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More Americans Say That You Can Be Good Without God?

Reader for the first time, a majority of Americans — 56 percent — say it is possible to be a good person without a religious belief. So says new Pew Research Center data drawn from two polls conducted among about 5,000 American adults in June and July. “God is not a prerequisite for good values and morality,” Greg Smith, Pew’s associate director of research, said in a post about the findings. ” … [T]he public’s increased rejection of the idea that belief in God is necessary for morality is due, in large part, to the spike in the share of Americans who are religious ‘nones.

Pastor Jamal Bryant Refuses To Pay Baby Mama's Legal Bills!

Reader according to The Jasmine Brand on August 22, 2016, Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant filed court docs asking the judge that's handling his child support case to have his baby mama pay her own legal fees. Pastor Bryant who's now dating singer, Tweet filed documents in the case pleading for the judge to not make him pay for his son’s mother attorney fees in the case. He explains LaToya Odom has the ability to pay her own legal bills and should be held responsible for paying them – NOT him. She pleaded with the court to order him to pay her bills while the case was pending, claiming she wasn’t rich like the TV host and paid for all the child expenses recently. He points out that she submitted no proof or breakdown of the services her lawyers provided. He says the lawsuit is in the beginning stages and she couldn’t have racked up a massive bill. He is demanding her motion be denied and she be forced to pay her own legal bills.


  1. How a PASTOR has a "baby momma" is beyond me. Hope Jamal ends up doing right by this child.

  2. I am baffled on Jamal Bryant. he is Mildly popular,
    And who makes every effort to stay in the spot light.

    Very few (if any) organizations, groups or pastors have ever called him out on his indiscretions and lack of sexual control around women.

    I think this is his 5th or 6th child ( I have lost count), so truly there is a pattern of dangerous behavior.

    And HOW is he a ACTIVIST for blacks lives, when the ONE BLACK LIFE that he helped create has yet to spend a single night under the same roof as his father???

    Jamal Bryant is a poser and a fraud as both a pastor and activist.

    1. I know the Bible is wright and somebody is wrong... I told you once, I told you twice, you can't make it to heaven with a sweetheart and a wife...

  3. That's right!! The only thing that will break Jamal Bryant's pride is to hit that wallet. He has been sleeping around and no one has held him accountable enough to stop him from his whore like ways....Oh but when you have to pay those wages of sin...

  4. That's right!! The only thing that will break Jamal Bryant's pride is to hit that wallet. He has been sleeping around and no one has held him accountable enough to stop him from his whore like ways....Oh but when you have to pay those wages of sin...

  5. What I find rather deplorable is that well known bishops, pastors and ministers associate with this guy and bring him in to stand/speak to the flock they are responsible for leading.

    Are they unaware of Psalm 1:1? Are many of them tares amongst the wheat? What causes these church leaders to care so little for obedience?

    There are so many unanswered questions as we on the daily witness the exposure of disobedience among church leadership. This disobedience goes across denominations and across races and ethnicities.

    I agree with Cop, if this guy won't even take care of his children there's nothing he can tell me regarding Christian living or activism.

    Can you imagine him trying to speak to a group of young minority men about living right/striving for more but his own biological son doesn't know who he is.

    Utterly shameful....

  6. Unfortunately for us, children of pastors and bishops are expected to be active in the church even if they are not convicted by the gospel they pretend to preach. All because they were brought up in church. SMH!

    We too as members might be guilty of encouraging them on because we expect them to take over the church someday and so we give them the benefit of doubt thinking that they will grow and mature in good time. But they don't and we tell ourselves to pray for them and the cycle continues. Jamal is not a man of God! He's showed us time and again who he truly is. He is a certified philanderer who is making his money anyhow.

    1. You are absolutely correct!!!!

  7. So...it's wrong for Jamaal to request she pay her legal bills? Why? Because he is an adulterer and a divorced bishop? I don't think so! His sinful pattern has nothing to do with his lawful request for her to pay her own bills. This court system is so rigged against men involved in matters pertaining to paternity already. This system is anti-men and anti-family, as Satan uses all his ploys to destroy God's design for the household. Don't get me wrong. I am very critical of Jamaal. He is not "blameless", thus should not a bishop. He aligns himself with "BLACK LIVES MATTER", a group founded, supported and funded by some very shady individuals (ie. DeRay McKersson - known homosexual, big time affiliate of GLAAD). He should not head any congregation ever. He is a false teacher who uses swellings words and ideas to dupe many. And I can go on. But, in this case here, to dog him otherwise, because he made a legal request is inappropriate for his baby momma to pay her own legal bills is wrong.

