COGIC Bishop Talbert Swan Calls Out Dr. Richard Land, President of Southern Evangelical Seminary.

Reader COGIC Bishop Talbert Swan took to social media to called out misinformed Southern Evangelical Seminary President Dr. Richard Land, for suggesting that BlackLivesMatter‬ doesn't live up to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's dream?  If anyone says Dr. King would be against BLM they are misinformed. The Civil Rights Movement was all about black lives mattering. Dr. King would be on the street protesting today with the movement.


Dr. Martin Luther king and his movement were demonized for years as subversives, for causing riots etc. The media tended to support this notion while filming instances the demonstrated the opposite was true. Police using firehoses on protesters and even using dogs and clubbing protesters. History now recognizes that Dr. King was a great leader and someone that put an emphasis on peaceful protests.

In Dallas, where the policemen were shot, The Black Lives Matter group assisted police. Police did not blame the protesters for the atrocity that happened. The Black Lives Matter organizers and spokes persons have clearly condemned the atrocity in Dallas. The Police have been clear that the person responsible was not part of the BLM movement. Just as Dr. King public attention to the organized discrimination of African-Americans. You may not like the name they chose, but anyone can understand how they feel when African-Americans are only about 13% of the population and yet 3 times as likely to be shot by police when they do not have a weapon.

Even greater chance when armed. Add to that the problem they face being harassed by police, pulled over for driving while black. The policeman that pulled over Philando Castile and then shot him, informed the dispatcher that he was pulling him over because he had a large nose, like a wanted suspect. Then he tells Philando that it is a busted taillight. Philando Castile is now dead because he was profiled. If this was happening as often to innocent whites, we would be protesting too.

BLM is not a terrorist group and have experienced violence when counter protesters have attempted to illegally stop them. The KKK and other Aryan groups are terrorist groups and yet they do not get the same condemnation. Face facts. If you don't like BLM, then you are for the status quo and believe those killed by police must have done something wrong sometime in their life. Even the media seems to support this notion, searching out past arrest records and reporting them, even when charges were dropped. Great Facebook comment, do you agree?


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