Trump Surrogate Pastor Mark Burns, Apologizes For Blackface Tweet, But Stands By Message!

Reader Donald Trump surrogate Pastor Mark Burns tweeted a political cartoon yesterday depicting Hillary Clinton in blackface. The tweet sparked controversy online and within the Trump campaign. But Burns initially defended the tweet before apologizing and removing it within three hours. The Pastor is now apologizing for tweeting the racially offensive cartoon. The image shows Clinton in blackface, holding up signs that say “F*** the Police” and “I Ain’t No Ways Tired of Pandering to African Americans.” She also sports a t-shirt that reads, “No Hot Sauce, No Peace.”

 It's a shame that a pastor would post something so racist. I guess trump money is more important than doing right. Trump can send out all his well paid black preachers to talk for him but I'm supporting Hillary Clinton.


  1. This is why the church is rapidly losing credibility. Because of uneducated, inept, fools like him whose desire for the spotlight defies common sense.

    1. So true. I watch them try to explain their support on CNN and it is truly embarrassing how ignorant they are. I mean they have a right to support who they want, but at least be able to back up what you say instead of bringing up what Hillary has not done, Just answer the darn question!


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