Andrew Young, another King confidant and the former mayor of Atlanta, be removed from the board of the King Center for Nonviolent Social Change after his foundation used material featuring King in a documentary. The case was dismissed.
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  1. Agreed Ms. Ann. Here in ATL, it's so embarrassing how they cannot get along and come to some kind of agreement on who gets what or anything. It's almost as if they can't appreciate their own father's legacy by acting like "grown children." It's so sad...

  2. This so sad I know they parents just rolling in they Graves arrrgh.what they want money?get a job what about when that is spent up back at one well they can sale now so I'm sure that guy will sooooo sad just couldn't do it but I'm not them I don't know them but I think dexter is the one who is causing most of the trouble.pretty boy get a job to day now sooooo sorry

    1. He might feel entitled because his the son of Martin Luther King. Getting a job was never part of his life's plan. So sad!


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