Lord Have Mercy Black Church Putting On Minstrel Show, Sunday August Seven, A Day Of Endorsement Of Trump.

Reader, according to the host church of this event all is welcomed and they hope to see you there: If it's not for you, God bless you, but if you share interest in just having an open ear for DIALOGUE, we invite you to come and share your thoughts. Begins at 12 noon. We are NOT a 501(c)3 organization.

Lord have mercy, the last time I checked support for Clinton is over 90% in the African American community so these must be the 8 or 9% for Trump.


  1. I personally could say Lord have mercy for those that support Clinton. Like one posting I saw on Facebook - Who you gonna vote for, Lucifer or Satan?

    1. Who stopping your fake behind from saying Lord have mercy? I know it's not Ms. Ann. Anyhow,for you and all others who don't remember, Mike Burns butter biscuit looking butt was one of butter biscuit eating Coons, along with Darrell Scott, that was up there with the other 98 pastors in New York a year ago. Looks like those pork chops and butter biscuits were real good to these Negroes!!!

    2. Why you calling timezone fake?

  2. Timezone, that's funny...Lucifer or Satan....HA! HA! Brother, it is SOOO high-time that Christian's stop thinking that these two 'Educated Political Idiots' (SERIOUSLY) know what the Lord Jesus wants for this nation....THEY HAVEN'T A CLUE. Jesus said it this way....MY SHEEP HEAR 'MY VOICE' AND A STRANGER THEY WON'T FOLLOW....BIBLE. SO, whose voice are those two WOLVES (Trump/Clinton) listening too?? SORRY Y'ALL! Tell the TRUTH and SHAME the devil. In Christ Alone, RLR.

    1. Betty Sue Woods:Sunday, 07 August, 2016

      Ann I don't understand the hoopla this is a very small church. Humans have long voted against their self-interest, made terrible (cognitive dissonance?) choices. I'm always amazed that modern day Republican 1 percenters have hornswoggled poor and uneducated Whites to vote for them. Why should African-American be any different...they're just as human. They're entitled to make dumb mistakes like everyone else! On the other hand if this was COGIC, Full Gospel Fellowship are any other big organization I would ask why.


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