In Loving Memory Of The Black Church!

Reader, this article right here is causing a lot of internet buzz it had me intrigued from beginning to end. According to the article editor the Black church as it has been known for centuries has been laid to rest. I'm fascinated by the figurative language and reflective on the rich, amazing history of the black church in this country. I am hopeful that with the current political strife, troubles that plague African American communities, that those churches, temples, mosques, still committed to social justice will rise to the occasion. They are still out there, they still exist, we just can't hear the voice due to the loud performances of the others.

 What do you think? Is the Black church dead? If so, can it be revived?


  1. (In keeping with dying woman theme)
    Maybe she's not dead, but on life support.
    With a few nurse here and there keeping her alive.

    But beware.
    There are twice as many FAKE Doctors claiming they have the knowledge and abilities to raise her up.

    But when you look into their motives they are in it for the money, working for the insurance companies (AKA: "THEIR" Insurance of an easy life)

  2. I believe that the judgement of the churches is over. Revelation 1-4 contains the judgement of the seven churches. After every church is judged is the declaration "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches."

    This to me implies that we who have believed in the LORD Jesus should take note of the pronouncements made by the Spirit. Because after this is judgement of the living and the dead.

    The Black Church and any other church after this is a non-entity in the presence of our God. It will not matter what church one belongs to but whether they lived according to the commandments of God.

    So "In Loving Memory of the Black Church" is redundant.

  3. Wow. Thats poewerful and an accurate description of the state of the black church. Yet, I'm hopeful. Maybe what we have today needs to die while a relevant descendant emerges.

    Evolution is inevitable, whether or not we believe in it. The church has to evolve and remain relevant. This generation is much much to educated and astute to the deeds of our past pastors and leaders. Though Miss Celie had it right: the more things change, the more they stay the same...things must change and how the church teaches, preaches, and relate to people has to change. Otherwise...death is inevitable, which may not be such a bad thing. Life-death is a natural cycle.

    I think the first thing the black church needs to do is stop preaching so much to the emotioms and start teaching to the mind, body, and spirit. Most messages today are but regurgitated cliches designed to generate revenue by touching the emotions. It needs to be real instead of hiding behind titles, positions and pulpits. Be relatable. Christ was. Why shouldnt we be as well.

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