Question For Today: Is It Wrong For Christians To Find Entertainment In A Character That's A Transvestite?

Reader, I would like to pose a question, is it a sin or is it wrong for a Christian man to dress like a woman for entertainment such as Tyler Perry as Madea? A friend of mine from back home believes that it is, and it is trickery. If it is in the Bible, can someone tell me where? Tyler Perry's character Madea is the star of the majority of his shows/movies, and without this character, Tyler Perry's name would have no significance. Is it wrong for us to find entertainment in a character that is a transvestite?


  1. Tyler Perry is an entertainer. There has been other comedy teams in Hollywood history, such as the "Three Stooges" and " Laurel and Hardy", who performed in drag costumes for years.

    1. Annie Lou Smith:Saturday, 30 July, 2016

      I have not seen any of his movies but heard they are very funny and Know that Tyler Perry is a christian,and a man dressing like woman or vise versa is in the old testament and all the old testament points to Jesus and what he did for us on the cross .If just part of a performance probably not a sin,but even if it was, the only sin that will not be forgiven is the rejection of the Holy Spirit .

  2. I don't think it's wrong. Nor do I go around questioning whether every aspect of life is biblical and "of God"

  3. Ms.Ann I think it's a good question. If you are a Christian who preaches against homosexuality and cross dressing but support Tyler Perry and his Madea movies.. you are a double minded hypocrite!
    Cross dressing is of the same spirit as homosexuality and God condemns men wearing women's clothing and that which pertains to women...
    Yet Christians flock to Madea because its has "inspirational and supposed spiritual" undertones. Romans says not only are those that do wrong are in sin but those that take pleasure in those that sin.

  4. Exactly! Even though scriptures teaches in deuteronomy 22:5 that a woman should not wear that which pertains to a man, an a man of that a woman, for this is an abomination, we can just throw this away cause it's just TV and the movies. My thing is Tyler could have chosen a well qualified woman to act this part. It's something weird about Hollywood's intent to want to put men folks in dresses. I guess it's comical to them. Or maybe they want to slowly blend the distinct genders as God made them with their demonic approach to influence. GENDER identity is definitely under attack.

  5. Ann your a mess. You won when you asked the question. I know this isn't a competition but we're in an hour most people don't have enough understanding to blow their nose let alone deal with your question. I agree with drive by, "good question".


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