Is There A Coming Race War?

Reader, this is an interesting perspective from Pastor G. Craig Lewis.  A house that is divided will not stand. America is being so divided right now and this is more than just a physical thing. This is a spiritual thing.

The media is setting you up. The media is setting you up to get emotional about something and act out. They are provoking you by showing you isolated events of murders of black men. For many years now, hip hop music has been the tool to promote violence against the cops, against other black men, and has also incited illicit sexual acts, perversion, and all the things that create issues in our communities. But where are the protests about that? We are ready to kill over being killed at the hands of a white man, but we are silent on the killings at the hands of our own? We abort more babies than any other race. We have the highest HIV and Genital Herpes rates in our nation but these things are never protested against. More of our homes are without fathers than any other race as well yet, its not even mentioned in the media. We have truly lost our focus and this makes us an easy target to be provoked to misplaced anger.


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