Jesus Take The Wheel: Man Fired For Anointing Desks With Oily Crosses!????

Reader, I'm lost for words here.  According to the Miami New Times, around 2 years ago, employees at the City of Miami’s Capital Improvements Program came to work and found cross-shaped oil smears all over their desks, “walls, doorways, and cubicles” – prompting authorities to shut down the department and investigate. Eventually, it was discovered that employee Eric Cheeley was the culprit. Cheeley, an enthusiastic Pentecostal Christian, was “anointing the office with oil” as a blessing. Cheeley was already out in the field when his co-workers arrived at the office. They were a bit freaked out. One employee thought the crosses represented Santería; others worried it was some sort of workplace threat. Before long, police were called to investigate, and the office shut down for the better part of the morning. Back at work around lunchtime, Cheeley tried to explain what had happened. “[I] was sitting in my cubicle crying; I thought I heard what, in my opinion, God telling me: ‘Look, just bless the department… and go on about your business,'” he told police according to the Times. The next day he was fired.


  1. Shows exactly what happens when folks don't understand and interpret scriptures correctly, following the practices of many false teachers like Juanita Bynum, kenneth Copland, Jesse duplantis, and the other wolves of cogic and TBN. Now let's see if any of these ministers or Churches are going to step in to help this man with his financial responsibilities. He probably was a tithe payer too, as the wolves he tried to emulate is heavy into that teaching.

    WARNING: BEWARE - FALSE teaching and false doctrine will lead to bad conduct and behavior, and if you are not careful...COULD GET YOU FIRED!

    1. You are right anonymous. Interestingly poor guy had no idea why he did what he did. Christians should know that blessings come from God not through man with anointing oil (except in the old Testament when it was commanded by God. And the anointing was for office -priesthood and kingship,not for desktops). We are definitely living in strange times.


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