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Church Announcement: New Church Coming Soon, Hosted By Pastor Frank Ray,III,Prophet Brian Carn, and Prophet Jonathan Ferguson.

Reader Prophet Brian Carn has announced via social media that he and his two best friends in the ministry are about to start a church in Charlotte, NC, maybe.

Jesus Take The Wheel: After School Satan Kids' Program!

Reader The Satanic Temple is pleased to announce the launch of their national "After School Satan" kids' program! The After School Satan Club will meet at schools that already have a Christian evangelist Good News Club operating on school property.
 "“It’s important that children be given an opportunity to realize that the evangelical materials now creeping into their schools are representative of but one religious opinion amongst many. While the Good News Clubs focus on indoctrination, instilling them with a fear of Hell and God’s wrath, After School Satan Clubs will focus on free inquiry and rationalism, the scientific basis for which we know what we know about the world around us. We prefer to give children an appreciation of the natural wonders surrounding them, not a fear of everlasting other-worldly horrors.”An After School Satan Club could be coming to your kid’s elementary school

Question For Today: Is It Wrong For Christians To Find Entertainment In A Character That's A Transvestite?

Reader, I would like to pose a question, is it a sin or is it wrong for a Christian man to dress like a woman for entertainment such as Tyler Perry as Madea? A friend of mine from back home believes that it is, and it is trickery. If it is in the Bible, can someone tell me where? Tyler Perry's character Madea is the star of the majority of his shows/movies, and without this character, Tyler Perry's name would have no significance. Is it wrong for us to find entertainment in a character that is a transvestite?

Pastor Jamal Bryant Reveals He's Dating R&B Singer Tweet: ‘I Call Her My Last Lady’ !

Reader Pastor Jamal Bryant introduced his new girlfriend today on “The Preachers”… and it was R&B singer Tweet! Jamal, the ex-husband of “Real Housewives of Potomac” star Gizelle Bryant, says he met Tweet last year after bumping into her in Times Square en route to an Oprah Winfrey movie premiere. He said he asked her for a photo and the rest is history.

Recently read an article with Tweet and she alluded to a new relationship but was very coy about it. She did say it was a pastor. No words. What happened to the young woman he allegedly has a child with? 

Question Of The Day: Are You Saved Or Are You "Being" Saved?

Reader I found this on my timeline. Which translation is correct?

Reverend William Barber II,‘Jesus was a brown-skinned Palestinian Jew’!

Reader, I have never heard Reverend Barber speak before last night.  Reverend William Barber II, president of the North Carolina NAACP and leader of North Carolina’s Forward Together movement, brought the house down last night at the DNC with one of the most earth-shattering speeches of the week. Reverend William Barber II talked about the heart of democracy on the last night of the DNC convention. He said “In this season, when some want to harden and stop the heart of our democracy, we are being called like our foremothers and fathers to be the moral defibrillators of our time. We must shock this nation with the power of love. We must shock this nation with the power of mercy. We must shock this nation and fight for justice for all. We can’t give up on the heart of our democracy. Not now, not ever.” Reverend William Barber II.

check it out below!

Church Announcement: 20 Lesson I've Learned Since Leaving The Church!

Reader, I love this post and would have loved for this author to go more in-depth on her lists of things she has learned since leaving the church. In what way are pastors not loyal? I know that it is true, but why? At any rate, I can relate to this article, more so because I left my church years ago. The truth in these list items is painful, but likely important to read. The institutional church has a long history of failing people whose backs are against the wall. But I'd say that the church also has a long history of being there, speaking hard truths at its own peril, standing up against oppression, and pushing the world towards something we might recognize as having glimmers of the kingdom of God. Both are true.

 I'm fifty something raised in the church. When I was a new Christian many years ago, I naively thought that everyone in church read the Bible the same way with virtually one interpretation that all born again Christians would have. But over the years my view of the…

Sermon Highlight: Dr.Tony Evans, Overcoming Discrimination Strongholds!

Reader the Bible teaches that there’s no discrimination at the foot of the cross. But there seems to be just about everywhere else, and it’s boiling over into violence more and more often these days. Today on The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans discusses why the discrimination problem has a biblical explanation and a biblical solution.

Overcoming Discrimination Strongholds…/overcoming-discrimination-strongh… (The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans)

Church Announcement: I Don't Need To Pray About It I Need To Go To Therapy!

