Alabama Pastor Calls His Church To Reach Out To All Races With The Gospel. Church Fires Him.

Reader, well if there's anything worth getting fired over as a pastor it's for leading your church to reach all races with the gospel. Kudos to Pastor Jonathan Greer for his STRONG biblical stance!!

This pastor talks about why he was terminated. He says members told him he couldn't invite black people to Vacation bible School. This guy isn't lying...if you know anything about baptist churches deacons run the church and I can guarantee they told him not to invite blacks...he wouldn't get on television to do an interview if it wasn't true.


  1. I'm not surprised. The white Christian community in the south has always been racist, until the need the black vote.

  2. It amazes me at the amount of people that still honestly think they are headed into a White's only heaven! This kind of crap makes me mad! If you can't stand around an alter and worship Him here on earth then guess whose probably gonna miss out on worshiping Him around His throne!

  3. Yep. I grew up in the black Baptist church. Deacons from front to back filled with Masons. Such a joke. And yes, these clowns run the program, not the preacher. As for these white so-called Christians, I guess they'll have their own definition of Heaven when it's all said and done. NOT!!!! These bozo deacons will be in a world of hurt if they don't wake up before it's too late.

  4. This pastor should consider his firing a badge of honor.
    THEN he had the bold audacity to preach about racism to the very people that were against him.

    I would question anyone's Christianity that refuses to spread the gospel to certain groups of people simply because of their skin color.

    Either you're a minister of the gospel to everyone, or you're an imposter

  5. I want to speak out and let people know that there are a plethora of southern baptist churches that are very diverse. My pastor adopted his kids from Africa and they are black while he is white. It's a fantastic GODLY southern baptist church. Don't condemn all churches or all baptist churches or all southern baptist churches for what these people have done. This is very sad. ������

    1. Amen amen amen..while we do have problems with racism in the body, many folks not even being part of the body, the media is obsessed with crooked stories like these, almost with the intent to slam Christianity through racial divide. You will never hear them do a story like the one with your pastor, where he was motivated by the love of Christ to look beyond skin color. My father in law used to call that TV the one eyed devil. All the Smut and garbage and lies and the stories they choose to air comes directly from the "prince of the air".

  6. Sadly this news doesn't surprise me at all there are still numerous churches in the south with outdated and absurd beliefs not all churches mind you but there are some that keep up this practice ! Sad sad day coming to some people when the lord comes back and reminds them of what the bible says about not denying people the right to worship we or I was taught from a very young age that all people are gods children and God says we shouldn't turn away anyone or deny them the right to worship him !


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