Donald Trump Addresses Empty Black Church As African-American Stay Home!

Reader, Donald Trump's appearance at an African-American church in Detroit today went wrong, as the congregation rejected Trump by not showing up to hear him speak."  Now his team will either avoid talking about this as if it never happened, or the will lie and say it was a success.

 Here was the scene as Trump entered the church:


  1. Great! Now only if their pastor had a discerning spirit too!! Hopefully they'll stop attending this church altogether and rebuke the misleading stupidity that's going on in that pulpit.

  2. Is Trump wearing a prayer cloth? Smh

    1. Is this the church where the bishop was consecreating men and he mounted them in 2013 or 2014?

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  4. Bigoted,Trump might be ignorant but he pays attention. He knows that many people will follow their black pastor to the ends of the earth. Their influence on some of their congregation is just that deep. So the hope is they will follow their pastor in same fashion to the polls. On the other hand, maybe bishop Jackson is attempting to call trump out and make him lay out just how he would benefit blacks as the next president. For me it doesn't matter. I wouldn't support trump if the opposing candidate was a trained seal. I'd support the seal. However, my money is on my first statement.

  5. What's amazing to me is that there was a chance with Bernie, for something different and perhaps more relevant for all people, all citizens.

    So many black folks though were determined to go the Hillary route and now that there is more clarity about who she is, they want to question options and call her a liar.

    Those were things I said from the outset. The DNC pushed her forward, in spite of all the risks and now we're left with options that are way less than optimal. Many black folks went with it because she was familiar.

    Now many are left pondering what to do because there are two candidates that are less than optimal.

    Now we have no choice really but to either go with the modern day Hitler or go with Hill.

    Neither option is one I would've hoped for..although Hill seems leas risky in comparison to the new Hitler

    1. Anonymous sorry but Bernie was never my choice, Hilary was. Bernie would have been my choice if it would have come down to Bernie vs Trump.

  6. Thank you for the response Miss Ann. You are not alone, many were with Hillary from the start. I on the other hand was on team Bernie. It was my thought from the outset that he didn't have the credibility issues that seem to be weighing Hillary down, like an albatross around her neck.

    I stand by that opinion but Bernie was not the nominee...and by faith I am sure nothing in this world happens unless God allows.

    Have a blessed and joy filled Labor Day.


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