Jehovah Witness Have Now Claimed Marques Houston!?!?!?

Reader why would anyone want to be Jehovah's Witness?  I never understood it.  If one should do some online research they will be quite surprised at what they will find, in terms of this group.  The Witnesses make many claims in their attempt to convert folks to their faith. They profess to have the only true Christian church, to be the only true representatives of God, to have the only correct biblical teaching, and to be the only true announcers of Jehovah's coming kingdom.

I found this on my timeline were R&B  star Marques Houston is now a practicing Jehovah's Witness. The 34-year-old former Immature/IMX singer revealed his new faith on social media by posting several snaps of him evangelising. A quick scan of his Instagram page shows that he now regularly goes from door-to-door preaching the religion's message and handing out pamphlets. His bio reads: "Brother Houston ™ Jehovah first! #Upub Some say that the "TRUTH" hurts, I say that the only real pain comes from not knowing the real "TRUTH""


  1. I took a major hiatus from an in-home study I was participating in with the Witnesses. After the second study, I found out some things and the major one was their view of friendship. Essentially, they believe the only friends you should have are those within the Kingdom Hall. It is in their writings ( has all of their publications online and through Android/iOS/Windows apps, so their doctrine is out there for the world to see.) Prince was a Witness and that may be the reason why he toned down some of his music, even though at the height of his career he was canvasing his neighborhood. These guys are searching for something that should be presented in our churches: The true Gospel not the the version which denies essential doctrines including the Trinity. I researched the group myself and it is nothing more than mind control. I am surprised nothing was said to him about his Instagram page as the Witnesses see social media and other popular media as demonic.

    P.S. The Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin and edited by Ravi Zacharias has a comprehensive chapter on this group, which is an interesting read. African-Americans should understand apologetics to counter these groups as they are making inroads in our community.

    1. I too recommend "Kingdom of the Cults" by Walter Martin.

  2. That is all untrue. Jehovah witnesses are Christians who follow only from the bibles principles and laws.The only true stuff about them is on The real reason why you see these untrue things about them on the Internet is because jesus had once said that his disciples will have lies spread about them, etc. This is on and in an ordinary bible and in their bible.

  3. The only true stuff about them is on REALLY? This statement alone defines what a "cult" really is. That's like saying the only truth about me is what I say about myself. There are many who can tell me things about myself, I don’t know (ie. A doctor). This cultic idea is self - imploding. Not to mention some of the lies JW spout about Jesus and God even on their very own site. That site is not God's words. THE BIBLE IS!!!

    And the Bible itself proves to be the WORD of God, not only it's claims internally (it says it is, the many times it Quotes "And God said..."), but the many external evidences (many archeological evidences, ie. The Hittites were once thought to be a biblical legend, until their capital and records were discovered in Turkey). The people and places named in Scriptures were real people and place.



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