How Prophetess Christina Glenn Weeks Built A Thriving Online Ministry!

Reader, the world we live in today is undergoing a big shift. Just as early Christians availed themselves on Roman roads to spread their message far and wide, today’s churches and ministries are now using the Internet to communicate their message.

 Once upon a time people lived their lives immersed in their local communities, but now people exist as individuals networked into far-flung and loosely connected groups of people. The Internet, wireless communication, and social media have made this shift possible. This shift fundamentally changes the way that churches and ministries relate to the people they serve.

In my humble opinion, Prophetess Christina Glenn Weeks is a prime example of that shift that's taking place in the world today with her forthcoming voice in the kingdom of God. It is evident that God is using her to build His Kingdom in this cyber and millennium age.  Lives are being empowered by the cutting edge approach to the Word of God she presents to the believers. Prophetess Christina Glenn Weeks has virtually built her brand and following online. 


  1. This lady is a joke! A mini Juanita Bynum. All this "tell you neighbor", and this 28 seconds of praise. For what? Like Juanita, calls herself a prophetess. What a shame, her ignorance to mimic as opposed to knowing the spirit of God has given every believer a spiritual gift. Too bad she is not a part of a healthy church that will help her know Jesus and her gift. And this silliness of 28 seconds of praise? You will never find any ideal of praise described this way in Scriptures. There is nothing new here. It's like putting new wine in an old bottle, or should I say old wine in an old bottle. NEXT!

    1. Anonymous why do you call her a joke? I don't understand! What I do understand is what Ms. Ann is saying....and I %100 agree with her. Prophetess Glenn Weeks have done a wonderful and amazing job growing her ministry by using the internet. Juanita Bynum don't have anything to do with this young lady.

    2. I her a joke because that's what she is a JOKE. Anyone who who uses hyperbole to incite folks emotionally having them think 28 seconds of praise is going to break them out of jail like Paul and Silas, is treating the precious Word of God like its mockery. Paul and Silas were able to hear from God in a miraculous way, because they dedicated their lives to God's mission. They gave they all to commit and deny themselves for His cause to spread the gospel to a people who hated (this is real hate Betty Sue)Christ, and did not understand He was God, and the Messiah the prophets acclaimed.

      If she is to be the prophet(ess) she claim to be, she needs to rightly divide the word of God. The Paul and Silas story is a first grade story that my grand children could come up with a better application than she did (28 seconds of praise. Also as a prophetess she needs to take note the gift of a prophet, in that prophets are black and white people. Prophets have an uncanty ability to discern right and wrong. There is no gray area with them. They have a strong desire expose sin, to make sure God's people get right. These type do not sugar coat, are outspoken about the truth and could care less the consequences they would suffer. Yet you and Betty Sue applaud her and say others "hate" her because you are immature spiritually as evident by your lack of discernment to praise and seemingly honor this woman for her childish antics. It was quite evident with my initial comment why I called her a joke. Obviously it went right over your head. And for you to make a silly comment to say Juanita Bynum don't have nothing to do with this young lady, you again choose to be blind. Even Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles could tell this woman is a mini-me Juanita. You are just like her... JOKE...GET OUT OF HERE!!!!

    3. Anyone noticed she has the same last name as Juanita Bynum's ex husband, Bishop Weeks? Hmmmm....

    4. Anonymous stop playing, you know the prophetess is married to Juanita Bynum ex-husband. RIGHT?

    5. Anonymous you need to calm down! I get it you think she's a joke, but Betty Sue and I don't believe that to be true.

    6. Calm down from what? Telling the truth about her little 28 seconds of praise? Acyually I was full of joy when prophesying about this Week's gal. When you know the truth, you can smell a lie a mile away.

    7. Annie Lou Smith...I had no idea she was married to Biscuit Thomas Weeks. That explains her behavior her acting like Juanita. Maybe she needs to mimic Juanita in ministry because she feels this is what Biscuit Weeks like spiritually. She better be careful she don't take on a lot of other Juanita ways. I don't want to hear about her getting beat down in a parking lot.

    8. This message is in response to Anonymous... When I first starting reading your comments I thought u were just being a negative critical person but I kept reading. Then u started to say things about the characteristics of a prophetess and u my sister was on point. As a prophetess u definitely a white or black perspective on things, in the prophetess mind their is no in between gray area,its either white or black, right or wrong! Your right again when u say a Prophetess has a discerning spirit and will not sugarcoat things. As a prophetess your held to a higher standard but it's almost like its a character that God divinely empowered u with. As prophetess u detest the lies or a liar but u have to love the liar. I can spot a phony hypocrite a mile away, they don't even have to say a word my spirit will not agree with there spirit and God told me this is almost like a protection mechanism that God has imparted into the prophetess. And yes, as a prophetess your so compelled to tell the truth and stand up for what's right until at times u seem to be excessive in your zeal for the true word of God and the truth to be spoken and comprehend. Prophets are strange folks to the world, we tend to love being alone and enjoy our own company better than having others present. As a prophetess u have a overwhelming burning desire to impart the word of God correctly, so no one can be mislead by your teaching of what thus says the Lord. Now, I didn't agree with everything u said but the things I pointed out, you were on point. That being said u must be a prophet or prophetess yourself or you've spent a great deal of time being around a prophet. Finally, these are the true signs of prophetess and again u were on point! Be blessed..

    9. You got it. All you have to do is study the characteristics of the real prophets in the BIBLE. They aren't fickle people like Juanita. They are straight shooters, who don't try to bamboozle people through witchcraft.