Reader, just because one may experience depression and/or anxiety in their life, doesn’t have a direct correlation with their prayer life or spiritual life if they identify as a religious person. It doesn’t mean they aren’t trying hard enough to be rid of their personal pains. It doesn’t mean that they love God any less. I could fill a library with my thoughts on this topic! "Mental health issues are alive and well in the black community." -- regardless of whether we choose to acknowledge them or not.

I don’t need to “pray about it,” I need to go to therapy

Lord Have Mercy A Baptist Preacher Engaged To One Of The Biggest Trump Supporters On Earth!

Reader, shout out to Pastor John Allen Newman and Lady Omarosa on their engagement. According to social media, Omarosa Manigault is now engaged to Pastor John Allen Newman, the Apprentice star confirmed it Monday, July 25, 2016. Rumor has it that the number one Trump supporter said yes in front of Newman’s congregation at The Sanctuary @ Calvary in Jacksonville, Florida. Omarosa is an assistant pastor at Weller Street Baptist Church in Los Angeles, she met Pastor Newman while teaching at Howard University in the Executive Education Program and in the Executive MBA Program at its business school. The couple has been dating a little less than a year. John Allen Newmans bio shows he campaigned for Jesse Jackson in 1988 and for President Barack Obama in 2008.

Christians Question: Do You Think Prophets Should Charge For Their Gift?

Reader, I snagged this from a friend's page, cause it raises a lot of interesting questions for me:
Prophet Manasseh World-renowned spiritual leader who through his Personal Prophetic words have impacted millions. Prophet Manasseh has a FREE PROPHECY that he will send you within the next 24 hours and it will change your life. God, please help me with this because to say get your free prophecy is a joke to me. God already told us so the only thing he can do is confirm it, so tell me why would I pay for that?  God is going to start flipping tables again and shutting these people down who use his name for the almighty dollar.  I believe in Prophecy and the fulfillment of it. Yet I believe it has been hijacked by  false teachers who are leading many to the mouths of hungry wolves.

Question why are Christians chasing modern-day prophecies and sitting at the feet of self-proclaimed prophets and apostles?

Question, Should The Preacher Talk Show Be Cancelled?

Reader, could this be the episode of the Preacher talk show that has encouraged the petition for the show to be cancelled?  According to Pastor G Craig Lewis of Ex-ministries this shameful episode of the Preachers show,  shows RuPaul a drag queen, schooling the preachers and teaches them how to pray.   The preachers did not even correct RuPaul as he gave his “New Aged” philosophy of prayer and his higher power to millions watching. They even told the audience “do not forget to check out his show and watch it??” A drag queen show?? Watch the below clip and then continue reading here: 

Request to Cancel "The Preachers" Day-Time Talk Show!

Reader, there's a petition floating around on these internet streets that is calling for the cancellation of  the new daytime talk show Preachers. Rumors have it that the Scott's may behind this. What do y'all think?
Article here!

The Coming End Of White Christian America!

Reader I wonder why white conservative Christians be riding so hard for  Donald Trump? How do they justify that in their heads? How do they not recognize how unchristlike he is? Jesus in the bible would NEVER advocate for nearly anything that he stands for. Let's try and find one issue, ONE that is in keeping with the teachings of Jesus. I dare any Christian to do so. For centuries the halls of power have been owned by men - mostly those of the light-skin persuasion. Now that the world is moving toward a society that is more reflective of the true demographics of our population, people are running so scared that they are willing to hand the reins of power to anyone. Even someone whose life and plans reflect corruption. When the anti-Christ comes - it is THESE 'Christians' who will back him. Now I'm beginning to understand!

 Robert P. Jones, CEO of the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), challenges us to grasp the profound political and cultural consequences of a…

Pastor John Gray Sings "Thriller" By Michael Jackson With A Christian Twist At The House Of Hope!

Reader Real John Gray preached today in the pulpit of The House of Hope Atl,  in front of  hundreds, if not thousands.  Why in the middle of the sermon, without warning, he turns—and launches into a full-body rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” “His name is Jesuuus, Jesus Christ,” he belts to the tune of the iconic song. “Bled and died and rose just to give eternal life.”  According to those in attendance WHAT a great message with a lot of comedy. The clip below is from his Thriller at Lakewood Church which is similar to the one he did at HOHALT, today.  What do you think?'

Should The Church Automatic Offer A Severance Package For Those Removed From Office By The Governing Board For “ongoing sinful behavior”?

