Thank You Dr.Tony Evans For Your Biblical Response About Race.

Reader I want to thank Dr. Evans for his teaching and preaching on the biblical theology of race. It has forced me to see the issues from a different perspective. I have never heard a teacher, preacher or pastor preach a more powerful truth. I will examine my heart and truly do my best to live the truth of God's word. The whole world needs to hear this message. May God continue to bless you for the truth that you teach.


  1. He is absolutely correct! To me he is one of the best out there, he is always on point! Black & beautiful if it ain't biblical & white isn't right if it ain't biblical as well. #Truth

  2. Finally some truth on the issue of racism! It peeves me when foolish people say that the Bible never talks about racism and it doesn't matter. The entire bible continuously makes the reference of the Jews & Gentiles which were different culturally & racially!

    Pastor Evans also talks about worshipping in spirit & in truth. Black believers historically as a community have done this. We take our faith seriously. This is evidenced in our perpertual attempts to love our enemies...and the fact that the we have not taken venegence against White people.

    On the contrary, White believers historically & presently cloak their racism by distorting a few passages in bible to preserve their White supremacy. Duh. White parishioners will never take responsibility for their role in racism because to do so they would risk their White privilege. You cannot be a partaker in racism and a Christian. Racism is not of a sound mind.

    I enjoyed this message :) I've always said don't be pimped in the name of Blackness. We are Christians first. So I'm glad Dr. Evans reminded us not to get lost. However as Christians we must speak the truth and hold people who claim our father to light of His truth. Racism is a sin, and the White church is deep in it.


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