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Trump says he’s fulfilled his promises to Christians, but he really means white evangelicals

Reader according to The Washington Post, it sounds like 45 will be fulfilling no more campaign promises made to white conservative evangelicals. I repeat, in "my opinion", white conservative evangelical Christians are among the very worst people this country has every produced. Given half a chance, they would re-institute slavery, stone women to death in the streets for adultery (but never the men), legalize rape, execute homosexuals en masse, cart Jews off to the gas chambers, and set the world on fire all in the name of their god. We know this because they tell us that's what they want to do. They're proud of their hate until you call them monsters. Then you're attacking their faith and they're being "persecuted." 


Why White Christians Must Do Everything in Their Power to Back Donald Trump!

Reader, the Religious right is sacrificing their core beliefs for power this election season.  "the Devil does not come to you bearing horns but instead appears as everything you ever wanted..." Trump, the reality-television star and real-estate mogul is the living, breathing embodiment of what many evangelicals have spent their careers warring against. Many evangelicals have advocated for abstinence education in public schools, lamenting premarital and extramarital sex. Trump has repeatedly bragged about his sexual encounters and multiple affairs with married women. Many evangelicals champion the “sanctity of marriage” and lament America’s high divorce rate. Trump has been divorced three times. Many evangelicals fear America is becoming too secular. Trump doesn’t regularly attend church. Evangelicals often oppose gambling. Trump has made much of his wealth from casinos.

I rather run through hell with kerosene drawers on than to give this hate monger my vote.
From the folks at Charisma magazine: 


  1. Deep down not only are they racist, they're also sexist. They would rather vote for a blatantly corrupt and immoral man over a vastly qualified woman. Which is their right & their choice, however, when someone shows you who they are; BELIEVE them. A lot of white Christians have really exposed themselves to be no better than the "immoralities" that they're known to rail against. Now I just hope that southern blacks will stop following these fools on political matters.

  2. Replies
    1. They're tying themselves into knots supporting the unsupportable.

  3. Ann I'm not a Trump supporter and hope he doesn't become president, however thank you Mr. Trump for shining a glaring light on ugly America. He has let us all know that this country has a very long way to go to be civil.

  4. We are witnessing the downfall of White Christianity. This is how it starts. Every White Christians who votes for Trump will no longer have any moral ground to stand on. They would have forfeited that right. Never again will they be able to point anything out in their bible with any authority. Children are listening and watching.IJS!


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