Lord Have Mercy: First Married Gay Couple On A Nickelodeon Cartoon!

Reader, Nickelodeon is preparing to make history this week. Variety reports that the network's newest show, The Loud House, will feature the channel's first biracial same-sex married couple this week. The couple, Harold and Howard McBride, will be voiced by Wayne Brady and Michael McDonald, respectively, as the pair readies their son Clyde for a sleepover with series star Lincoln Loud. An excerpt from the episode, "Overnight Success," shows the couple doting on Clyde at the Loud household. 


  1. Yup...they are not going to ease up at all. We shouldn't be surprised because nickelodeon is a Jewish owned media outlet, as well as other major TV stations to include ABC CBS FOX NBC TURNER BROADCASTING. These are the individuals who push an agenda for the moral destruction of all.

  2. And of course they use Black people and enslave our image to push this perverse agenda. AND they gay couple has a Black boy for a child. This really disgusts me and heres why:

    Pedastery (men raping boys) is rampant amongst the gays. Many homosexuals were the victims of pedastery. Have you ever wondered why these White gay couples are adopting Black boys? They do this because Black boys are easy access; since Black boys beyond infancy months are harder to place in adoptive home. ALSO historically White males are threatened by Black masculinity. To rape and sexually violate Black boys is a form of sexual aggression to maintain and obtain White male superiority that White gay men lack. Plus they want to enact their sexual peversion.

    WAKE UP! the mission to effeminize the Black male is in full effect. With the high numbers of absentee fathers, our boys are in a vulnerable state. We need to be praying and speaking out against this.

    Also we need to boycott Wayne Bradys whack self for assisting in this destruction. We know he's never really been Black but we need to not support him or any other celebrity (Dwayne Wade) trying to poison our people with the self destuctive force that is homosexuality!


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