    1. His legal request is a byproduct of his lack of character & self control. If he didn't have a baby momma, then this legal situation wouldn't exist for him. A person of his stature must be held to a higher standard and should be scrutinized. Additionally, the saints were called on to be humble, deny self, and turn the other cheek. So even if he's legally right, it still doesn't align with the spiritual teachings.

    2. "His legal request is a by-product of his lack of character and self control"? REALLY? "If he is legally right, it doesn't align with his spiritual teachings"? WHAT? Get outta here...

    3. I find it utterly atrocious to put forth the argument that family values are being erroded and that systems are antiman, when the courts are simply put in a position to have to legally force "men" to be a covering for the children they created.

      Why must "men" be forced, required by law to car for their children?

      If a man wants to be a Biblical man for one thing he wouldn't have children outside of God's Biblical method for doing so. But then if the baby was conceived outside of marriage and he still had an intention toward fatherhood and serving as a Bible based covering for his seed, he certainly wouldn't have to be taken to court and forced to provide for his family.

      It is in my opinion shameful the way some, not all but some, try to shame women for wanting their children to be cared for by the very men who fathered them.

      If you don't want children or to pay for them or to love them, if you hate the court system don't have children with women you hate. Cause that's what it boils down to most often... hatred for the woman who had the audacity to get pregnant and request assistance instead of simply being the silent receptacle of some man's lust.

    4. And since you want to talk about being biblical it is also biblical for a woman to keep her legs closed so that she would not become impregnated, having sex outside of marriage. Look... this article has nothing to do with Jamal's willingly or unwillingness to pay child support. It only states that he is unwilling to pay for her legal fees. I'm not sure why this is so hard to comprehend. You are right, a man and a woman as well should not be forced by any court to take care of their children. It ts a known fact that many men are screwed by the courts and the courts uses bitter woman to stick it to a lot of men. Get outta here....

    5. Neither did this post specifically mention the Black Lives Matter movement or issues related to homosexuality but those issues were brought I'm guessing to build a case for the erosion of family values.

      You cannot truly argue the erosion of family values without acknowledging hownjn today's society SOME 'men' are completely unwilling to lead their families as God ordained.

      Women those who live Biblical lives and those who don't, were never intended by God to be a family covering.

    6. Nope...you are wrong (again). BLM was never mentioned other than to say I disagree with Jamal's involvement with it as with other things about him I judge righteously according to Scriptures. Obviously you lack comprehension if you would conclude my mentioning of BLM and homosexualityou to build a case for the "erosion of the family". I hope you are not serious, and ever if you are joking, your sarcasm is silly. Now you want to stary down the rabbit trail to talk about men unwillingness to lead and womenjoy not being a family covering. AGAIN HE IS ASKING THIS side chick to.pay her own legal fees. The court will decide if she does or not.

    7. I disagree with everything you've said and as we both know, that is a right that you have no ability to take from me. In my view, your reasoning is faulty and the way you sought to build a case for your arguments is without logic. Again, my opinion and I stand by it.

      I also have no ability to change your opinion.

      So I guess that's it in a nutshell.

    8. This is the same type conversation I had with “tooprotected” that cause some to question my tone and other things.

      So… what is it exactly do you disagree with? With me asking the questions per my initial comment “Is it wrong for Jamaal to request his side chick pay for her legal bills? Why? Because he is an adulterer and a divorced bishop? You can’t agree or disagree with me asking questions, or can you?

      Maybe you disagree when I stated “This court system is so rigged against men involved in matters pertaining to paternity already.” If so that’s fine. I know of many men personally who feel this way. Or maybe you don’t agree when I said “This system is anti-men and anti-family, as Satan uses all his ploys to destroy God's design for the household.”. If so, I suggest you take the blinders off your eyes, and not allow your bitterness to dictate your harsh feelings towards men.

      LOOK, all of us has been hurt by someone, but we should not let become deceived through our anger. I could care less about your opinion. I hardly addressed anything you specifically addressed. I even stayed away from the rabbit trail you mentioned about men unwillingness to lead and women not being a family covering. You then charged my mentioning of BLM and homosexuality to build a case for the "erosion of the family". That’s where you got a little ridiculous. Now you come with more silliness to say, in your view, my reasoning is faulty and the way I sought to build a case for my arguments is without logic. You can’t be serious! I was not trying to build any arguments. I stated my opinion only to say Jamaal’s sinful pattern has nothing to do with his lawful request for her to pay her own bills. You can agree or disagree if you choose. Somehow I doubt you would have any good reasons as to why you would disagree.



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