Why Are Black Pastors Giving Their Congregations Survival Rules For Encounters With Police??

Reader, I find the need for guidelines like to this to be ridiculous. We should not have to live in fear of those charged with keeping the peace.  This guide may be good in a way but what happen in the case of Philndo shot by Minnesota police? He did everything possible it seems to comply and he still was shot. How can a guide like this help us when it's not us with the issue of not complying?  Irrefutably embarrassing that an entire segment of our nation, in the land of the free, has to go through these things as a daily mantra.



  1. These are the only things they know to talk about. They can't bring a message from the Bible and are ignorant when it comes to rightly divide the truth. They use these type speeches to pull at the emotions of biblically illiterate black folks so to appear to be relevant. They are lazy greedy dogs who can't find all the books of the Bible without looking at the table of context.

    1. OR could the purpose be to educate a generation of people who lack men in their lives to give them "the talk" regarding racial oppression and how to survive the harrassment of police officers.

      If they are not talking bible, then they should atleast be talking about something of value on Sunday mornings. Informing Black people on how to handle unjust interactions with the police so that they can make it home makes sense to me.

  2. Let me tell ya'll something. I just got finished listening to an "all-black" town hall meeting unfortunately in my state. It was terrifying how ignorant we are at times. Yall, I'm soooo sorry saying this. It was on 102.5fm in the ATL. Rickey Smiley was hosting the thing at yep, House of Hope where that Dewey Smith is the pastor, smh. These crazy folks said everything from, disarm the po po, watch out for Trump, we need to startup our own black schools to obama did the best he could. One sensible dude said, "My granddaddy told me black folks don't think straight when they mad so ya'll calm down!" What did this brother say that for?! smh... It was chaos after that. One woman bought said the f-word.. this was a gathering for solutions but I call it a gathering of angry folks with zero spiritual discernment and just ready to fight! Lord help us... It feels as if the end is near ya'll. My pastor did have one of our ministers who is a cop, talk to the young folks about being respectful and not having a attitude time you run into the police. Folks it's all about fathers in the home and if that's not available, our sisters need to find mentoring good black men in churches and sponsors who want to help. This thing is so much bigger than us. Pray pray pray and be an example. God bless yall.....

    1. Atleast we're coming together, even if it is to talk or vent. We haven't did this in decades so I'm actually kinda happy. I love our passion even if it is misplaced. It's unique and no one can state their opinions like Black folk :)

  3. I don't have a problen with this. Historically there have been Black travel guides and orgs that have educated us about police brutality and how to survive our often unjust encounters with the po po. Afterall, the Black Panther Party of SELF DEFENSE was not just a bunch of crazy Black folk who wanted to tote guns. Police brutality and harrassment is a real part of the Black experience.

    Questions such as where are you going? How did you buy that car? Illegal searches and seizures happen to Black people everyday regardless of your class and if there is reasonable suspicion to do so. Tips on how to survive and contain your reasonable outrage to such injustice should be taught. Its unfortunate but needed. And the church shouldn't be afraid to talk about it.

    Now if you're one of the negroes with the mentality of it's those common hood folk that have that issue what a stupid topic, then you need to google Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. and get a reality check.


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