Run From Pastors and Churches Who Are Using The Pulpit For Their Personal Gain.

Reader, let us call this new trend what it is ("PIMPING"). Some of these folks who pose and have ministries either online or have bricks and mortar, are really fronting using their platforms for their own personal vendettas. Lord help us. This generation of millennials is in no way trying to take Jesus or the gospel to the's all about them.   TOURE ROBERTS and SARAH JAKES ROBERTS, DEVON FRANKLIN and MEAGAN GOOD, TINA and TEDDY CAMPBELL, and the list go on.....are all self  promoting themselves, instead of the gospel.  According to some these couples or well-known couples within the black Christian community and should be ashamed of themselves.

 The ROBERTS are headed to the UK to not talk about Jesus who their platform "suppose" to be about but instead to promote their lifestyle as an up and coming religious couple. According to COP one of the many commenters on this blog  these folks out a long time ago for using their platform for their personal use at the expense of the church.

Toure is Senior Pastor of One Church, in Los Angeles which serves as the spiritual home to a number of celebrities, and Sarah is an author, speaker, and daughter of the world’s most famous black church leader, Bishop T D Jakes. The couple married in 2014 after a whirlwind romance, (it was a second marriage for both) and they have just recently welcomed their first child together, Ella. They’ll be in London on July 22 at Paddington Hotel, London W2 to host a special event about love and relationships and shared some insights with Soul Stirrings.

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  1. This group of young people have not interest in God's word. If a church such as Hillsong NYC can have its youth pastor impersonate the Naked Cowboy at its Colours Women's Conference, what else will these individuals think of. Entertainment is what attracts them which is why you do not see any changed lives. The three couple mentioned, in my view, are poor representations of the Gospel with their carnal attitudes.


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