Reader in my opinion, whenever a pastor is terminated or forced to resign, the board often times handles these matters poorly. The board usual identifies the pastor as their enemy, exaggerates any charges against him, and either fires him outright or forces him to quit. What if the pastor will not leave without a severance package?  This is what seems to have been the thing with Pastor Robert Harvey whom I've mentioned in this space before.....whose wife in June held a meeting with the women of Riverside Baptist Church in Memphis, TN. And announced that her husband was gay and had been involved with two preachers at that time....have now resigned as of this past Wednesday. According to reports the church gave him a big severance package and sent him on his way. What do you think?  Should The Church Automatic Offer A Severance Package For Those Removed From Office By The Governing Board For “ongoing sinful behavior”?

Houston's Lakewood Church Associate Pastor John Gray Interviews With The Breakfast Club!

Reader I always liked John Gray and this interview with him on the breakfast club just took my respect for him to a whole different level. Pastor John Gray chats about the church’s response to Black Lives Matter, his new show on FOX called “Preachers” and much more with The Breakfast Club. In the interview posted here, Pastor John Gray World says the church's biggest problem is that they are too judgemental.... and Charlamagne Tha God had the nerve to say that Jesus could have been a player....which didn't sit well with some Christians:

"If your credentials as a "pastor" is Joel Osteen & Lakewood, just know you're not repping the gospel."
Like I said, I liked the interview. Lots of information to consider; it lightly touches upon (which I thought was appropriate, because the Breakfast Club has neither the format, audience or required time for such a discussion) the extremely complex relationship that Black people have with the Democratic party and w…

Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Holy Land Experience Estate Sale!

Reader in need of a nativity scene? Orlando's Holy Land Experience is selling off some of its property to help with a financial crunch.  The Christian-themed park, owned by the Trinity Broadcast Network, is auctioning off motorcycles, thrones, costumes, pool tables, a giant fake snake, and all sorts of stuff.

Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Holy Land Experience estate sale is to relieve some financial burden after the theme park plunged into financial woes. The announcement comes just months after the death of the property’s CEO Jan Crouch.  

Pastor Jamal Bryant Tell 'Preachers' Fans He Was Joking About Open Marriage!

Reader Pastor Jamal Bryant has apologized to his mom and fans for his joke about open marriage. In my opinion, this was the wrong time to be joking,on national TV in front of the world!!! As people of God, we must understand the days that we are living in. The Bible is under attack, from the government and down, the church is under attack and Christian doctrine is under attack. Preachers need to make up their minds, are they going to be proclaimers of the word of God everywhere and at all times or are they going to be cultural celebrity pacifiers to those who are perishing? I can't laugh at his joke, it's too serious!

When Did The 21st Century Church Become A Hot Mess?

Reader Pat Smith, wife of Emmitt Smith is making her rounds at the mega churches these days.....Pat's sharing her testimony on dealing with low self-esteem & brokenness I don't know how this play into the Gospel unfortunately it has.......this past week Pat was at The House Of Hope....a couple of months ago she was at her home church the Potter House Of Dallas, spreading her message. The founder of "Treasure You visited the House of Hope" to discuss her new book Second Chances, where inside she reveals her struggle with low self-esteem, depression, and brokenness. However, through God’s grace and help from a therapist (Mrs. Smith says ” If you need help, get help’) she has been able to move forward and allowed God to heal her through her transparency and his graciousness.

Marvin Sapp Is Appointed Metropolitan Bishop Within Fellowship, Overseeing More Than 100 Churches in 19 States!

Reader even though he has a strenuous schedule as a dedicated pastor and sought after recording artist, Marvin Sapp has fully embraced the title and role of Bishop that was bestowed upon him in July of 2015 by Bishop Neil C. Ellis, presiding prelate of Global United Fellowship. In fact, he has been so dedicated to his assignment that he was recently given even more responsibility as Bishop Ellis announced that Sapp would be one of five leaders given expanded roles as Metropolitan Bishops. In this role, Bishop Sapp will oversee more than 100 churches in the Central Deanery of Global United Fellowship, which includes the states of Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Oklahoma, Ohio and Texas. This role is expanded from his previous role of Bishop over the North Central Province, where he oversaw 75 churches in 10 states.

Rest Here:

Jehovah Witness Have Now Claimed Marques Houston!?!?!?

Reader why would anyone want to be Jehovah's Witness?  I never understood it.  If one should do some online research they will be quite surprised at what they will find, in terms of this group.  The Witnesses make many claims in their attempt to convert folks to their faith. They profess to have the only true Christian church, to be the only true representatives of God, to have the only correct biblical teaching, and to be the only true announcers of Jehovah's coming kingdom.

