Thoughts Saints? A Women's Conference Promotion Gone Wrong!

Reader, I can't with this foolishness. I can't believe Dr. Dorinda-Clark Cole is on this flyer. These so called pastors or ministers really think people of God are stupid and have no discernment at all.  Anyhow,  I found the above flyer in my timeline, along with the following comments, tell me what you think?

Facebook: In seeing this, I'm reminded of Exodus 33:12-22 and how Moses treated God as the holy and glorious God that He is. So holy, in fact, that Moses could only see that back of God and not His face. Yet today we treat that same God so dishonorably that we connect His name with a sexual innuendo. As sad as this "women's conference" promotion is, what's sadder is if anyone were to confront either of these women on the blasphemous context of this poster, they would no doubt get up on their "don't judge me" high horse and act like you can't tell them anything. We are far too comfortable today relegating and reducing God to something other than what He is and deserves to be treated as: the Sovereign Creator of ALL that exists (John 1:3) and we should bow our knees before his holy and righteous nature.

They couldn't think of ANY OTHER NAME to call it??? Ugh!!! Trying to draw people with a sexual term to a so-called "Christian Event"!!!! This mess is so ungodly it's ridiculous!÷

An eternal spiritual orgasm? WOW! Now there is a doctrine for America today... RUN, stay home, hide. Avoid these Black false whore who trespass in God''s name for personal glory and $$ fame.


  1. Did you attend the conference to find out the actual meaning of the terms? It seems that you are "jumping into conclusions".

    1. Heck no I didn't attend this buffoonery. Did you? You can never approach a Holy God on the basis of sex appeal period.

    2. Ms. Ann this is what happens when people use gimmicks. God is Not gimmicky. He stands alone and on his own and looks to no other.

    3. The name of the women's conference is called G SPOT.

      How do you NOT JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS ???

      And she is ANOTHER person with a FAKE, UN-EARNED DOCTORATE.

    4. FOOOOOLISHNESS. I'm sorry ya'll, but ain't nobody stupid. Folks know what this type of talk is derived from. Again, ain't nobody stupid. Come on......Once again the church is doing all matter of trying to connect itself with the ways of the world in trying to tantalize and lure them into thinking this MESSY FOOLISHNESS TYPE OF TALK is going to get somebody saved. Really? It's sad shame that the church continues to believe these are good positive attention getters to grab the worlds attetion to get in the church. Please.....

    5. If we as so called, lay person's (except for you COP) in the church, can see that this is not of God...why can't the women on the flyer see it too? They supposed to have the same Holy Spirit we do, so why our alarm go off, and them, nothing. Cause they had to approve this mess before it went out.

    6. I don't know Ms. Sapp. You seem to be blinded by Marvin. Like I said, you better watch your back with your husband. Dude is living in trickery.

  2. I promise before God in Heaven that I love Dorinda Clark Cole... but mannnn, I don't care what people say, this ain't God!! No matter who is hosting the conference. When did God say in His Word anything about a G'Spot��?!? This is the type of foolery that God has been speaking to my heart about right here! But we love Jesus Christ, yeah ok?!? This is still NOT right!!! Please stop buying the lie... flat out ‪#‎Deception‬. No wonder hell is enlarging itself daily! Lord Jesus Help!

  3. G-Spot EVERLASTING?!?!
    God perpetual TOUCH?!?!


  4. 1 Peter 4:17 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

  5. I mean...why blaspheme Christ's name with the sexual overtones? Shouldn't they have done so to themselves to advertise saying something to promote this event like

    "Come taste and see several spiritual strippers on display...this as we shake down in our nakedness in transparency to KEEP IT REAL"


    "Juicy fruit from the women in the garden"


    "Turning a trick for a dollar"

    I's all about them anyways. Why take pot shots at the lord's name. At least theyou should be humble enough to take pot shots at thenselves.

    1. This sound so stupid. I'm no church goer but at first i thought it was a flyer for a club event or something. Talk about hustlers.

  6. Yikes. Gods perpetual touch?

  7. Natasshia Roxanne HallSaturday, 06 August, 2016

    Ms.Ann I notice it says "God's perpetual touch" -whatever the meaning-this is the result of using worldly culture "g-spot" to attempt to explain "spiritual things", i don't know the intent, but it doesn't look too good' , most of us know what the world means by that term...


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