Bishop Wayne T. Jackson President Of Impact Network Will Interview Racist Donald Trump!

Reader on September 3, 2016, the Racist Republican Candidate Donald J. Trump will be interviewed by Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, President, Impact Network, on the issues that directly affect the heart of many areas within the African American community.  According to social media, Trump Campaign asked for the Interview and not Apostle Jackson.

This interview will premier during an exclusive Impact Network special presentation called, “Voice of the People.”In an effort to reach out to African-American voters, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will make his first foray into black churches with a visit to the Great Faith Ministries Church in Detroit on Saturday and tape an interview with the church's Bishop Wayne T. Jackson.

Jackson told his parishioners that the visit was planned and released a statement early Monday morning that the interview with Trump, which will be broadcast on his Impact Television Network, was neither a rally nor an endorsement of Trump's candidacy.

"Media outlets throughout the country are seeking to get access to the presidential candidates, and we have been afforded that opportunity with Mr. Trump and hopeful that we will get to interview Mrs. Clinton as well," Jackson said in a statement. "The goal for this interview is to get real answers and Trump’s views and plans on policies that affect our community."

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Thanks, Joe Millionaire for setting the record straight. It looks like Donald Trump and his campaign has realised a little too late, that they need more than white evangelical to win this election.


  1. I am so sick of this guy Trump and the awful spin the media is using and has used for years in the reporting of all matters race related.

    A non minority man killed an officer in TN and the story received so little coverage that its shameful.

    Then I have to read about a 50 something year year old black mother being gunned down by a non minority drug using gun weilding maniac and not a word is said.

    Not to mention David Duke including vote for Trump language in his racist robo calls.

    All of this is shameful...not to mention the foolish notion that Trump is the more Christian candidate simply because he 'says' he is against abortion and gay marriage.

    He will never disavow the KKK and white nationalists supporting him, like the white lives matter group who protested in Texas, but some of these minorities are foolish enough to think any of that will change once he is elected.

    If he will come for Mexicans and non-Christians, he will come for anyone who is not like him.

    To give this guy an audience on the network is absolutely shameful in my opinion.

  2. Wayne T Jackson the Humping pastor?!?!
    (I ain't forgot about him and his Bishop consecration ceremony)

    I would by no means consider Wayne T Jackson the spokesman of black Americans (not even BLACK CHRISTIAN AMERICAS).

    I think this is a case of Trump asking his top Knee-grow Darrell Scott,
    "Who can you find willing to interview me so that I don't LOOK LIKE a total racist?"

    And this interview will be just like the previous interviews over the past year.

    Trump will promise jobs and safety for black Americans, brag about how good he is dealing with "THE BLACKS" and he will give absolutely no specifics on how he plans on accomplishing that mission.

    1. Say humping pastor lol lol lol lol

  3. Christians, especially those of color, please start reading and studying your bible and have a little talk with Jesus! By their fruits you shall know them. As George Clinton use to say, "think, it is not illegal yet."

  4. And since we are talking about racists, why not mention Hilary's claiming "she always carries hot sauce in her purse" when being interviewed on a black radio station. Or the time Hillary called young black men “super-predators” indicating she thought all young black males were violent criminals. Not to mention how even the Hatians are protesting both Hilary and her husband Bill. Bill Clinton was the designated UN representative for aid to Haiti, and Hillary was in charge of U.S aid allocated to Haiti. Together Bill and Hilary managed to do little to nothing to rebuild Haiti, and as the political scammers they have always been, managed to fatten the pockets of companies who donated to their "Clinton Foundation". I mean if we are going to talk about racism and be fair about tell the whole story.


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