Oh Dear Marcus Rogers The "Oneness" Trinity, Is False Doctrine!

Reader have any of you seen this? This guy is asking for $455, 000 to "Spread the Gospel". There are people who have already donated over $23, 000 to his go fund me account. This guy has a HUGE following on Facebook. I know because I used to follow his page about a year or so ago. He seemed to be on fire for God then I began to notice some errors in the things he taught. He would teach tithing and something else I can't remember right now but it was enough for me to click the unfollow button. It's stuff like this that's got people not wanting anything to do with Christians even worse they want nothing to do with God. This guy needs to be exposed. I noticed there's a new trend with many of these Facebook Preachers with thousands of followers.

TOBChurch family I wonder what make people listen to and support false doctrine? Is it because these "false teachers" say what the people want to hear? False teachers earn, fame, and money by telling people what they want to hear, but they lead people away from God. If we encourage false teachers, we are as guilty as they are. Do you agree?  Anyhow according to social media Marcus Roger  is a false  teacher who's fleecing his followers.

 This is a man whom I've mentioned before in this space who has now posted a GoFundMe account and is asking for donations to help him spread a "gospel" that is full of false doctrineSaints, Marcus Rodgers do not believe in the Trinity.  I'm trying to warn people to stay away from this guy he doesn't believe in the triune Godhead. He says there is no Trinity.

Facebook: while the real gospel is thrown to the wayside and people will get upset and fighting mad if you ask them to give what they can. People don't mind funding something as long as it doesn't require them personally to do anything. "Oh Marcus, you're going to go out and spread the "gospel"....here let me fund you and I'll just tell the Lord I gave my "tithe"......when you yourself should be proclaiming the Gospel and saving as many as you can. Wow......over $23,000 and people are actually falling for it. Guarantee you it's many "silly women" The Apostle Paul talked about in 2nd Timothy 3. Wrapped up in this guy's emotionalism. Smh.....what a mess! Marcus Rodgers needs to have a seat in a high chair and allow somebody to teach him. Lord have mercy!


  1. Annie Lou Smith:Tuesday, 02 August, 2016

    The apostle Paul tells us that we ought to correct false teachers in the hope that God might change their mind about their error. That mean we should not support nor help fund them.

    1. Wow, a lot of people talking about Marcus. I think he has five kids he really need to get a 9 to 5 and raise those kids. I knew he was going to ask for money when his music wouldn't sale

  2. We Christians have a responsibility to oppose false teaching whenever it arises. This young man is a false teacher.

  3. Ms. Ann unbelievable! This guy is disgusting right along with the kool aid drinkers that follow him.

  4. Ann I'm trying to warn people to stay away from this pretty face. This guy doesn't believe in the triune Godhead. He's able to fool a lot of women.

  5. Lord have mercy, $455,000 is clearly not a reasonable figure somebody would asked for simply as a "tool for ministry", it's painfully obvious what this guy is up to. What Paul said in Phil 4 "Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account." that shows where Paul's heart was and where ours should be also, which is not on receiving gifts for preaching the word of God but on seeing people bear the fruit of God's Holy Spirit.

    I mean this Marcus guy if he was preaching ONLY the true word of God doesn't he see he's already reaching TONS of people and that is on social media alone from his computer or phone or whatever,not to mention all the people he can talk to in his own city in person. Why so many people think they were called to hop around the globe riding the backs of the people from the church and some people not in the church? What on earth does he need almost half a million dollars for? Plus he's in the military. My goodness.

  6. and what exactly does 455,000 have to do with spreading the gospel???? To me, simply a money grab.....IJS

  7. I think this issue, even if not this gentleman, was on this or another blog? I am not sure what the issue is...sincerely. I do not understand why people take issue with others who do not believe in the trinity, as it is not a requirement for salvation. The trinity may be a commonly held belief, but no where in scripture does it say that you have to believe in the trinity or you are a false teacher or backslider or nonbeliever.

  8. @DC Joe, in one sense you do not have to believe in the Trinity to be a Christian, but in another sense you do. Let me explain. The Bible does not tell us that we must believe in the Trinity in order to become saved; that is, to become a Christian. On the other hand, true Christians will end up believing in the Trinity because it is the proper teaching concerning God's nature that has been revealed to us in Scripture. So, though someone may not understand the Trinity when he or she becomes a Christian, eventually he will end up believing in it because he's a Christian. Do that make sense? I thought it would.

  9. In my opinion,the doctrine of the Trinity is the proper biblical teaching concerning the nature of God. It is one of the defining elements of the Christian faith. The Trinity, like the deity of Christ (John 8:24; John 1:1, 14; Colossians 2:9), Christ's physical resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:14, 17), and justification by faith alone in Christ alone (Romans 3:28; 4:1-5; 5:1; Galatians 2:21), are among the essential doctrines of the Christian faith. To deny any of these is to deny what makes Christianity Christian. But, I want to make it clear that we believe these things because they are true and because the Holy Spirit who indwells Christians bears witness of truth (John 14:26; 15:26).

