Lord Have Mercy A Petition Has Been Drawn Up To Drive Out COGIC Bishop Talbert Swan?

Reader, Bishop Jonathan Bernard of Jesus Way International Ministries, have started a petition to run off community activist leader and COGIC Bishop Talbert Swan.

Bishop Talbert W. Swan, II is a fourth generation member of the Church Of God In Christ and follows in the steps of several generations of men and women in the Swan family serving in the ministry. A native of Springfield, MA, Bishop Swan is the son of the Fred Allen Swan, Sr. and Delois Fason Swan. Bishop Designate Swan first acknowledged and accepted his calling into the Gospel ministry at the age of fifteen and was subsequently ordained in 1991 by Bishop L.C. Young, prelate of the Massachusetts First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.

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Lord have mercy what's wrong with folk?  


  1. So what's the story? The two links do not say.

    1. Hi Anonymous. What you wanna do is click on "Lord have mercy what's wrong with folk," then click where it says,"Read Petition Letter." It's kinda small. And yes, it's worth the read, especially with Dr. Earl Carter involved and I saw the mention of a gun! This is no joke. It's about Bribery,misuse of power and influence to intimidate operating in the Church of God in Christ.

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  3. I gotta say that this entire COGIC denomination/organization is a jacked up mess! That's the problem. "DENOMINATION" It's getting worse and worse. Instead of diving into the Word of God, denominations pick and choose what they like and dislike out the Bible and live any old way. These men who appoint themselves higher than others put on the demonic catholic clothing along with the collar around the neck to make themselves feel high and mighty. No scripture whatsoever for verification as to what it is and why. The times we are in are prophetic.

  4. WOW...this is outrageous. This bishop is sorta of a mimic of Elder Carter, which may or may not be a bad thing. I'm not surprised though Blake took his usual passive position. If he wanted to invite Elder Carter to his church, so what.

  5. COGIC is off the chain!


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