Fix It Jesus: Prophet Brian Carn Brags About His Prediction!

Reader, at one time I was a staunch supporter of Prophet Brain Carn, that is until a couple of months ago. I will not reveal in this space what it was exactly that caused me to sour on the young prophet, but believe me, it was an eye-opener. I'm thinking, personal prophecy, as Paul mentions in Scripture is for the upbuilding and encouragement of individual Christians, and of the Church at large. It was true in the "First Century, and it is still true in the Twenty-First Century."

If Prophecy is not about us, but about God. The purpose of prophecy is to bring us closer to God. If it does not bring us closer to Him, then we must check the validity of the prophecy given.  "Prophecy is not for prediction!  Prediction is called divination it is prohibited in the Bible, the purpose of prophecy being given is so that when it gets fulfilled it glorifies God. The purpose of prophecy is not to predict the future. Prediction and Prophecy are not the same thing, we study prophecy to see what God's plans are so that when they unfold we recognize his fingerprints (His Glory). Rember God is omnipotent,omnipresent and omniscient and he uses those events to authenticate his word.

 In my humble opinion, the above flyer have nothing at all to do with God!


  1. Prophecy reveals things concerning the future, even when its bad to help people avoid pitfalls. A severe famine was prophesied in the book of acts/

  2. Here goes my rant.

    What sort of pathetic prophecy's list is this?

    He is predicting a plane crash?
    An Asian island's earthquake?
    Trump accuses Clinton of cheating?

    You don't have to be a prophet to predict these events.
    The 1st two happen every year, and Trump has ALWAYS said Clinton has been cheating. So where is this special revelation from God that only HE has???

    Unfinished business from 1996?
    A cure for cancer is in "DISCUSSION"?
    January "SHOCKS" the nation?

    Is this KNEE-GROW speaking in tongues?
    Can we get an interpretation of some of these?


    I will continue to pray for Brian and his delusions, and for the people that follow him to seek some serious discernment.

    1. In regards to Brian Carn,"A prophet has no business predicting the future of the heathen or non-believer. When you do this you're moving into witchcraft." -Benny Hinn-

  3. And please tell me why God would be using His servants to announce that a famous comedian would be found dead? I went to a service once where he was the speaker, and I knew then that he was "off". Haven't listened to a word he has said since that time.

  4. I dont know who he is but he's a spiritual leader, our brother in the Lord and a child of the Most High God. If something isnt right about him: pray for him.

    1. D E
      That is the EXACT type attitude that allows Corrupt pastors to get away with anything they want.

      Let's just pray for him,

      Mean while The people that follow him are being deceived and following in his foot steps.

      Would you allow your family or friends to follow a leader that WAS JUST MAKING UP THINGS instead of following the Bible?
      Would you warn you family?
      Would you tell your friends?

      Praying for the leader is a givin.

      To actually take action to protect other Christians from wolfs in Sheep's clothing is what we are called to do.

  5. I dont know who he is but he's a spiritual leader, our brother in the Lord and a child of the Most High God. If something isnt right about him: pray for him.

  6. Thank you D.E. I will let Carn know that you deserve your bonus check for continuing to leave comments supporting this foolishness.


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