I found this on my timeline were R&B star Marques Houston is now a practicing Jehovah's Witness. The 34-year-old former Immature/IMX singer revealed his new faith on social media by posting several snaps of him evangelising. A quick scan of his Instagram page shows that he now regularly goes from door-to-door preaching the religion's message and handing out pamphlets. His bio reads: "Brother Houston ™ Jehovah first! #Upub Some say that the "TRUTH" hurts, I say that the only real…

Church Announcement:

Reader check out a new program by the International Department of Evangelism of the Church Of God In Christ, Inc. headed by Bishop Elijah Hankerson and led by Elder Gary Sprewell.

Project Emerge will empower you spiritually, academically and professionally. Not only will you sit at the feet of some of the greatest leaders in the Church Of God In Christ, Inc. and the Kingdom at large, but you will also receive college credit upon completion of this 12-month program.

Lord Have Mercy: First Married Gay Couple On A Nickelodeon Cartoon!

Reader,Nickelodeon is preparing to make history this week. Variety reports that the network's newest show, The Loud House, will feature the channel's first biracial same-sex married couple this week. The couple, Harold and Howard McBride, will be voiced by Wayne Brady and Michael McDonald, respectively, as the pair readies their son Clyde for a sleepover with series star Lincoln Loud. An excerpt from the episode, "Overnight Success," shows the couple doting on Clyde at the Loud household.

Get Out Of Here: Donald Trump Names Omarosa Manigault As His Director of African American Outreach!

Reader African Americans don't even connect with Omarosa. This is another indication that Donald Trump is out of touch with the black community....and have no interest in us at all.

Theresa “Omarosa” Manigault, former star of Donald Trump’s reality-TV show The Apprentice and a Survivor contestant, has been named director of African-American Outreach for the presumptive Republican nominee’s campaign.

 “I’m happy to take up that cause for Donald Trump,” she told MSNBC upon confirming her hiring. Asked about recent polling, however, showing Trump polling at 0 percent approval among black voters in the key state of Ohio, Manigault denied their veracity:

“I’m just wondering who they called because those numbers would be flawed according to the people who have come out to support him at an amazing faith-based service with African Americans who support Donald Trump. So I look at data, but my reality is that I’m surrounded by people who want to see Donald Trump as the next president of t…

Jesus Take The Wheel:Church Service Comes To A Halt After Man Unleashes Pitbull Inside!??!?!

Reader what in the world, I'm so confused....would I shoot the man, the dog or both. Check out what Sheilah Belle has to say about this incident.

Thank You Dr.Tony Evans For Your Biblical Response About Race.

Reader I want to thank Dr. Evans for his teaching and preaching on the biblical theology of race. It has forced me to see the issues from a different perspective. I have never heard a teacher, preacher or pastor preach a more powerful truth. I will examine my heart and truly do my best to live the truth of God's word. The whole world needs to hear this message. May God continue to bless you for the truth that you teach.

I Got A Question Why Wasn't Bishop-elect Juanita Bynum Elevated To The Position Of Bishop?

Reader someone sent me an interesting email asking why Global United Fellowship, led by Bishop Neil Ellis, didn't promote as promise Juanita Bynum to the position of a bishop? Global United Fellowship just wrapped up their 2016 conference in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, and are looking forward to Greensboro, NC, for "The Gathering 2017".

According to Global United Fellowship, own words they will not allow any name denomination, doctrine, tradition, socio-economic or cultural composition, to separate or prevent them from experiencing the authentic fellowship of the saints of the Living God. Which for me mean anyone is accepted.

Their focus is on empowering and the perfecting of the saints through biblical training, mentoring, discipling, personal and ministry development.  The organization also seeks to “focus on the cultivation of spiritual gifts rather than on doctrines and theological positions.”

Why wasn't Bishop-elect Juanita Bynum elevated to the position of…

Run From Pastors and Churches Who Are Using The Pulpit For Their Personal Gain.

Reader, let us call this new trend what it is ("PIMPING"). Some of these folks who pose and have ministries either online or have bricks and mortar, are really fronting using their platforms for their own personal vendettas. Lord help us. This generation of millennials is in no way trying to take Jesus or the gospel to the's all about them.  TOURE ROBERTS and SARAH JAKES ROBERTS, DEVON FRANKLIN and MEAGAN GOOD, TINA and TEDDY CAMPBELL,and the list go on.....are all self  promoting themselves, instead of the gospel.  According to some these couples or well-known couples within the black Christian community and should be ashamed of themselves.