  10. He can share the gospel for free! He wanna be a super apostle. He don't understand the bible. Now he wants you to pay for him to support his desire... that's called pimpin. Its called get a job and don't be a burden on anyone... but no, its plenty of - - - out here in need of a pimp to make them feel worth and a part of something that are coincidentally gonna get judged for supporting him. But hey, that's another story... I'll just put this warning out here... the kid ain't for the Jesus of the bible. Spend at your own risk.

    1. He is just like your husband Warren.

  11. I used to follow him but he was too emotional and all about himself and as if his experience with God is so unique. And then when he tried to be deeper about doctrine he was in error and couldn't accept anyone telling him so. Am sure he started out genuine. This is sad.

  12. Many of us tried diligently to correct this man in his errors towards God and his people,but he only got frustrated and blocked us or constantly erased our comments.

    Also,if you questioned his motives, many of his followers would attack you and even comment foul messages in your inbox.

    It was discovered that Marcus Rogers has a gang of cospirators in on his schemes including his second "wife" Lavern Rogers as well as a "pastor" by the name of Joshua Feuerstein who also teaches the Triune nature of God is in error, plus a speaking in tongues based salvation.

    Many don't know Marcus's real motives, but a few weeks ago, he was involved in a tragic incident where a soldier had drowned.The soldier was baptized two weeks or so prior to his encounter with Marcus who had convinced him that he needed to be rebaptized in the name of "Jesus" only, and sometime during the experience, the soldier ended up drowning.

    Marcus's orginal plan for the GFM account was supposed to condensate the soldier's family for their loss, but greed soon over powered Marcus Rogers and he then wanted the money to "preach the Gospel" but has YET to do so.

    There's much more to this Marcus Rogers foolishness, but that's just a brief insight on what's really happening concerning Mr.Marcus Rogers.

    1. Wow! I didn't know he convinced the soldier to be re-baptized. Marcus is crazy!

    2. He did not convince Ali to be re-baptized. Ali was a Muslim who converted to Christianity under Marcus Rogers' teaching. After accepting Christ, Ali asked Marcus to baptize him. Marcus baptized him in the creek. There had been a lot of rain and there were flash flood warnings. After the baptism took place, the current overtook Ali and he was swept away down stream. His body was found 5 days later, and it was determined he had drowned. The army conducted an investigation because Marcus did not have authorization to perform a baptism on military property. It's my understanding that Marcus Rogers is now on trial for the death of Ali.

  13. This guy make videos about marriage and what husbands are to be towards their wives. I started following this guy three months ago and noticed he didn't wear a band nor sid he have photos of his wife...maybe a couple. And when anyone would question him about them, he would erase their message and his crunnies would attack that person. However, i discern something like this was going to happen. Though, i was giving him atleast another year. This is from his post today!

    So it hurts me to say that I will be going through a divorce, at the same time I am "losing" my job with the Army. It has been a long time coming. The Bible says how can two walk together unless they agree, and the fact is where I am going, I am going alone. We don't agree on the direction of my life. The more I try to keep it together the worse it gets. This is simply a result of not doing things God's way many years ago. Not having the proper foundation.
    I have been trying to hold on to something that was never meant to be in the first place. I didn't find out who I was as a man in God until 3 years ago. We been together for much longer than that. I am sure many of you remember our separation period while I was in South Korea, and have seen my videos that were birthed from this.
    My ministry was literally born in these problems and I was just seeking God for a word of encouragement and direction.
    We tried to make it happen when I returned from the states, but it takes two to want to make it work. Made some mistakes trying to find our way, and unfortunately it just never came together how I wanted it to. It breaks my heart because I gave my everything to it, but this is what happens when you give your heart without asking God for permission.
    I made many bad choices in realtionships because I didn't know better. Never had a father to teach me what to look out for and how to be a good and Godly man. Made a ton of mistakes. The wisdom came from the wounds. I learned the hard way. I learned through trial and error and as I grew in my walk with the Lord it was clear that this was a direction that I was going to have to take alone. Everybody can't go or may be unwilling to walk where God leads you.
    I reached out to many Pastors and Elders and they helped me the best they could with the bed I had made, but at the end of the day they had to back off and just let things take their course because God is in control.
    I ask for prayers and nothing else. Feel free to say whatever you want about me, but any negative comments directed at her will get you blocked. I have nothing but respect and love for her and everything we had together. She just does not share my same beliefs, and God is in control. So going forward I will be going alone and His grace will be sufficient for me.
    I only shared this because me and God made a agreement before He ever gave me this ministry and following. I have to follow it. It was literally how this platform was built. I hope I can help others through my mistakes and show them the wiser way which was never done for me as a young man. To be clear we are going our seperate ways because we simply do not agree on moving forward and how it should be done and what guidlines to follow in the word.
    I know what God has called me to do. I don't care what anyone thinks about it, because you couldn't stop God from doing what He was going to do with me no matter how much you don't agree. God has tried my heart and that is why He blesses me. Men look on the outward appearance, God sees the heart.
    I love you all. Keep me lifted in prayers. I will take some time away from social media just to stay out of my feelings.


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