If The Pastor Get Somebody Pregnant....Do The Church Pay His Child Support?

Reader this is not a good look at all for Pastor Bryant. He and his baby mama LaToya Odom is in nasty child support battle.  Someone on social media had suggested that maybe the church should pay the child support in order to keep this from being mention in the news.

Anyhow, Latoya Odom, the California woman who alleges that Pastor Jamal H. Bryant isn't paying child support for the son he fathered with her last summer. Latoya Odom came forward claiming Pastor Jamal Bryant got her pregnant and that he begged her to get an abortion. Ms. Odom claims Pastor Bryant has now stopped paying child support altogether.  In new legal documents, Pastor Bryant admits the child is his and he's withholding funds because the mother was badgering him for his financial information and he felt it prudent to cease all payments until the court system awarded a formal support order.


  1. The church did not get this lady pregnant so the church should not pay child support. That is for the parents to sort out.

  2. NO WAY should ANY CHURCH pay the pastors child support (can't believe I have to type "PASTORS CHILD SUPPORT").

    I would like to suggest that if Bryant is your freak of a pastor a BETTER investment would be in a box of condoms.

  3. Sometimes one of the hardest things to do is wait for God to allow folks to reap the very seeds they took time to sow. I for one sometimes want people to quickly reap but seldom does that happen.

    When I see all these people standing up as supposed teachers but behind closed doors doing every thing they want it is a bitter pill to swallow.

    But God's word won't return void, these people playing in the pulpit will reap every bit of what they've sown.

  4. The courts should decide this issue of child support. The church's role should be to discipline him for his sins. They should remove him where child support shouldn't even be an issue. DON'T get it twisted.

  5. So you know the child is yours but won't pay child support until the court decides? And this is a "pastor" leading a church? I have absolutely no respect for this deadbeat dad who is making a mockery of living holy and accepting responsibility.

    1. LOOK...that's why it's called "child support". It's decided in the courts. It's a difference between child support and supporting one's child. You are right, a court should not have to tell a grown man or woman to support his/her child. But should the church pay child support for a whoremonger of a pastor, that's a no brainer. They should remove him. That will settle all. The Bible is not that hard.


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