 The ROBERTS are headed to the UK to not talk about Jesus who their platform "suppose" to be about but instead to promote their lifestyle as an up and coming religious couple. According to COP one of the many commenters on this blog  these folks out a long time ago for using their platform for their personal use …

So Kelly Price Picked The Wrong Song To Sing At A Gospel Explosion!??!!?

ReaderKelly Price is upset, she just caught some Christian heat for performing this song (As We Lay) during the Gospel Celebration segment of the IBE.   I guess it was a miscommunication!! BUT now she mad at indy because a lady got on her afterwards! ....Your singing an adulterous song how do you come back from that? I'm so cracking up because SHE mad.

Come on don't sing about adultery at a gospel event. Then act as if people set you up and you did as asked. Those are not the only songs that you have in your plethora of music to sing....and those songs shonuff didn't get you where you are today. I believe you were asked to sing because of your gospel background. Don't get mad at Indiana Black expo and church mad, because you didn't get clarification. IJS


Ok if Kelly doesn't feel as if what she did was wrong why does she feel it's necessary to keep explaining herself on social media? I've laughed at several of her social media clips/ra…

Question? Is Pokemon Go Evil, Dangerous or Demonic?

Reader someoneemailed me this youtube clip that's targeting that Pokemon go game and saying it's part of end time prophecy. I've been reading the Book of Revelation in the Bible, you know... the one with all the end time prophecies, I'm just trying to figure out how Pokémon GO fits into all this. Is America anywhere in Bible prophecy?

Is Pokemon Go Evil, Dangerous or Demonic?

Church Announcement: United Methodist Church Elects 4 Black Women Bishops!

Reader, sometimes the United Methodist Church is on point...this week they elected 4 black women to be UMC Bishops.  In a historic election, four African-American women were elected as bishops at quadrennial meetings of the United Methodist Church, further removing the glass ceiling for Black women in the denomination:
1) Sharma-Lewis2) Cynthia Moore-Koikoi3) Tracy Smith Malone 4) LaTrelle Miller Easterling
United Methodist Church Elects 4 Black Women Bishops

COGIC Bishop Talbert Swan Calls Out Dr. Richard Land, President of Southern Evangelical Seminary.

ReaderCOGIC Bishop Talbert Swantook to social media to called out misinformed Southern Evangelical Seminary President Dr. Richard Land, for suggesting that BlackLivesMatter‬ doesn't live up to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's dream?  If anyone says Dr. King would be against BLM they are misinformed. The Civil Rights Movement was all about black lives mattering. Dr. King would be on the street protesting today with the movement.


Dr. Martin Luther king and his movement were demonized for years as subversives, for causing riots etc. The media tended to support this notion while filming instances the demonstrated the opposite was true. Police using firehoses on protesters and even using dogs and clubbing protesters. History now recognizes that Dr. King was a great leader and someone that put an emphasis on peaceful protests.

In Dallas, where the policemen were shot, The Black Lives Matter group assisted police. Police did not blame the protesters for the atrocity that happe…

Exousia Worldwide Fellowship Of Churches, Inc, An Organized Entity That Provide Covering For Churches.

Reader, this is quite an interesting concept, didn't even know that something like this exist.According to the founder website, this fellowship provides a spiritual covering for those who desire a standard of excellence in ministry.

We are organized, however we are not an organization. Members of the Fellowship may proactively withdraw at anytime  however, there is an expected level of commitment for those associated with the Fellowship. One should only commit to the Fellowship a level of commitment that will not be an offense to you and others. It is understood other engagements or obligations may inhibit active participation in various activities or meetings. As a covenant pastor, your willingness to openly communicate and support the Fellowship will be highly beneficial to you. “Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and river…

Fix It Jesus: Racism And Black Lives Matter According To John MacArthur.

Reader I love the teaching of John MacArthur, but disagree with him on this. I've admired his work for many years and read many of his books, but I DISAGREE with him on the fundamental issue of fixing the race problem. This is a cop out, and a excuse for doing nothing....which is a stance a lot of our white Christian are taking.    Thoughts from my fellow reformed brothers who are also BLM advocates?  Do you agree?

Six New Bishops Were Consecrated During The African Methodist Episcopal Church General Conference!

Reader, the African Episcopal Methodist Church wrapped up its bicentennial celebration this week by electing new leaders to propel the denomination forward. An estimated 30,000 participants attended AME’s General Conference held July 6-13 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The conference had an estimated economic impact of more than $20 million. AME officials said the conference’s theme “An Extraordinary History, An Incredible Future,” encapsulates the remarkable journey of the denomination from past to present, and communicates hope for an even greater future based on a foundation constructed by leaders resolute in creating social change.