  2. I agree nothing new here. The same old junk. False teaching and hooping and hollering.

    1. Stop hating on the beautiful Prophetess, you just jealous. I don't see anyone on here disputing the claim that she has grown her powerful ministry by way of cyberspace. Which one of you all can argue with that?

    2. She is as fake as they come!

    3. ISIS has grown there following to. I say that to say just because you grow your following doesnt nean your spirit filled or even teaching the right thing.

  3. Hype, emotion, destiny, favor, harvest, purpose, blessing and tell that man where to step off!!! smh....

  4. Youngman why you always got something negative to say about kingdom folks? I want to know just where is your ministry? I know you got one tuck away somewhere, because you always got something to say? So what if she's hype and emotional....there's nothing wrong with that.

    1. I am Not trying to answer for Timezone

      To much hype and emotionalism without adquite substance is why many people are leaving the church.

      The very fact that her ministry is on-line lets me know that she can have the church fans, and prestige (BY HYPING A MESSAGE) WITHOUT having to invest herself into those poor souls that follow her and hang on her every word.

    2. Hello Anonymous. Hope things are well with you. God bless you. Since I've been asked directly, I will answer your questions. On the surface, it may seem to you and others that I'm negative but when I've witnessed in my 43yrs of attending church, playing keyboards for over 25yrs, going to church and trying to be a light for others to see and a witness, I've seen the church spiral out of control. Ministers are terrified to talk about specific issues and everything is generalized to make one feel comfortable in their seats in church. Perfect example: Joel Osteen. Sin is hardly ever mentioned. When a ministry never talks about the Book of Revelation/Matt 24 and the timeframe of where we are, somebody gotta say something. So trust me, I'm gone say something. Yes, there are great ministries out there. Look, there has to be balance and that minister whether they be male or female needs to talk about the WHOLE Bible and not what gives you goose bumps. It is the Holy Spirit and not hype that drives a ministry. I've been told by preachers, "Hey brother, play this chord right here so we can get the folks up." Yep. So when I say emotion/hype, I've witnessed stuff done in pulpits where a minister would tell grown men to jump and they'd say how high? Case in point, Juanita Bynum. When I played keys behind this woman, the very sound of her voice drives women to make them think they could walk on the Atlantic Ocean. When Carlton Pearson (who has fell off his rocker), visited a church I was played for, I backed him up. Dude was good. Check this out, when he left the foundation of the Word of God, he was interviewed by NBC. He said in his interviewed when ask, he said, "I" was good. Yep. It was him in his eyes all along. He even referred to the Holy Spirit in a jovial, even I dare say, poking fun type of way in this interview. You think I'm gone stay silent on this? You asked me, "where is my ministry and maybe I got one tucked away somewhere?" Email me at I have zero to hide. I will tell you. As far as this young lady is concerned, here intentions may be well, but I've seen them all. If you noticed Ms. Ann's next posting above entitled "Red-Lip Theology." This is what I'm talking about Anonymous. Come on... We have to realize the times of where we are and all this flim-flam hype junk and schemes to make money and in hopes that this is kingdom building, ain't the way to go. Trust me. God bless.

    3. Last thing. I hope, lol. Everytime "Prophetess" Christina gets before her lady followers, the best guide for her congregation to come and hear what she has to say should start off with Proverbs 31 every single time.

    4. I'll say like I said before and here’s the deal…when Jesus taught about his kingdom, he gently taught his disciples, the higher truths about God they didn’t understand. Jesus taught them in Matthew 5:20 “For I say unto you, that except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven. YOU SEE ABOUT the KINGDOM here, he talked about RIGHTEOUSNESS.!!! Not banks, and UPS and hospitals and schools. I’m just “keeping it biblical”. There are many more references to the Kingdom of heaven, and Kingdom of God in the Book of Matthew. I encourage all to hide these words on your hearts. Just like Jaunita’, this wonam’s “kingdom” is a joke. Again in Matthew 18:3 “And said, Verily I say unto you, Except you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” He taught CONVERSION, and HUMILITY. Not Banks and UPS and SCHOOLS and HOSPITALS. These are just two verses in Matthew, words out of the mouth of Our LORD Himself.

      LOOK Anonymous... I suggest if you really want to know about the kingdom, you read the gospel of Matthew and note all of Jesus' saying about the kingdom.

      Something tells me your type wont do this study as you prefer to listen to the lies of those willing to scratch your itching ears.

  5. Just because you have great marketing,
    Your a good speaker,
    Dress nice
    And have a large following
    Doesn't mean your Biblically sound

    The fact that she is married to "WEAK" Weeks
    And calls herself a prophetesses should raise several red flags on everyone's pulpit pimp-O-meter.

    1. Cop, this lady needs to be arrested like right now. LOL!

      It sad though that people are still sold this mess. Yes she is beautiful, yet foolish.

      If you are a Christian, please read the WORD of God. It is for your:

      1. Preservation
      2. Understanding
      3. Wisdom
      4. Knowledge
      5. Life

      Man shall not live on bread alone but by every WORD that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

      Miss Weeks needs to go somewhere with this mess.

    2. check out this Pastor. Destined Minitries youtube sermons, Pastor Darby
      (I think thats the name:)

      P.S I really enjoy reading your comments here :)

    3. Curiousity led me to check out the above. A few sermons I was able to scroll through are:
      - The Matrix
      - Mystery of Sex
      - Willie Lynch Syndrome
      - The Veil of Jezebel
      - Top of the Pyramid

      These sermon titles are enough to show that he is one of those Paul told the Romans about:

      "For they that are such serve not our LORD Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple." Romans 16:18

    4. What are your thoughts about Tera Carrissa Hodges?


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