Christians Question: Do You Think Prophets Should Charge For Their Gift?

Reader, I snagged this from a friend's page, cause it raises a lot of interesting questions for me:
Prophet Manasseh World-renowned spiritual leader who through his Personal Prophetic words have impacted millions. Prophet Manasseh has a FREE PROPHECY that he will send you within the next 24 hours and it will change your life.
God, please help me with this because to say get your free prophecy is a joke to me. God already told us so the only thing he can do is confirm it, so tell me why would I pay for that?  God is going to start flipping tables again and shutting these people down who use his name for the almighty dollar.  I believe in Prophecy and the fulfillment of it. Yet I believe it has been hijacked by  false teachers who are leading many to the mouths of hungry wolves.

Question why are Christians chasing modern-day prophecies and sitting at the feet of self-proclaimed prophets and apostles?


  1. All I know is that I checked out some of that prophecology seminar that Benard Jordan put on. It's on youtube. And I thought I was looking at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. One suppose to be prophet had these dudes walking around with him. This is done alot. The man said, "I feel I'm about to do something that's strange and doesn't make sense." Right then these guys knew exactly what he was about to do. Had to. These jokers helped him take his shirt off and he was down to his undershirt. You could just tell it was their cue to help him take that shirt off and put it on this other guy he was praying for. Ya know, like the anointing is just over flowing on this shirt of his. smh. And aside from that $600 or whatever it was you were required to pay to goto this mess, you best believe there was an offering taken up. So that fee wasn't enough. Oh yes. smh. Now getting back to your question Ms. Ann. First of all true prophets aren't going to advertise themselves like this. This is foolishness. Real prophets come straight out the Bible and won't give you some dream of millions to be at your house in 24hrs. If it happens then praise the Lord but from these dudes. Uh, I got some land in Japan I wanna sell ya. Anyway, true prophets of the Lord are not about fame and fortune but will give a Word of what's to come in the Last days to give the people to prepare them of the chaos of this world. The money will come and if it's on a ministries heart to bless the man of God, then so be it. But in this manner, I think not.

  2. Here is some simple discernment.

    If someone CLAIMING to be a prophet is asking you for money to prophesy.


    Thank you for the sale on prophesies Manasseh, but no thank you.

  3. A fee for a prophecy? God word is free whether personal or otherwise,He didn't charged us for salvation.The word If My People,who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and Turn. From Their Wicked ways,thenwill I forgive theirSin and Heal their Land

  4. If you have to pay for a prophecy, that ain't God and it's not for the New Testament church.

    1. Anonymous I agree with you, if someone asks you to pay for prophecy, prayer, a prophetic song, a word, blessing, healing or anything else of God that person will be cursed. And they are a wolf. You can't sell Gods gifts.

  5. We all should be aware of everybody speaking over your life, you don't have to pay for prophecy it's a Lie, and deceitful! And some witchcraft!! Be aware..


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