The existence of the AME Church is proof the Westernize Christian Church was racist then and still racist today.

AME Church wraps up bicentennial celebration

Can The Church Agree That An Open Marriage Is An Adulterous Relationship?

Reader, as Christians, what are we to make of a show like this?  Everyone on my timeline is talking about the Preachers Talk Show debutand are all up in arms about MoNique's open marriage. The true focus has been deflected from the 'Preacher's perspective' which was clearly and unapologetically expressed.

 Pastor Jamal Bryant said "I think that's amazing. And a lot of people think that's an great idea and you church people are gonna have a heart attack,,,I believed in open marriage. I just forgot to tell my ex-wife about it. So, that didn't go well." I'm interested in hearing  your thoughts on the personal perspective of the 'Man of God.' An open marriage is generally defined as a marriage in which one or both spouses are allowed by the other spouse to have sex with other people. The two primary types of open marriages are polyamory and swinging.

Polyamory is when the extra-marital affairs purportedly involve emotional love. Swinging i…

Church Announcement: Bishop Freddie B. Marshall And The College Of Bishops Of The Greater Church Of Deliverance.

Reader you are cordially invited to worship with the Holy Convocation of the Greater Church of Deliverance, Inc. With some of the most dynamic voices of the kingdom: Todd M Hall, Lazarus Iamlegend LeGrant, Brian Keith Williams and special musical guest nightly......this will be a Convocation you do not want to miss. Join them, as they make sure the foundations and contend for the faith!

Donald Trump Turned Down An Invitation To Speak At The NAACP Annual Convention In Ohio Next Week!

Reader, Mitt Romney, George W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan all addressed the NAACP convention. Bush addressed the NAACP both as a candidate in 2000 and as president in 2006. If Donald Trump were serious about expanding the electorate for the Republican Party, he would address the NAACP, but Trump isn’t serious. Donald Trump thinks that he has enough angry white (most men) to win the White House in November. They are in for a big surprise.


Jimmy Swaggart: "Police should "shoot and shoot to kill."???

Reader, this is so sad, I never thought I would hear this coming from the lips of  a MOG. I have always thought that Jimmy Swaggartin my opinion, was one of the most knowledgeable Bible teachers there was, I so embraced for years his teaching.  But here Jimmy is out of his mind!!! but in my opinion, he's saying what many of the white preachers say and feel and this is why so many white pastors are not standing up for righteousness and against bigotry . That's why we must be outraged not to be destructive but find constructive ways to change this whole system.  What Jimmy Swaggart and others like him said, does not fit with the revealed Word of God. It is being promoted that it is justifiable to sit back and say or do nothing as governments commit genocide, infanticide and otherwise maim and kill their citizens at will. Adolph Hitler's favorite Bible verse was Romans 13:1-7. He used these verses to justify everything from war to the murder of millions of Jews. So, Swaggart,…

Church Announcement: There Is No First Lady Marvin Sapp!

Reader newly elected Bishop Marvin Sapp had to speak out against a woman on social media claiming to be his wife. The well-known singer and pastor Marvin Sapp apparently have an online stalker. What makes this woman unusual is the fact that she claims to be his new wife. The woman has created pages on Facebook under the name “Annisha Sapp” and lists in her personal information “Married to Bishop Marvin Sapp. Chosen by God. Wife, Mother, First Lady, US Government,Entrepreneur.” She states in her bio that she has been a US Immigration officer since 1998 and has been married since June 2001. In addition, her Twitter handle states, “Married to Bishop Marvin Sapp. Wife, Mother, First Lady, US Government, Entrepreneur. Chosen by God. Rom 10:13 Whosoever calls upon the Lord shall be saved.” Marvin Sapp is now speaking out and posted the following to his Facebook page:

“‪#‎IMPORTANT‬ This young woman has posted and has been posing as my new wife. SHE IS NOT MY WIFE!!!! The only reason why I’m…

Why Are Black Pastors Giving Their Congregations Survival Rules For Encounters With Police??

Reader, I find the need for guidelines like to this to be ridiculous. We should not have to live in fear of those charged with keeping the peace.  This guide may be good in a way but what happen in the case of Philndo shot by Minnesota police? He did everything possible it seems to comply and he still was shot. How can a guide like this help us when it's not us with the issue of not complying?  Irrefutably embarrassing that an entire segment of our nation, in the land of the free, has to go through these things as a daily mantra.