Houston's Lakewood Church Associate Pastor John Gray Interviews With The Breakfast Club!

Reader I always liked John Gray and this interview with him on the breakfast club just took my respect for him to a whole different level. Pastor John Gray chats about the church’s response to Black Lives Matter, his new show on FOX called “Preachers” and much more with The Breakfast Club. In the interview posted here, Pastor John Gray World says the church's biggest problem is that they are too judgemental.... and Charlamagne Tha God had the nerve to say that Jesus could have been a player....which didn't sit well with some Christians:

"If your credentials as a "pastor" is Joel Osteen & Lakewood, just know you're not repping the gospel."

Like I said, I liked the interview. Lots of information to consider; it lightly touches upon (which I thought was appropriate, because the Breakfast Club has neither the format, audience or required time for such a discussion) the extremely complex relationship that Black people have with the Democratic party and why most Black folks don't trust the Republican party, wholesale. American politics has been a bad choice for Black people for longer than most of us have been alive.

Great interview to me.


  1. I refuse to listen to this interview as folks like chalemange only allow Satan to use him to make a mockery out of the sacred.

  2. Anonymous I thought Pastor John was a great example of how to be a Christian and have a conversation in a "secular" setting. He didn't compromise his beliefs, and he was authentic and transparent in any topic that came up, great interview.

  3. Let me list some thoughts.

    1. I agree with the one statement in the post. A pastor in Joel (itchy ear) Osteen's church doesn't carry a lot of credibility of sound & COMPLETE doctrine in my book. (That's just me)

    2. How can Mr. Gray and the other 2 men on "The Preachers" sit next to Jamal KNOWING that his promiscuous and unsafe lifestyle is contrary to those who are called to lead a church?

    2. The joke about Jesus being able to sleep with other women doesn't sit well with me either. But I also consider the environment.

    3. I will agree with Mr. Gray. That when people do decide to change, its hard for people around them to except the change. but we are human. we can only judge from past history and life choices. Because we don't know what's in someone's heart and we can't read their minds it will always be difficult to except people's immediate change.

    4. He was very open and honest during the interview, but he is much more subdued on the show. I am sure the network has a lot to say about the pastors speaking their mind.

    5. Christians are turning the word "judging" into a bad word.

    When EVER your in the Spotlight (head of a church, putting on a performance, or on TV.), fair or not YOU WILL BE JUDGED.
    That's the nature of the beast that comes with putting yourself out there for the world to see.

    FYI: TV was designed to be judged. If they like you, they'll keep you. If they don't like you, you (and your Christian friends) will be canceled. And you will STILL BE ABLE to lead people to Christ without a show.


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